Friday, October 30, 2015

A Halloween Party, 1909

A report of a Halloween party from the Kerrville Mountain Sun, October 30, 1909, transcribed below.

The Philathea class of the Baptist church entertained the Baptist Baraca class at a Hallowe'en party, Thursday night, at The Oaks, the pleasant country home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. S. Gammon.  The two classes, and a number of other invited guests, after climbing the mountain pass in the moonlight, which cast wierd [sic] shadows on cliff and mountain crest, were met at the gates of the hospitable home by a couple of "cadavers", who silently and sepulchurally let them into the vestibule, where another "Spook" took charge and conducted them beneath a bad luck ladder, where it was necessary carry a rabbit foot, and also to whistle all the time.  Once past this dread ordeal a third "wraith" took charge and led the guests into the realm of witches, where fortunes were told.

Continuing the unearthly march, the guests were required to descend the steps backward unto a region presided over by his Satanic Majesty.  As they went down the steps each carried a looking glass and candle and looked searchingly for a reflection of the future Mr. or Mrs.

After going through the whole gamut of Hallowe'en performances, the guests were escorted to the dining room where delicious refreshments were served.

The whole affair, from the time the party reached the spook-infested bower until the last good night was said, was fully enjoyed by every one present and the jolly party were sincere in their expressions of pleasure.

KGS note: In 1920 the Gammons lived on Turtle Creek Road.

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