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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through December 1881

San Antonio Daily Express, July 3, 1881
Ponsonby L. Lee has returned from England with his family, after an absence of three months.  He will take possession of a rancho in Kerr county, purchased during his last visit.  He says that many English capitalists propose visiting Texas during the present summer.

Galveston Daily News, July 15, 1881
Letter from Kerr County.  Center Point, Texas, July 12, 1881.--A long drouth has cut short the crown corp two-thirds or more.  A good deal of old corn on hand, and the oats, rye and spring wheat yield extra good. ... The Southern Methodist district meeting and camp meeting just closed here with good results.  The district conference was a most harmonious season.  Presiding Elder A. L. Potter is the chair, in good health and cheerful spirits.
The Missionary Baptists are to hold a camp meeting at the same place, including the fifth Sabbath this month.
General good health prevails in this valley, but the thermometer gets high enough at midday to remind us that it is mid-summer, especially when the cooling breezes do not leap down upon us from these mountain heights.

San Antonio Daily Express, August 4, 1881

Charles Schreiner of Kerrville mentioned as an investor of a silver mine being worked by Henry Swethelm in Edwards county.

Galveston Daily News, August 11, 1881 
Bexar County Court. Accounts.  For feeding Hampton Johnson of Kerr county, $17.05.

Galveston Daily News, November 23, 1881
Letter from Kerrville. Kerrville, Kerr County, November 19, 1881.--Supposing the News would like to hear an occasional word from this "neck o' the woods," and knowing that its readers are to found in every nook and and corner of the State, I give a few ...
The De Stael Society at this place was organized about a year ago by some of our ladies, and has struggle along until now it is a success.  I think it speaks well for a rough frontier town to see such an evidence of culture.  The ladies have had several public meetings, all of which have been successful, but their crowning effort was last Tuesday night, when they had an entertainment in the court-house.  Court adjourned and the house was crowded. There were rendered essays and recitations, and afterwards a grand supper.  A committee was appointed on prizes, and Misses Dietert and Gill received first prizes, which Mrs. Barnet and Mrs. Scott were awarded second prizes.  By invitation of the society Mr. Hal L. Gosling, the eloquent lawyer of the frontier, and well known editor of the Castroville Quill, delivered an interesting address and presented the prizes in a running speech, during the delivery of which the audience was kept in a roar of laughter.  A good, round sum was realized on the supper.
The District Court is still in session, though it is about closing its labors after a weary two weeks work.  One man has been sent to the penitentiary for horse-stealing.  Six indictments have been found against the Dowdy brothers, charged with the killing of Potter a year ago.  It is said that eminent counsel will be employed to prosecute.  It will be a big case.  The case of the Count de Keroman has been taken to Medina county by change of venue, the agreement having been entered into by Mr. Gosling for the defense, and Messrs. Wallace, Martin, Burney and Sullivan for the prosecution.  The main case tried so far is that of Mrs. Spray, charged with the murder of her husband last August.  It is believed that Mrs. Spray will be acquitted.

San Antonio Daily Express, December 30, 1881
For Sale.  A modern built cottage, with 4 rooms, store room, kitchen, stable and store, good cistern. ... Located on the Guadalupe river, 1/2 mile from Centre Point, Kerr county.  Apply to J. W. Glass.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June,1881

Galveston Daily News, January 11, 1881
Mr. C. Real of Kerr County was elected vice president of the State Wool Growers' Association.
A. Real of Kerr county was appointed to a finance committee of the organization.

KGS note: C. Real is Casper Real. A. Real might be Albert Real, son of Casper.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 12, 1881
Sheriff Reinhard of Kendall, and Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr, are at Hord's.
T. J. Hamer, Kerr Co., are at Hord's hotel.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 18, 1881
Post Offices in Kerr County: Centre Point, Japonica, Kerrville, Mountain Home.
Kerr.--Is west of Kendall, and is similar to it.  Being a good farming and stock country.  It is also a great health resort for invalids. It has a population of 1,379.  Kerrville is the county site.

Galveston Daily News, January 19, 1881
A Kerr county letter says: Sheep and cattle in this county have stood the cold weather very well.  Only a few losses have been reported by the sheep men. Messrs. Real, Schreiner, Rees, and Hennewald are the only ones who have reported losses.

San Antonio Daily Express, January 22, 1881.
J. S. Wilson, Kerrville, at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, January 27, 1881.
Mr. Charles Schreiner, of Kerrville, is in the city.  He reports that ice existed in Kerr county for four weeks, consecutively.  The Rossberg family, afflicted with trichinas, are up and about, and hogs flourish in Kerr, and dams[?] imported after the affliction of the Rossbergs are still begging purchasers.

