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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through December 1881

San Antonio Daily Express, July 3, 1881
Ponsonby L. Lee has returned from England with his family, after an absence of three months.  He will take possession of a rancho in Kerr county, purchased during his last visit.  He says that many English capitalists propose visiting Texas during the present summer.

Galveston Daily News, July 15, 1881
Letter from Kerr County.  Center Point, Texas, July 12, 1881.--A long drouth has cut short the crown corp two-thirds or more.  A good deal of old corn on hand, and the oats, rye and spring wheat yield extra good. ... The Southern Methodist district meeting and camp meeting just closed here with good results.  The district conference was a most harmonious season.  Presiding Elder A. L. Potter is the chair, in good health and cheerful spirits.
The Missionary Baptists are to hold a camp meeting at the same place, including the fifth Sabbath this month.
General good health prevails in this valley, but the thermometer gets high enough at midday to remind us that it is mid-summer, especially when the cooling breezes do not leap down upon us from these mountain heights.

San Antonio Daily Express, August 4, 1881

Charles Schreiner of Kerrville mentioned as an investor of a silver mine being worked by Henry Swethelm in Edwards county.

Galveston Daily News, August 11, 1881 
Bexar County Court. Accounts.  For feeding Hampton Johnson of Kerr county, $17.05.

Galveston Daily News, November 23, 1881
Letter from Kerrville. Kerrville, Kerr County, November 19, 1881.--Supposing the News would like to hear an occasional word from this "neck o' the woods," and knowing that its readers are to found in every nook and and corner of the State, I give a few ...
The De Stael Society at this place was organized about a year ago by some of our ladies, and has struggle along until now it is a success.  I think it speaks well for a rough frontier town to see such an evidence of culture.  The ladies have had several public meetings, all of which have been successful, but their crowning effort was last Tuesday night, when they had an entertainment in the court-house.  Court adjourned and the house was crowded. There were rendered essays and recitations, and afterwards a grand supper.  A committee was appointed on prizes, and Misses Dietert and Gill received first prizes, which Mrs. Barnet and Mrs. Scott were awarded second prizes.  By invitation of the society Mr. Hal L. Gosling, the eloquent lawyer of the frontier, and well known editor of the Castroville Quill, delivered an interesting address and presented the prizes in a running speech, during the delivery of which the audience was kept in a roar of laughter.  A good, round sum was realized on the supper.
The District Court is still in session, though it is about closing its labors after a weary two weeks work.  One man has been sent to the penitentiary for horse-stealing.  Six indictments have been found against the Dowdy brothers, charged with the killing of Potter a year ago.  It is said that eminent counsel will be employed to prosecute.  It will be a big case.  The case of the Count de Keroman has been taken to Medina county by change of venue, the agreement having been entered into by Mr. Gosling for the defense, and Messrs. Wallace, Martin, Burney and Sullivan for the prosecution.  The main case tried so far is that of Mrs. Spray, charged with the murder of her husband last August.  It is believed that Mrs. Spray will be acquitted.

San Antonio Daily Express, December 30, 1881
For Sale.  A modern built cottage, with 4 rooms, store room, kitchen, stable and store, good cistern. ... Located on the Guadalupe river, 1/2 mile from Centre Point, Kerr county.  Apply to J. W. Glass.

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