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Assorted News Items About Kerr County 1856-1869

Galveston Weekly News, May 13, 1856
The new counties of Kerr and Parker have been organized.  Officers of Kerr county: Chief Justice, Jonathan Scott; County Clerk, D. A. Rees; District Clerk, J. E. Rees; Sheriff, W. D. C. Burney; County Commissioners, Geo. M. Ridley, _____Hendrix, T. Jones, E. A. McFadden; Treasurer, James S. Brown; Surveyor Rufus K. Brown, Justice of the Peace, G. P. Phillips; Constable, Edward W. Brown.
Civilian and Gazette (Galveston), April 14, 1857
From Kerr county, in the mountains....their corn and cotton, never more promising, have been killed by frost.
No recent Indian troubles in the mountains, says our Kerr county correspondent.
Civilian and Gazette (Galveston), September 22, 1857

The crops in Kerr county...prove almost a total failure this year; but the rains of August had brought forward a splendid crop of grass, upon which stock of all kinds were doing well.  For the reason breadstuffs would necessarily be high and scarce.

Flake's Daily Galveston Bulletin April 18, 1867
Kerr County.--Judge Wm. E. Jones has just returned from his ranch in Kerr county. He reports the people in that section very despondent.  The Indians have been through, and after killing large numbers of horses and calves, drove out what horses they could gather.  There were upwards of fifty carcasses of calves where they had been killed, cut to pieces, the sinew all taken and here and there a choice piece of meat cut out. It is the opinion of the Judge that the Indians are in large number on the frontier, and being unable to get sinews of deer sufficient, they have made this last raid in order to supply themselves with the necessary material of war.  It is feared the present full moon will be attended with great depredations from the savages.
San Antonio Ex. April 12.
Galveston Flake's Daily Bulletin, February 23, 1869
Headquarters 5th Military District, Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 1869
The following appointments to civil office are hereby made:
Kerr County.--James Farr to be County Clerk, to fill an original vacancy.
Bernhard Sublett to be Sheriff, to fill an original vacancy.
Christian Dietert to be Justice of the Peace for Precint [sic] No. 1, to fill an original vacancy.
Wm. C. Boerner to be Justice of the Peace for Precint [sic] No. 3, to fill an original vacancy.
James Eiler to be Justice of the Peace for Precint [sic] No. 4, to fill an original vacancy.

Galveston Flake's Daily Bulletin, April 13, 1869
Political disabilities imposed by the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States, by reason of participation in the late rebellions, be, and are hereby removed, from the following persons, namely:
Kerr county: Casper Real and Fritz Tegener.

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