San Antonio Daily Express, February 27, 1881
Advertisement:  Back's Hotel, (Formerly Scott's Hotel) Health and Summer Resort!
J.F.H. Back, Proprietor.
Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.  ... Best Accommodation for Commercial Men.
Invalids Seeking health or parties desiring to spend a few months in a beautiful Mountain region will Please Write for Terms.

Kerrville, Kerr County, is a great health resort, and all who go there will find first class accommodations at Back's hotel.  See advertisement.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 4, 1881
E. G. Wills, S. Parsons, Kerrville, at the France house.

Dr. G. R. Parsons arrived last evening from his home in Kerr county, and reports the norther to have been very severe at Kerrville.  The whole prairies are on fire, and from Kerrville to Boerne the light is almost like that of day.  It is not know how the fire originated, though it was first observed between Fredericksburg and Kerrville.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 13, 1881
P. Lewin Lee, Kerrville, registered at the Central hotel.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 6, 1881
An appeal to ignorance.
Mr. Leo Tarleton, just down from attending court in Kerr county, says the venue in the case of the state against Hamp Johnson, charged with the murder of Spears, has been changed to Kendall county.  The reason for doing this was because a jury could not be found in Kerr whose members had not heard of the case and formed some hasty opinion about it.  In Kendall county reside a great many people, who never leave the farm of the stock ranch unless on business, and these people will be looked to as jurors.  People who read and are capable of forming intelligent opnions are not wanted.
The change of venue in this case was based on rulings in the Rothschild trial.
See more at San Antonio Daily Express, April 8, 1881

San Antonio Daily Express, June 2, 1881
F. J. Hamer, Kerr Co. at Hord's [hotel].

Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr county, was in the city yesterday, and brought with him and confined in our county jail Hamp Johnson, charged with murder.  The sheriff reports that the jury of inquest in the case of the recent killing of Potter, after twelve days' labor, found a verdict that the killing had been done by four parties, who will be arrested for murder.

Burnet Bulletin, June 7, 1881
Mr. J. H. Rogers of Kerr county, is in Burnet, on a month's visit.  He intends buying a place and moving back to his old county, which will be pleasant news to his friends.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 28, 1881
Mr. F. J. Hamer, sheriff of Kerr county, called yesterday.  He says the small grain in Kerr is all saved, and was a good yield. Corn will stand it a week longer.  He brings some witnesses in a wool case.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 30, 1881
County Attorney Cocke informs the reporter that James P. Harris, charged with swindling Mr. A. Michel, of this city, in a wool sale, and was brought here and placed under one thousand dollars' bond, has skipped out.  Harris sold his ranch in Kerr county, said to be worth $60000, to a gentleman by the name of Scott for $3500.  He plunked down $1000 of this for security, paid a legal firm of this city $500, and then left.  His thousand dollars has been forfeited, of course.  It is supposed he has gone back to Philadelphia, from whence he came.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July to December, 1880

Galveston Daily News, July 1, 1880
Kerr.  Frontiersman: A report has been circulated around the county that Fayette Nichols, a Kerr county boy who went to New Mexico last fall, had been killed by the Indians, but a letter has been received from there saying the report was false....It is reported that a Kerr county boy, Barney Wickson, who went to New Mexico last fall, has struck it rich.

KGS note: Fayette Nichols returned from New Mexico and lived in Kerr County until his death 7 March 1930.

Galveston Daily News, August 4, 1880
Suicide of a Native of France.
Kerrville, July 27.--Emil Joss, a son of la belle France, was found dead in his bed this morning, at his home, about two miles from Kerrville--a pistol ball had pierced his brain...killed by his own hand.  Deceased had lived in Kerr county about four years, drifting here from Mexico, where, it is said, he had served under the eagles of the ill-fated Maximilian--had married, become a widower, and were a son survives him.  He lived among us an isolated life, wholly alone.  For some time past he had endured great physical suffering to which is attributed his tragic death.
We were favored last night with the heartiest rainfall known in this region since 187[8?]. The river Guadalupe rose twelve feet before daylight at this point.

Galveston Daily News, August 12, 1880
Kerr.  The democracy of Kerr "resoluted" favorably to Gov. Roberts, Adjt. Gen. Jones and Hon. C. Upson....Last Thursday a severe thunderstorm came up, and during the storm the lightning sent a shaft into our schoolhouse.  The house was full of children, and you can imagine their consternation.  The shock was a very severe one to them, as the whole front of the house was rent.  Fortunately no one was hurt.

