Friday, January 6, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through December, 1882

Galveston Daily News, August 8, 1882
Captain Caldwell, of the state troops arrived this morning from Kerr county, where he reports everything quiet and a good cotton crop, the planters having already picked half a bale to the acre.

San Antonio Light, August 10, 1882
Messrs. Casper Real and James Sellers have been elected to represent the republicans of Kerr county in the congressional convention.

Galveston Daily News, September 12, 1882
A convention for the purposes of choosing a representative for the 84th district was held here on the 7th instant.  Mr. Whitfield Scott, of Kerr County, was nominated by acclamation.

Galveston Daily News, October 25, 1882
Methodist Conference and Appointments. Kerrville circuit, H. T. Hill.

San Antonio Evening Light, October 28, 1882
Hon. John Hancock at Kerrville. Oct. 26.
On last evening Judge Hancock was introduced to an audience of about 50 persons by our fellow townsman, Hon. Jas. A. Tivey [sic. s.b. Tivy].

San Antonio Daily Express, November 19, 1882
To the Hon. T. M. Paschal, Judge of the 28?th Judicial District of Texas.
Resolved, that the death of John D. Nelson, deputy sheriff of Kerr county, Texas, the state of Texas has been deprived of a good citizen, in the prime of his manhood and usefulness, the county of Kerr has lost an honest and efficient public servant, and the people have lost a true and valued friend.

Ela, a little six-year-old daughter of a sheep farmer, died yesterday from membranous croup.  The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their loss.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January through June, 1882

Galveston Daily News, January 1, 1882
Texas Chronology for 1881. February 1. San Antonio and El Paso stage robbed in Kerr county.

San Antonio Evening Light, January 11, 1882
W. Scott, Kerr county, was a delegate to the Texas wool growers association annual meeting.
Casper Real appointed to the finance committee.

San Antonio Evening Light, January 13, 1882
Mrs. Dr. Chas. de Ganahl, Kerr County, registered at the Menger Hotel.

San Antonio Evening Light, February 7, 1882
Kerr County Wool Growers' Association
The above association met on January 28, 1882, in the town of Kerrville.  Their delegate, W. Scott, to the state convention was reimbursed to the amount paid out for this county by him to the National fund at the late state convention.  They then reorganized by electing Judge J. M. Starkey president and re-electing Wm. Scott, secretary, Capt. Chas. Schreiner treasurer; Casper Real, vice-president, and A. F. Oakley inspector of sheep for the year 1882.

San Antonio Daily Express, February 16, 1882
Del Rio Notes. Not long since a young man, Mr. Godley, who has relatives in Kerr county, died from sickness at Mr. Bernard's camp, where he lies buried.

Galveston Daily News, February 22, 1882
Letter From Kerr County.
Kerr county embraces about 1000 square miles.  The souther portion of the county is devoted principally to farming.  ... The northern portion is devoted to cattle, horse, sheep and hogs.  The census of 1881 shows a population of 2700 or thereabout.
Cedar is used pretty much entirely for fencing.  Fences are abundant in the numerous cedar-brakes along the river; rock fences are also seen. ...
Kerrville, the county seat, is a thriving little village, very prettily situated on the banks of the Gaudalupe river.  It has about 300 inhabitants; also it has a good school-house, courthouse and jail  Rock is much used for buildings.
Chas. Schreiner is the only merchant of the place and does a tremendous business furnishing goods for fifty miles around; runs the mill, sawmill and gin, and has ginned cup upwards of 200 bales of cotton this season, which he buys in trade and ships directly to New York. He has now in course of construction a large rock store 80x40 feet.
The rangers arrived this afternoon with a gang of cattle-thieves from Kimble county, to be placed in this jail for safe keeping.

Galveston Daily News, March 7, 1882
San Antonio. Messrs. Lyttle & Schreiner outfitted some thirty-three cow-boys in this city today, and started them up to Kerr county where there are some 40,000 head of cattle being gathered to drive to Kansas.

Galveston Daily News, March 19, 1882
Mr. George Briggs, of Willis, reports that he bought a ranch of several thousand acres in Kerr county, Texas, where he will devote himself to farming and stock raising.

San Antonio Evening Light March 23, 1882
Arrivals at the Vance Hotel. Mrs. Crockett, Geo. and Mrs. Briggs, Kerr county.

Galveston Daily News, March 24, 1882
Medina. J. M. Danly, tried for carrying deadly weapon. ... The horse which he pledged for his appearance proved to have been stolen from a Mr. Spears of Bandera county and in his flight from Fredericksburg he confiscated another horse from a citizen of Kerr county.

San Antonio Evening Light, April 17, 1882
Count de Keroman goes to Castroville tomorrow to be in attendance at court, his case having been transferred from Kerr county to Medina.  Developments have been made in regard to the affair of which the count is charged that prove conclusively that he was entirely innocent of the charge.  These facts being in the knowledge of the prosecuting attorney should cause the County to be promptly acquitted.

San Antonio Evening Light, April 24, 1882
The end of Count de Keroman's prosecution.
Case dismissed.

Galveston Daily News, May 6, 1882 
Live Stock.  Messrs. Lyttle & Schreiner report that the numbers of four herds that are on the trail amount to 16,500; and there are other two herds the numbers of which no returns have yet been made...

San Antonio Evening Light, May 11, 1882
Tatum & Ingram, at Kerrville dissolved partnership by mutual consent.  J.C.W. Ingram retiring from the firm and E. C. Tatum continuing said business.

San Antonio Evening Light, May 19, 1882
E. C. Tatum, now a merchant of Kerrville is in the city selling some wool and buying goods.

Burnet Bulletin, May 25, 1882
Elder S. E. Kennedy and family will start to Kerr county to-morrow to look at the country, visit relatives and hold a meeting.

San Antonio Evening Light, June 14, 1882
Marriage of Miss M. V. Phillips
Yesterday, Miss Mattie Van Cleve Phillips, of St. Louis, arrived at the Vance hotel accompanied by Mrs. C. M. Donaldson, to meet Mr. W. G. Kerley, of Kerr county, who arrived a few hours previously.
This morning Miss Phillips was married to Mr. Kerley by the Reverent W. H. Dobson in the Baptist church.  Mr. Kerley and his bride remain here for a short time, and then will go to his ranch in Kerr county to take up his residence.