Friday, October 9, 2015

News from August 10, 1876

The following item appeared in the San Antonio Express, August 12, 1876.

Kerrville, August 10th 1876.
Editors Express:

On Tuesday last, Sheriff Hamer, of this county, and the Sheriff of Kendall county, arrested a man near this place for killing a man with a hoe the day before.  The name of the man was Frorman, and he was killed at a shingle makers' camp, about right miles north of Boerne.  We have, as yet, no definite particulars, but learn that the prisoner claims that the act was done in self-defense, and that the trouble arose about carrying some water.

Yesterday afternoon, Jerry Holmes, one of the proprietors of a grocery at this place, and Bill Wharton, exchanged a few shots at one another, across the former's counter.  No damage was done to either party, but lively panic was created instanter, among the bystanders.  Both are gentlemen of good standing in the community, and we hope their difficulty will be amicably settled.

We understand that there are vigilance committees forming in different parts of the county for the purpose of protecting themselves against cattle hunters.  If this is so, look out for some lively items.

A little rain fell last night, but not enough to do much good.

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