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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through September, 1883

San Antonio Light, July 2, 1883
W. P. Coleman, rancher of Kerr county, is at the Central.

San Antonio Light, July 4, 1883
Wagon freighters refuse $10 per thousand for hauling lumber to Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, July 14, 1883
An Englishman Receives Information that he is Joint Heir to $98,000.
Mr. W. A. Cooper, a well known and highly respected Englishman, of Kerrville, called upon the Light office this morning where he informed the Light staff of his having become the posessor of $98,000. A short while ago Mrs. Cooper left this town for New York to attend the pending case in regard to the will of her late trustee, Dr. Pierre Courtland Van Wyck, Superintendent of the Assay office, New York, and an old person friend of President Arthur.  Mrs. Cooper was the adopted daughter of the deceased gentleman, who was her trustee to the amount of $36,000, besides which she claimed interest in the property on account of a will which ws duly signed and drawn up in 1881, but which as yet is not forthcoming.  The attorneys on the opposite side compromised the case, and handed over one-fourth of the property to Mrs. Cooper, which, together with her former amount, equals $98,000. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper will improve their property in Kerrville, which town they have already done their utmost for, but are not certain as to their place of residence.  Mr. Cooper thinks San Francisco will be their next move.  The Light congratulates the couple on their good fortune.
[Story also reported in the Laredo (TX) Times, July 19, 1883)

San Antonio Light, July 19, 1883
J. Vining, sheepman of Kerrville is sojourning at the Central.

San Antonio Light, July 19, 1883
Kerrville Kernels
Send me your paper.  I guess you know me, as I am the fellow that sold the barrel of flour for a barrel of lime.
Kerr county is booming since the rain, and crop prospects are very good, though some of the corn was cut short by the drouth.  Cotton is looking fine.
Kerrville is looking up.  Mr. Charles Schreiner has moved into the new store building, which would be a credit to any town in Texas.
Coleman & Son's have their store full of goods, and are doing a splendid business.
There is some talk of a fine hotel being built in this town in the near future.
[Story also appears in the Galveston Daily News, July 27, 1883.]

San Antonio Light, July 25, 1883
J. C. W. Ingram, ranchero of Kerr county, is staying at the Central.

San Antonio Light, August 3, 1883
J. M. Starkey, ranchero of Kerr county, is at the Central.

San Antonio Light, August 8, 1883
County Judge Mason has received a courteous letter from the County Judge of Kerr county stating that Bexar county's claim of $160, for the keeping of Kerr county prisoners in the jail here, will be considered at the next meeting.
[Galveston Daily News, October 2, 1883] Kerr county has settled its indebitness in full with Bexar county]

San Antonio Daily Express, August 8, 1883
Advertisement [unclear]
Centre Point Hotel, Centre Point, Kerr County, Texas
Wm. E. Breff?? Lessee and Manager. (Formerly of Maryland.)

San Antonio Light, August 14, 1883
Arrivals at the St. Leonard: Lee Kisinger, Kerrville; J. Eckolin, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, August 15, 1883
A. T. Oakley, C. M. Coleman, Kerrville ... are at the St. Leonard.

Galveston Daily News, August 17, 1883
Bandera Bugle. On Monday Deputy Sheriff Denison, of Kerrville, turned over to Jailer McCarthy a man named Turner, charged with killing a man named Tillery at Green Lake, at the head of the Llano.

San Antonio Light, August 27, 1883
J. L. Vining, son of an extensive wool grower of Kerr county, is staying at the Central.
J. C. W. Ingram and Frank Coleman, prominent citizens of Kerrville, are at the Central.

San Antonio Light, August 28, 1883
W. R. Roper, a prosperous English of Kerr county, engaged in the sheep business, is at the Central.

San Antonio Light, August 29, 1883
N. C. Reid, Kerrville; J. F. Hardcastle, Kerrville, are registered at the St. Leonard Hotel.

San Antonio Light, August 31, 1883
Texas Still Ahead.
Three of a kind beats two pair, and thus it may be said that Kerr county holds the best hand in the cattle game, for it has three queens and one kings, and claims high from the fact that Mr. James Matthews, of Verde creek, near Centre Point, has a cow which brought forth four well developed calves, one male and three females, all being hearty and doing well.  They are now about two weeks old.

A. T. Okely [sic. s.b. Oakley], N. C. Rew, Kerrville are registered at the St. Leonard Hotel.

San Antonio Light, September 6, 1883
William L. James and D. E. Farr, of Kerrville, are guests at the Central.

Galveston Daily News, September 19, 1883
On Thursday next the match race--one fourth mile dash, for $1000 a side--will take place at the Fair ground.  A. G. Secrest of Kerr county, enters his gray mare Alborie.

San Antonio Light, September 20, 1883
From the list of grand and petit jurors summoned to serve at the October term of the federal court: R. P. Jarmon, Kerrville; H. L. Nelson, Kerr county

San Antonio Light, September 21, 1883
The Rev. A. Taylor goes to Kerrville tomorrow to take charge of the church there.

G. H. Coleman, Kerrville ... guest at the St. Leonard hotel.

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