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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June,1881

Galveston Daily News, January 11, 1881
Mr. C. Real of Kerr County was elected vice president of the State Wool Growers' Association.
A. Real of Kerr county was appointed to a finance committee of the organization.

KGS note: C. Real is Casper Real. A. Real might be Albert Real, son of Casper.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 12, 1881
Sheriff Reinhard of Kendall, and Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr, are at Hord's.
T. J. Hamer, Kerr Co., are at Hord's hotel.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 18, 1881
Post Offices in Kerr County: Centre Point, Japonica, Kerrville, Mountain Home.
Kerr.--Is west of Kendall, and is similar to it.  Being a good farming and stock country.  It is also a great health resort for invalids. It has a population of 1,379.  Kerrville is the county site.

Galveston Daily News, January 19, 1881
A Kerr county letter says: Sheep and cattle in this county have stood the cold weather very well.  Only a few losses have been reported by the sheep men. Messrs. Real, Schreiner, Rees, and Hennewald are the only ones who have reported losses.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 22, 1881.
J. S. Wilson, Kerrville, at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, January 27, 1881.
Mr. Charles Schreiner, of Kerrville, is in the city.  He reports that ice existed in Kerr county for four weeks, consecutively.  The Rossberg family, afflicted with trichinas, are up and about, and hogs flourish in Kerr, and dams[?] imported after the affliction of the Rossbergs are still begging purchasers.

San Antonio Daily Express, February 27, 1881
Advertisement:  Back's Hotel, (Formerly Scott's Hotel) Health and Summer Resort!
J.F.H. Back, Proprietor.
Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.  ... Best Accommodation for Commercial Men.
Invalids Seeking health or parties desiring to spend a few months in a beautiful Mountain region will Please Write for Terms.

Kerrville, Kerr County, is a great health resort, and all who go there will find first class accommodations at Back's hotel.  See advertisement.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 4, 1881
E. G. Wills, S. Parsons, Kerrville, at the France house.

Dr. G. R. Parsons arrived last evening from his home in Kerr county, and reports the norther to have been very severe at Kerrville.  The whole prairies are on fire, and from Kerrville to Boerne the light is almost like that of day.  It is not know how the fire originated, though it was first observed between Fredericksburg and Kerrville.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 13, 1881
P. Lewin Lee, Kerrville, registered at the Central hotel.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 6, 1881
An appeal to ignorance.
Mr. Leo Tarleton, just down from attending court in Kerr county, says the venue in the case of the state against Hamp Johnson, charged with the murder of Spears, has been changed to Kendall county.  The reason for doing this was because a jury could not be found in Kerr whose members had not heard of the case and formed some hasty opinion about it.  In Kendall county reside a great many people, who never leave the farm of the stock ranch unless on business, and these people will be looked to as jurors.  People who read and are capable of forming intelligent opnions are not wanted.
The change of venue in this case was based on rulings in the Rothschild trial.
See more at San Antonio Daily Express, April 8, 1881

San Antonio Daily Express, June 2, 1881
F. J. Hamer, Kerr Co. at Hord's [hotel].

Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr county, was in the city yesterday, and brought with him and confined in our county jail Hamp Johnson, charged with murder.  The sheriff reports that the jury of inquest in the case of the recent killing of Potter, after twelve days' labor, found a verdict that the killing had been done by four parties, who will be arrested for murder.

Burnet Bulletin, June 7, 1881
Mr. J. H. Rogers of Kerr county, is in Burnet, on a month's visit.  He intends buying a place and moving back to his old county, which will be pleasant news to his friends.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 28, 1881
Mr. F. J. Hamer, sheriff of Kerr county, called yesterday.  He says the small grain in Kerr is all saved, and was a good yield. Corn will stand it a week longer.  He brings some witnesses in a wool case.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 30, 1881
County Attorney Cocke informs the reporter that James P. Harris, charged with swindling Mr. A. Michel, of this city, in a wool sale, and was brought here and placed under one thousand dollars' bond, has skipped out.  Harris sold his ranch in Kerr county, said to be worth $60000, to a gentleman by the name of Scott for $3500.  He plunked down $1000 of this for security, paid a legal firm of this city $500, and then left.  His thousand dollars has been forfeited, of course.  It is supposed he has gone back to Philadelphia, from whence he came.

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