Galveston Daily News September 21, 1880
The trial of the count Kerman, at Kerrville, which took place last week, resulted in a mistrial, the jury failing to agree.

The missing Villeneuve.
The following paragraph appeared in day before yesterday's telegram to the Galveston News, from this city: "A young attorney of this city, named Celestine Villeneuve, who had been leading a fast life, came up missing yesterday, leaving many mourning friends who are interested in his welfare.  He had mortgaged his office furniture to four different parties."
This reported had heard rumors of a similar nature, but they seemed to have no source, and in endeavoring to trace them up could find no responsible authority, but learned that Mr. Villeneuve had gone to Kerr county to accept the position of county attorney....The father of Mr. Villeneuve resides in Victoria county, is one of the wealthy men of the west, and is said to allow his son, Celestine, $1500 per annum for his pin money. [San Antonio Express]

Galveston Daily News, September 22, 1880
Sheep and Wool.
Kerrville Frontiersman:  Mr. M. Honnewald, of Michigan, landed in our county a few days ago with some 305 high grade Merino bucks and ewes.  We are glad to learn Mr. H. has bought a large tract of land at Buffalo on the head of the Guadalupe, and his sheep already located there....Capt. Scott, secretary of the Kerr county Wool Growers association...

Galveston Daily News, September 24, 1880
Kerr. Frontiersman: Tuesday night quite a stir was caused in the courthouse by a very large centipede, which was seen crawling up the door facing, against which a man was leaning.  The numerous footed reptile was quickly killed....Kerrville has been deluged with lawyers from abroad....San Antonio Express:  The case of the state of Texas vs. Bodun (count) de Keroman furnished bond to appear at the next term of the district court of Kerr county.  After the adjournment of the court it was ascertained that the jury stood seven for acquittal and five for conviction.  The case excited much interest, and it is believed that when it comes up again a change of venue to Bandera county will be obtained.

Galveston Daily News, October 29, 1880
Mr. Birney has sold his interest in the Kerrville Frontiersman to Mr. P. J. Stephenson who promises to devote his whole attention to the newspaper business and will try and give them an interesting local and miscellaneous newspaper.

San Antonio Daily Express, November 17, 1880
The Bulllet.  Assassination of a Mexican at Kerrville.
Kerrville, November 16th, 1880.
A dastardly and cold blooded assassination occurred here on Sunday, the 14th inst., at p.m., the victim being an unoffensive Mexican named Abundo Gonzales, 35? [unclear] years of age. No cause whatever can be assigned for the murder.  He left the house to get some firewood and immediately returned, shot through the body. He lingered until 6 a.m. Monday and in his lucid moments would give no clue to the perpetrator of the deed. The course of the bullet indicates that the assassin was on horseback.  The coroner's inquest held could throw no light on the affair or had any clue to cause the arrest of any one.

Galveston Daily News, December 10, 1880
Bandera Bugle.  December 4: The sad intelligence was received here yesterday of the death of one of Kerr county's prominent citizens. Mr. August Rossberg.  About the first of last month he discovered symptoms of illness in his entire family and a short time elapsed when he consulted a physician, who, after diagnosing the case, reported it caused from trichinia.  He lingered only a short time, through suffering and pain, and finally died on Tuesday last.  Mr. Rossberg purchased some pork  infested with the parasite known as trichimia and it was from eating some of this without cooking that caused the disease.  Mr. Rossberg leaves his wife and four children struggling with this awful malady and it is thought they will all die.

KGS note: August Rossberg operated Kerrville's first blacksmith shop in a rock building on Water Street where the Bluebonnet Hotel later stood.

San Antonio Daily Express, December 30, 1880
A Budget About Kerr.
Rapid Development of the Country--The Remains of U. H. Birney En Route to Washington.
Dr. G. R. Parsons, of Kerrville, reports the remaining members of the Rosberg family, afflicted with trichina, to be recovering.  Only two of the family, the father and a daughter, died. Their cases have been reported.
Dr. Parsons says the country west is developing with wonderful rapidity.  When he located at Kerrville in 1876, there was not a mile of fence between here and Boerne, while now about one-half of this country is under fence, and land purchased then at two and a half dollars per acre is now held at ten dollars.  The Doctor mentions the Dr. Elliott place as an instance.  Kerr county is rapidly improving and property cannot be rented in Kerr county at any price.  There is a constant demand for houses.  A house with two small rooms will rent easily at five dollars a month, and where accommodations are greater, at correspondingly advance figures.
Game is abundant in the lines of quail and turkey, though deer and duck are scarce.
Dr. Parsons' visit to our city is for the purpose of sending the remains of U. H. Birney, who died on the 11th of November, to Washington, where the remains will be interred in the burying ground of his family, of which Gen. William Birney is the head.  The remains had been interred at Kerrville for twenty-one days.

