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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July to December, 1878

Galveston Daily News, July 18, 1878
Frontiersman: Farmers generally are busy in this county threshing the bountiful yield of wheat raised this year.  Kerr will not be far behind many counties in the state in proportion to acreage.

Galveston Daily News, September 26, 1878
Kerr County. Frontiersman:  Mr. J. Spears brought to the office the first of the week a sweet potato that measured 23 inches in circumference and weighed 6 1/2 pounds....Kerrville school now numbers 56 scholars...The Kerrville school association has the best furnished school-house....In the district court Pedro Lonzolro, theft of a mare; trial by jury and verdict of guilty, with penalty assessed at five years in penitentiary.  Bernardo Flores, theft of mare; trial by jury, verdict guilty, and penalty assessed at five years in penitentiary.

Galveston Daily News, September 28, 1878
A couple of Mexican horse thieves visited Kendall county about fourteen days ago and succeeded in driving off a large number of horses from the Balcones neighborhood.  A number of citizens from that vicinity headed by Mr. Charles F. Cole; immediately went in pursuit of the robbers and captured them in Kerr county with the horses still in their possession.  The thieves were lodged in jail and the horses returned to their owners.

Galveston Daily News, October 8, 1878
Our Frontier Enemies on the war path from Texas to Wyoming. Indians and Mexicans Raiding all Along the Line--Murdering Women and Children in Kerr County.
Mason, Oct. 6.--...Three girls and a boy, by the name of Dowdy, are reported as killed by the Indians on October 5 at the head of Johnson's fork, on the Guadalupe.

Galveston Daily News, October 16, 1878
No satisfactory news has thus far been received at headquarters in reference to the raiders that committed the outrages in Kerr county....there are statements of the people of Kerr county that the trail led direct to the Rio Grande.

Burnet Bulletin, October 23, 1878
Columbus Colorado Citizen, October 24, 1878
Other accounts of the Dowdy murders.

Galveston Daily News, November 7, 1878
Kerrville Frontiersman, November 2:  Threshing operations are at last at an end....Eleven hundred graded sheep belonging to Mr. Hiram O'Brien, of McCulloch county, passed through here yesterday for Bandera county....One day this week a panther was killed in the yard of Mr. Wiley Hyatt while attempting to catch the chickens.  Hunger had driven the poor animal to this desperate step....Major Jones has stationed Lieut. Reynolds, commanding 24 rangers, at the head of Contrary creek, a tributary of Johnson's fork of the Guadalupe river, 18 miles from Kerrville.

Galveston Daily News, December 4, 1878
Died at Center Point, Kerr county, on the 1st ? instant, Alexander McKim Lea, aged 32.

Galveston Daily News, December 17, 1878
Gillespie. San Antonio Herald: A new road, recently opened, from Fort McKavett, in Menard county, through Kimble and Kerr counties, intersecting the old road at Comfort in Kendall county, has shortened the distance from the up-country twenty-nine miles.

Galveston Daily News, December 19, 1878
Kerr. Frontiersman: The Lowrance & Rees mill have ground into flour this season of 12,000 bushels of wheat.  These mills, and the gin in connection, are a great advantage to the county.....Woodward, Gunn and Smith are the present inmates of the county jail.  One day last week Woodward proposed to his comrades to hang him, saying that he would rather be dead that in jail.  Gunn and Smith tore up a blanket, made a rope, and attached one end to the bars of the grate and the other around Woodward's neck and suspended him.  After their victim had kicked awhile they took him down and found him almost senseless. He recovered in a short time, and is now all right with the exception of a little sore throat.
Kendall. Boerne's poet, a jail bird, Smith by name, escaped from the Kendall jail last week, but was retaken in Kerr and returned to his former quarters.

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