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Assorted News Item About Kerr County, July to December, 1879

Galveston Daily News, July 6, 1879
"Kerr.  Correspondence of the San Antonio Herald. Comfort had an excitement Sunday." A hores stolen from a young boy. ... "A drouth prevails.  Of late the rains have been hailed, but they drift to the north and east and leave us high and dry.
Remarkable good health is prevalent among its inhabitants Local hotel-keepers realize this fact, and are constantly enlarging and refitting their establishments for the comfort and benefit of northern invalids who alight from every stage."

Galveston Daily News, August 20, 1879
Saturday, the 2nd instant, the sheep-raisers of Kerr county met in Kerrville, and organized under the name of the Wool Growers' association of Kerr county.  Their ostensible object seems to be the protection of the county from parties who may drive scabby sheep through the same and thus infect our home sheep.

Galveston Daily News, September 9, 1879
Hotel Arrivals. Washington Hotel.--Geo. T. Walker, Kerrville

Galveston Daily News, October 8, 1879
Kerr.  Frontiersman:  Government freighting on this road is increasing.  Not a week passes without at least one train going through.  Nine immense wagons with fifty spare animals passed down Tuesday....We learn that several of the young men of Kerr county have been seized with the Mexican fever and will soon be off for the Sierra Mojada mines.  Faltin & Schreiner's herd of over 2200 head of cattle started for Kansas Thursday.

Galveston Daily News, October 9, 1879
Quill: Financial matters in Kerr county are lively just now.  Faltin & Schreiner, the merchant princes of the west, have been receiving cattle at the different pens in this county of the last two weeks, and in consequence the filthy lucre is somewhat more plentiful than usual.  In spite of the drouth and its attendant evils Kerr county is steadily improving....Capt. Schreiner has just bought a herd of cattle, 3000 in number....Several of our citizens are preparing to move to Mexico.

Galveston Daily News, October 21, 1879
Kerr. This county has been refreshed with a glorious rain, thoroughly saturating the ground, which is now in splendid condition for wheat sowing....Half the people in Kerr county have the mining fever, occasioned by the glowing reports of Mssrs. Willett and Parish, who are largely interested in the Sierra Mojada mines in Mexico.

Galveston Daily News, November 2, 1879
Kerr.  Frontiersman:  A large government train for fort McKavett passed through Tuesday morning....A few grasshoppers were seen Tuesday evening on Bear creek.  They were flying and did not light....The population of Kerr county is now estimated at about 3000.  A large number of English and northern people have settled here during the last year, and more are coming....Kerrville contains a population of about 250; one large store, blacksmith, carpenter and stone shop, etc.; a new saw mill is being erected, while a mile or so up the river is a new saw and corn mill and cotton gin....Center Point is a pleasant town of about the same number of inhabitants as Kerrville, contains a fine flouring mill....By assessment January 1, 1879, there were in the county 1812 horses and mules, 9022 cattle, 10, 610 sheep, 2648 goats, 3676 hogs.....Some 5000 sheep have been brought in since then.

Galveston Daily News, November 5, 1879
A French Count Criminal Arrest.
This is an account of the theft of several hundred dollars from Faltin, Schreiner & Below of Center Point. Monsieur count de Karemer, a cousin of viscount d'Absac, French consul of New Orleans, was the accused.
Galveston Daily News, November 6, 1879
The amount found is said to have corresponded with that missing from the safe.
Galveston Daily News, November 22, 1879
An opinion piece appeared about the arrest of count de Keroman--that it was for political reasons.  He had lodged with Dr. Ganahl, who "for some reason is the object of bitter hostility on the part of the crowd who are most prominent in annoying count Keroman...It is openly boasted in Kerr county that these parties will run Dr. Ganahl out of the county."

Galveston Daily News, November 22, 1879
Frontiersman: Capt. Neal Caldwell arrived in town last Friday from a trip into the Panhandle and counties east of it. He reports the migration to New Mexico almost entirely stopped owing to the Indian war there....One man with a herd of 1700 cattle and horses was turned back. No news from the Kerr county emigrants....

Galveston Daily News, December 18, 1879
Frontiersman: A meeting of the Wool Growers association of Kerr county will be held in Kerrville, December 20....Rabbits are so plenty as to be quite troublesome in the suburbs....S. R. Merritt and some others, while hunting Monday near the head of the river, started a panther, which the dogs soon run down, when Merritt shot it.  It was not full-grown, but measured about eight feet long.  A large bear was chased immediately after, but got away....Venison is plenty and cheap. The travel up-country, through this place, is becoming immense.

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