KGS note: Ulric Hoffman Birney was born 7 September 1850 in France while father was working there.  U. H. Birney is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington DC. His father, Gen. William Birney, was a prominent member of the District of Columbia Bar, a professor, Union Army general in the Civil War, author, and ardent abolitionist.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June, 1880

Galveston Daily News, March 18, 1880
Castroville Quill: Our readers will remember that some time ago there were several publications and much talk relative to the alleged thefts at Center Point, Kerr county, of a certain amount of money from the safe of Faltin, Schreiner & Below, and that the crime was charged to Le Compte de Keroman, a native and subject of France, living temporarily in that neighborhood.  Last Monday, at Kerrville, the county was indicted by the grand jury of Kerr county, and placed under $1200 bail.  Quite a number of attorneys have been employed on both sides, and great interest attached to the case.  It promises to be one of great moment in Kerr County.

Galveston Daily News, April 16, 1880
Messrs. Schreiner & Lytle, of Kerr county, will...send two large droves of cattle up the trail this season.

Galveston Daily News, April 22, 1880
Live Stock Notes.
Kerrville Frontiersman:  Faltin, Schreiner & Lytle received 602 head of cattle at Comfort, 642 head at H. M. Burney's, 660 at Kerrville, and another 1500 at Bandera.  They expect to get enough on the Pedernales to make the number 4000. The cattle mostly are in fair order.
Kerrville Frontiersman: the sheepmen are happy in the prospect of good prices....Kerr county wool is generally of fine quality, free from burrs, etc., and should bring a good price.

Galveston Daily News, May 11, 1880
A letter in the Evening Herald, dated Center Point, Kerr county, May 8, gives an account of the shooting and killing of T. A. Corbell, by Prof. W. Atterbury.  The trouble grew out of a dispute about a bill of sale of some cattle.  Atterbury made his escape and is still at large.  They were prominent citizens and the affair has caused much excitement.

Galveston Daily News, May 12, 1880
There is a description of Atterbury, teacher at Center Point.

Galveston Daily News, May 27, 1880
Kerrville.  Capt. Scott returned from San Antonio last Sunday, having sold his wool for 26 1/2 c, the highest price paid at that time.

Galveston Daily News, June 10, 1880
Kerrville Frontiersman. June 4:  It is well known that there are numerous caves around the head of the river, and Messrs. Tremblett and Harbecker, sheep herders for Scott & Oakley, partially explored one recently. It opened on top of a hill on the divide, about thirty miles from here.  The bushes being cleared from the mouth, they fastened a rope to a stout pole laid across the top and let themselves down. The descent is perfectly perpendicular, and it is twenty-four feet to the bottom.  Once there they found themselves in a large cavern some twenty-five feet in height, and filled with beautiful stalactites of all shape, many ten feet length, and clear, ice cold water dripping from the roof.  The skeleton of a bear was found in good preservation. It was not without great difficulty that the explorers got out again, the sides of the pit offering no foot-hold and the being compelled to shin up the rope--in fact, Harbecker failed entirely to climb, and had to be hauled up by his more fortunate companion.

Weather and Crops.
Kerrville (Kerr county). Frontiersman, June 4: At last Kerr county has had a regular down-pouring, heavy rain, and the best for three years. Several inches fell on the night of the 27th, and next day the Guadalupe was booming and carrying down drift wood for the first time in several years.  It rose about seven feet here, while at Center Point and Comfort it was up still higher. The mail from Boerne was unable to cross on Friday, and Kerrville did without until Sunday, no one repined. ...

Galveston Daily News, June 24, 1880
Kerrville. Frontiersman. Another glorious rain fell Saturday night and Sunday.  A good corn crop is a sure thing now, while there is very good prospect for a splendid cotton crop....The cotton worm has made its appearance in our county.  Mr. F. H. Coleman ... discovered them.
Castroville. Quill. ... In our judgement, Mr. Bonnell's corn, at Camp Verde in Kerr county is the finest we have ever seen in Texas.

