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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June,1879

San Antonio Daily Express, January 10, 1879
W. R. Bonnell, Kerr county, registered at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, January 19, 1879
Lieut. Reynolds' company of rangers have been rounding up persons addicted to the habit of "mistaking" cattle brands.  Two men, named Hardin and Pickens, were arrested in Kerr county a few days ago by this efficient officer and lodged in the Austin jail. Hardin is a cousin of John Wesley Hardin.

Galveston Daily News January 22, 1879
Swift Justice.
About the 1st of December last the store of a Mr. Walker, in Fort Bend county, was robbed by unknown parties.  Two weeks afterward some of Maj. Jones's men on the frontier, in Kerr county, arrested a man calling himself Johnson (his real name is Pickens), because he "looked suspicious and gave the wrong name" when asked who he was....he acknowledged... he and William Hardin had stolen some horses in Guadalupe and Caldwell counties and had robbed a store in Fort Bend. ...
tried and sent to penitentiary....William Hardin is a cousin of John Wesley Hardin.

Colorado Citizen, January 30, 1879
A cousin of John Wesley Hardin and one Fekens were arrested in Kerr county the other day for altering brands on cattle, and lodged in the Austin jail.

San Antonio Daily Express, February 4, 1879
Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr county, is in the city after rogues.
A. L. Johnson, Kerrville [is at] the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, February 8, 1879
J. Williams and family, Kerr county...are at the Central.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 14, 1879
Kerrville Jottings.
District court convened here today, with Judge Paschal presiding and Mr. W. R. Wallace, district attorney, representing the state.  There is plenty of work to do, but owing to court commencing one week earlier than usual, it is quite probably that there will be but little done.
Judge Starkey, chairman of county executive committee, called meeting to nominate delegates to the democratic state convention. Selected were Capt. Jos. A. Tivy, S. H. Wellborn, A. B. Liles, Frank Moore, Geo. S. Walker, W. M. McKie, with W. R. Wallace, proxy.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 20, 1879
The three youngsters arrested for driving cattle belonging to others out of Kendall into Kerr county, were punished by a $25 fine each, their offense being regarded as nothing more than a misdemeanor.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 1, 1879
Kerrville Local Notes.
The people of Kerrville were blessed with a bountiful rain Friday night lst, and it came in the niche of time, for the wheat crop would have been ruined in ten days longer. The exemplary man should have been on his knees thanking the Benefactor.

"Doctor, could you amputate an aching tooth?" Our of our professional men was thus accosted the other day by one of our uncultured frontiersmen.

Messrs. S. H. and A. H. Maxwell have nearly completed a pretty residence for Dr. G. R. Parsons.

Work is slowly progressing on the stone residence of Charles Schreiner.

T. T. Alexander has gone to Austin after his family, with which he will soon arrive.  He is an excellent surveyor and an enterprising citizen.  He and his family are welcomed among us.

Prof. Carpenter, of Iowa, is prospecting in Kerr county.  He thinks of settling among us.

A large Mexican wagon train passed this place today, bound for San Antonio.

Dr. Young, of Sherman, Texas, lectures on temperance at Centre Point tonight, and at Kerrville Sunday and Monday nights.

Faltin & Schreiner commence to receive cattle on April 13.

Mrs. Josh Brown is repairing her residence to accommodate invalids who come up this way for their health.

Escape of Culberson-The Kerr County Cattle Thieves Again.
A special to the Express from Boerne announces the escape from jail of the man Culberson, arrested from jail of the man Culberson, arrested on the charge of passing counterfeit money. Culberson was lodged in the Kendall county jail on the 27th ult., having been arrested by Sheriff Hamer of Kerr county. He regained his liberty by digging a hole through the jail walls on Sunday.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 3, 1879
A large herd of cattle belonging to Lytle passed through Kerrville last Sunday on the way to Kansas.

San Antonio Daily Express, May 11, 1879
W. M. McKie, Esq., of Kerrville, is visiting the city. He reports that the farmers of Kerr are rejoicing over the fine prospects of a bounteous harvest.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 3, 1879
Justice R. C. Symington has gone to Kerr county on a brief visit.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 4, 1879
Report from Fort Griffin. Lytle & Schreiner, Kerr Co. 2300 head of cattle passed by en route to Dodge.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 7, 1879
D. M. Slocum and family are spending the summer at Camp Verde, Kerr county.

Dr. Chess and lady leave this morning to enjoy the fresh air of the lovely mountain region about Camp Verde.

Judge R. O. Symington and lady have returned from spending a few days in Kerr county.  Mrs. Symington is at present in very bad health.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 19, 1879
Miss Josie Callahan gave valedictory address at the commencement exercises of Center Point school. The address is reproduced in the newspaper.

L. B. Spotts stayed at Central [Hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, June 20, 1879
Dr. Chess and lady, and Mr. N. J. Petrich, of this city, who have been spending a few days in the hills about Camp Verde, Kerr county, returned yesterday.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 22, 1879
John Kelly, W. R. McDonald, W. Graves, Kerr county...registered at the Central hotel.

Galveston Daily News, June 27, 1879
Kerr.  A letter, dated the 19th, says a fine rain fell that day....Cattle in good condition, and a heavy mast[?] expected....The fourth of July is to be celebrated in Kerrville.

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