Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Santa Claus

It's Christmastime, when Santa Claus is much on the minds of young children.  We decided to look for Santa in genealogical records--and found him!  And not just one, but several!

In the 1940 Federal Census for Saline Co., Missouri lists Santa Claus at 796 Jackson Street, Marshall.
He was 52 years old, born in Missouri, and was a sewer worker. His wife was named Minnie Mabel Claus, age 46.  In 1940 they had 7 children living with them.

In 1930 the same family was living at 2 South Redman Avenue, Marshall, and Santa's job was in "river construction".
The US Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940, found at records a one-year-old boy given the "English name" Santa Claus who was a member of the Ashiwi (Zuni) tribe.
The Nevada Marriage Index at records two men named Santa Claus.
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Death File lists two men named Santa Claus in their files, one born 1930, the other in 1951.
It seems Santa had a criminal record too, being charged with liquor violations in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1881.

There are several other records involving Santa Clauses as well. So if anyone ever asks if Santa Claus is real, point to these records!

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