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Assorted News Item About Kerr County, July to December, 1879

Galveston Daily News, July 6, 1879
"Kerr.  Correspondence of the San Antonio Herald. Comfort had an excitement Sunday." A hores stolen from a young boy. ... "A drouth prevails.  Of late the rains have been hailed, but they drift to the north and east and leave us high and dry.
Remarkable good health is prevalent among its inhabitants Local hotel-keepers realize this fact, and are constantly enlarging and refitting their establishments for the comfort and benefit of northern invalids who alight from every stage."

Galveston Daily News, August 20, 1879
Saturday, the 2nd instant, the sheep-raisers of Kerr county met in Kerrville, and organized under the name of the Wool Growers' association of Kerr county.  Their ostensible object seems to be the protection of the county from parties who may drive scabby sheep through the same and thus infect our home sheep.

Galveston Daily News, September 9, 1879
Hotel Arrivals. Washington Hotel.--Geo. T. Walker, Kerrville

Galveston Daily News, October 8, 1879
Kerr.  Frontiersman:  Government freighting on this road is increasing.  Not a week passes without at least one train going through.  Nine immense wagons with fifty spare animals passed down Tuesday....We learn that several of the young men of Kerr county have been seized with the Mexican fever and will soon be off for the Sierra Mojada mines.  Faltin & Schreiner's herd of over 2200 head of cattle started for Kansas Thursday.

Galveston Daily News, October 9, 1879
Quill: Financial matters in Kerr county are lively just now.  Faltin & Schreiner, the merchant princes of the west, have been receiving cattle at the different pens in this county of the last two weeks, and in consequence the filthy lucre is somewhat more plentiful than usual.  In spite of the drouth and its attendant evils Kerr county is steadily improving....Capt. Schreiner has just bought a herd of cattle, 3000 in number....Several of our citizens are preparing to move to Mexico.

Galveston Daily News, October 21, 1879
Kerr. This county has been refreshed with a glorious rain, thoroughly saturating the ground, which is now in splendid condition for wheat sowing....Half the people in Kerr county have the mining fever, occasioned by the glowing reports of Mssrs. Willett and Parish, who are largely interested in the Sierra Mojada mines in Mexico.

Galveston Daily News, November 2, 1879
Kerr.  Frontiersman:  A large government train for fort McKavett passed through Tuesday morning....A few grasshoppers were seen Tuesday evening on Bear creek.  They were flying and did not light....The population of Kerr county is now estimated at about 3000.  A large number of English and northern people have settled here during the last year, and more are coming....Kerrville contains a population of about 250; one large store, blacksmith, carpenter and stone shop, etc.; a new saw mill is being erected, while a mile or so up the river is a new saw and corn mill and cotton gin....Center Point is a pleasant town of about the same number of inhabitants as Kerrville, contains a fine flouring mill....By assessment January 1, 1879, there were in the county 1812 horses and mules, 9022 cattle, 10, 610 sheep, 2648 goats, 3676 hogs.....Some 5000 sheep have been brought in since then.

Galveston Daily News, November 5, 1879
A French Count Criminal Arrest.
This is an account of the theft of several hundred dollars from Faltin, Schreiner & Below of Center Point. Monsieur count de Karemer, a cousin of viscount d'Absac, French consul of New Orleans, was the accused.
Galveston Daily News, November 6, 1879
The amount found is said to have corresponded with that missing from the safe.
Galveston Daily News, November 22, 1879
An opinion piece appeared about the arrest of count de Keroman--that it was for political reasons.  He had lodged with Dr. Ganahl, who "for some reason is the object of bitter hostility on the part of the crowd who are most prominent in annoying count Keroman...It is openly boasted in Kerr county that these parties will run Dr. Ganahl out of the county."

Galveston Daily News, November 22, 1879
Frontiersman: Capt. Neal Caldwell arrived in town last Friday from a trip into the Panhandle and counties east of it. He reports the migration to New Mexico almost entirely stopped owing to the Indian war there....One man with a herd of 1700 cattle and horses was turned back. No news from the Kerr county emigrants....

Galveston Daily News, December 18, 1879
Frontiersman: A meeting of the Wool Growers association of Kerr county will be held in Kerrville, December 20....Rabbits are so plenty as to be quite troublesome in the suburbs....S. R. Merritt and some others, while hunting Monday near the head of the river, started a panther, which the dogs soon run down, when Merritt shot it.  It was not full-grown, but measured about eight feet long.  A large bear was chased immediately after, but got away....Venison is plenty and cheap. The travel up-country, through this place, is becoming immense.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June,1879

San Antonio Daily Express, January 10, 1879
W. R. Bonnell, Kerr county, registered at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, January 19, 1879
Lieut. Reynolds' company of rangers have been rounding up persons addicted to the habit of "mistaking" cattle brands.  Two men, named Hardin and Pickens, were arrested in Kerr county a few days ago by this efficient officer and lodged in the Austin jail. Hardin is a cousin of John Wesley Hardin.

Galveston Daily News January 22, 1879
Swift Justice.
About the 1st of December last the store of a Mr. Walker, in Fort Bend county, was robbed by unknown parties.  Two weeks afterward some of Maj. Jones's men on the frontier, in Kerr county, arrested a man calling himself Johnson (his real name is Pickens), because he "looked suspicious and gave the wrong name" when asked who he was....he acknowledged... he and William Hardin had stolen some horses in Guadalupe and Caldwell counties and had robbed a store in Fort Bend. ...
tried and sent to penitentiary....William Hardin is a cousin of John Wesley Hardin.

Colorado Citizen, January 30, 1879
A cousin of John Wesley Hardin and one Fekens were arrested in Kerr county the other day for altering brands on cattle, and lodged in the Austin jail.

San Antonio Daily Express, February 4, 1879
Sheriff Hamer, of Kerr county, is in the city after rogues.
A. L. Johnson, Kerrville [is at] the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, February 8, 1879
J. Williams and family, Kerr county...are at the Central.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 14, 1879
Kerrville Jottings.
District court convened here today, with Judge Paschal presiding and Mr. W. R. Wallace, district attorney, representing the state.  There is plenty of work to do, but owing to court commencing one week earlier than usual, it is quite probably that there will be but little done.
Judge Starkey, chairman of county executive committee, called meeting to nominate delegates to the democratic state convention. Selected were Capt. Jos. A. Tivy, S. H. Wellborn, A. B. Liles, Frank Moore, Geo. S. Walker, W. M. McKie, with W. R. Wallace, proxy.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 20, 1879
The three youngsters arrested for driving cattle belonging to others out of Kendall into Kerr county, were punished by a $25 fine each, their offense being regarded as nothing more than a misdemeanor.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 1, 1879
Kerrville Local Notes.
The people of Kerrville were blessed with a bountiful rain Friday night lst, and it came in the niche of time, for the wheat crop would have been ruined in ten days longer. The exemplary man should have been on his knees thanking the Benefactor.

"Doctor, could you amputate an aching tooth?" Our of our professional men was thus accosted the other day by one of our uncultured frontiersmen.

Messrs. S. H. and A. H. Maxwell have nearly completed a pretty residence for Dr. G. R. Parsons.

Work is slowly progressing on the stone residence of Charles Schreiner.

T. T. Alexander has gone to Austin after his family, with which he will soon arrive.  He is an excellent surveyor and an enterprising citizen.  He and his family are welcomed among us.

Prof. Carpenter, of Iowa, is prospecting in Kerr county.  He thinks of settling among us.

A large Mexican wagon train passed this place today, bound for San Antonio.

Dr. Young, of Sherman, Texas, lectures on temperance at Centre Point tonight, and at Kerrville Sunday and Monday nights.

Faltin & Schreiner commence to receive cattle on April 13.

Mrs. Josh Brown is repairing her residence to accommodate invalids who come up this way for their health.

Escape of Culberson-The Kerr County Cattle Thieves Again.
A special to the Express from Boerne announces the escape from jail of the man Culberson, arrested from jail of the man Culberson, arrested on the charge of passing counterfeit money. Culberson was lodged in the Kendall county jail on the 27th ult., having been arrested by Sheriff Hamer of Kerr county. He regained his liberty by digging a hole through the jail walls on Sunday.

San Antonio Daily Express, April 3, 1879
A large herd of cattle belonging to Lytle passed through Kerrville last Sunday on the way to Kansas.

San Antonio Daily Express, May 11, 1879
W. M. McKie, Esq., of Kerrville, is visiting the city. He reports that the farmers of Kerr are rejoicing over the fine prospects of a bounteous harvest.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 3, 1879
Justice R. C. Symington has gone to Kerr county on a brief visit.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 4, 1879
Report from Fort Griffin. Lytle & Schreiner, Kerr Co. 2300 head of cattle passed by en route to Dodge.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 7, 1879
D. M. Slocum and family are spending the summer at Camp Verde, Kerr county.

Dr. Chess and lady leave this morning to enjoy the fresh air of the lovely mountain region about Camp Verde.

Judge R. O. Symington and lady have returned from spending a few days in Kerr county.  Mrs. Symington is at present in very bad health.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 19, 1879
Miss Josie Callahan gave valedictory address at the commencement exercises of Center Point school. The address is reproduced in the newspaper.

L. B. Spotts stayed at Central [Hotel].

San Antonio Daily Express, June 20, 1879
Dr. Chess and lady, and Mr. N. J. Petrich, of this city, who have been spending a few days in the hills about Camp Verde, Kerr county, returned yesterday.

San Antonio Daily Express, June 22, 1879
John Kelly, W. R. McDonald, W. Graves, Kerr county...registered at the Central hotel.

Galveston Daily News, June 27, 1879
Kerr.  A letter, dated the 19th, says a fine rain fell that day....Cattle in good condition, and a heavy mast[?] expected....The fourth of July is to be celebrated in Kerrville.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July to December, 1878

Galveston Daily News, July 18, 1878
Frontiersman: Farmers generally are busy in this county threshing the bountiful yield of wheat raised this year.  Kerr will not be far behind many counties in the state in proportion to acreage.

Galveston Daily News, September 26, 1878
Kerr County. Frontiersman:  Mr. J. Spears brought to the office the first of the week a sweet potato that measured 23 inches in circumference and weighed 6 1/2 pounds....Kerrville school now numbers 56 scholars...The Kerrville school association has the best furnished school-house....In the district court Pedro Lonzolro, theft of a mare; trial by jury and verdict of guilty, with penalty assessed at five years in penitentiary.  Bernardo Flores, theft of mare; trial by jury, verdict guilty, and penalty assessed at five years in penitentiary.

Galveston Daily News, September 28, 1878
A couple of Mexican horse thieves visited Kendall county about fourteen days ago and succeeded in driving off a large number of horses from the Balcones neighborhood.  A number of citizens from that vicinity headed by Mr. Charles F. Cole; immediately went in pursuit of the robbers and captured them in Kerr county with the horses still in their possession.  The thieves were lodged in jail and the horses returned to their owners.

Galveston Daily News, October 8, 1878
Our Frontier Enemies on the war path from Texas to Wyoming. Indians and Mexicans Raiding all Along the Line--Murdering Women and Children in Kerr County.
Mason, Oct. 6.--...Three girls and a boy, by the name of Dowdy, are reported as killed by the Indians on October 5 at the head of Johnson's fork, on the Guadalupe.

Galveston Daily News, October 16, 1878
No satisfactory news has thus far been received at headquarters in reference to the raiders that committed the outrages in Kerr county....there are statements of the people of Kerr county that the trail led direct to the Rio Grande.

Burnet Bulletin, October 23, 1878
Columbus Colorado Citizen, October 24, 1878
Other accounts of the Dowdy murders.

Galveston Daily News, November 7, 1878
Kerrville Frontiersman, November 2:  Threshing operations are at last at an end....Eleven hundred graded sheep belonging to Mr. Hiram O'Brien, of McCulloch county, passed through here yesterday for Bandera county....One day this week a panther was killed in the yard of Mr. Wiley Hyatt while attempting to catch the chickens.  Hunger had driven the poor animal to this desperate step....Major Jones has stationed Lieut. Reynolds, commanding 24 rangers, at the head of Contrary creek, a tributary of Johnson's fork of the Guadalupe river, 18 miles from Kerrville.

Galveston Daily News, December 4, 1878
Died at Center Point, Kerr county, on the 1st ? instant, Alexander McKim Lea, aged 32.

Galveston Daily News, December 17, 1878
Gillespie. San Antonio Herald: A new road, recently opened, from Fort McKavett, in Menard county, through Kimble and Kerr counties, intersecting the old road at Comfort in Kendall county, has shortened the distance from the up-country twenty-nine miles.

Galveston Daily News, December 19, 1878
Kerr. Frontiersman: The Lowrance & Rees mill have ground into flour this season of 12,000 bushels of wheat.  These mills, and the gin in connection, are a great advantage to the county.....Woodward, Gunn and Smith are the present inmates of the county jail.  One day last week Woodward proposed to his comrades to hang him, saying that he would rather be dead that in jail.  Gunn and Smith tore up a blanket, made a rope, and attached one end to the bars of the grate and the other around Woodward's neck and suspended him.  After their victim had kicked awhile they took him down and found him almost senseless. He recovered in a short time, and is now all right with the exception of a little sore throat.
Kendall. Boerne's poet, a jail bird, Smith by name, escaped from the Kendall jail last week, but was retaken in Kerr and returned to his former quarters.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January to June, 1878

Galveston Daily News, January 23, 1878.
Horse Thieves. Pursuit and Capture of a Gang in Gonzales county.
Rube Semnalt, James Semnalt and William Walton, stole three horses on Peach creek the night of the 9th, and were followed by W. A. Cobb, J. A. Lark, G. W. Hodges, James Baker and L. W. Wolfirk, who overtook them at their uncle's, Adam Semnalt, in Kerr county, above Kerrville.

Galveston Daily News, January 31, 1878.
Kerr County.  Capt. Jos. A. Tivy, of Kerrville, writes to the Statesman, denying the statements made by its informant that there has been inaugurated a reign of terror in Kerr county.

Galveston Daily News, February 1, 1878.
The Frontiersman contradicts a report made to the Austin Statesman, and printed under the caption, "Terrorism in Kerr County--Violations of the Law, and the Mob Headed by the Sheriff," and says:
We make no attempt at denial that some local unpleasantness was developed here recently by reason of charges brought against Sheriff Hamer and others, legal proceedings entered upon, and that the trial or trials were somewhat protracted, causing almost everybody to take one side of the question of the other.  But we submit that no community in the land can look on unmoved when so important a local officer as the county sheriff stands charged with having done unlawful acts.  One case against him was before an examining court, the evidence on both sides carefully made a matter of record, and the justice presiding deemed it his duty to dismiss the case, and did so.  Other charges against the accused are to come up in other courts, which will in the regular course of business be acted will in the regular course of business be acted upon.  Friends and antagonists of the accused--good and true men on either side, each--good and true men on either, each equally honest in their convictions, no doubt--all await as order-loving citizens, the resulting legal decisions, all equally willing and ready to abide by them.
KGS Note: F. J. Hamer was sheriff February 15, 1876 to November 7, 1882.

Galveston Daily News, March 29, 1878
The Kerrville (Kerr county) Frontiersman ... touches on one of the needs of its section:
Many of the citizens of our own county live twenty and third miles from a postoffice, and they write their letters and wait until someone goes after the doctor, or goes to court or mill, when they send to the office; so it is all over western Texas. The attention of our representative is called to this matter.  We must have more mail lines, more postoffices, and have the mail go and come ofter.  Rapid and frequent mails would tend to root out and destroy the lawless element that curses the west.  It will make those who are here better satisfied to stay. ...

Galveston Daily News, April 1, 1878
Letter from San Antonio.... a resident of Kerr county, passed through town last week on his way to Huntsville, convicted of stealing a cow.  He came here with the camels in 1855 and located in Kerr county.  He is a simple old man, and is not believed to be guilty, intentionally, of any crime. If he had only killed a man now, he would not be disgraced in this way. Perhaps he was convicted because he was a Turk, and Russian influence was brought to bear on the jury.
Galveston Daily News, April 5, 1878
Kerr County.  Frontiersman. Over 180 sections of public land have been located in this county within the past 12 months....About 16,000 head of cattle have been driven through this county in the last 10 days.  They hail from Medina and Frio counties, and are on the road to Kansas....Dr. Ganahl, of Galveston, is on a visit to his rancho in this county, where he expects to spend the summer.

Galveston Daily News, April 9, 1878
Kerr County. Messrs. Faltin & Schreiner will start a herd of cattle from here about the 15th to Kansas, under the charge of Mr. Jones Glenn [?]....The people of Kerr county are thoroughly alive to the interests of hog raising.  There are already some very fine Poland China and bald-faced Berkshires already in the county.

Galveston Daily News, April 25, 1878
New Orleans Times, 22d:  The Kerr county, Texas, Frontiersman comes to us in mourning with an obituary notice of Mr. J. W. Brown, one if its proprietors, who died in New Orleans on the 4th of this month, of hemorrhage of the lungs.  At least this is the statement of a letter addressed from this city to the Frontiersman, by Mr. J. Beaty, who says he is a stranger to Brown, and writes as a dying request.  The Frontiersman, however, states that Mrs. Brown received a letter from her husband, dated the same (April 4th) at 11 o'clock A.M., saying he would soon be home.  This letter, written on the morning Beaty reports him dead, is remarkable, especially as the Frontiersman says he had a considerable amount of money about his person, and valuable papers.  He was only twenty-four years of age.  The matter ought to be investigated.

Georgetown Williamson County Sun, June 6, 1878.
Mr. Casper, of Kerr county, sheared fifteen hundred sheep this season and received therefore nine thousand pounds of wool.  An average of six pounds per head.

KGS note:  "Mr. Casper" is probably Casper Real.