Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pictures from Minnie Masters Ratliff #1--6 adults

This is first of another set of unidentified photos.  The note with them reads “Pictures of Minnie Masters Ratliff. By way of her daughter-in-law Elma Kothmann Ratliff (Harry [Powell]’s cousin on Eckert side)”

This is a west Kerr family.  If you can identify anyone here, please comment below, or email us at

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Halloween Party, 1909

A report of a Halloween party from the Kerrville Mountain Sun, October 30, 1909, transcribed below.

The Philathea class of the Baptist church entertained the Baptist Baraca class at a Hallowe'en party, Thursday night, at The Oaks, the pleasant country home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. S. Gammon.  The two classes, and a number of other invited guests, after climbing the mountain pass in the moonlight, which cast wierd [sic] shadows on cliff and mountain crest, were met at the gates of the hospitable home by a couple of "cadavers", who silently and sepulchurally let them into the vestibule, where another "Spook" took charge and conducted them beneath a bad luck ladder, where it was necessary carry a rabbit foot, and also to whistle all the time.  Once past this dread ordeal a third "wraith" took charge and led the guests into the realm of witches, where fortunes were told.

Continuing the unearthly march, the guests were required to descend the steps backward unto a region presided over by his Satanic Majesty.  As they went down the steps each carried a looking glass and candle and looked searchingly for a reflection of the future Mr. or Mrs.

After going through the whole gamut of Hallowe'en performances, the guests were escorted to the dining room where delicious refreshments were served.

The whole affair, from the time the party reached the spook-infested bower until the last good night was said, was fully enjoyed by every one present and the jolly party were sincere in their expressions of pleasure.

KGS note: In 1920 the Gammons lived on Turtle Creek Road.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October meeting announcement

Meeting Announcement

The Kerrville Genealogical Society will meet at 2 p.m. October 21, 2015, at the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.  The speaker is Brooks Boye talking about "A Genealogical Gift to Family".

In 2013 Brooks Boye made a family history booklet for his kids and grandkids for Christmas.  Other people noticed and thought it was a great idea.  As October is Family History Month, we think this is the perfect time for Mr. Boye to share with you his project, ideas and ways to promote interest among your family and relatives about your family and researching your ancestors.  He has several ways to interest the children of the family no matter how small they are.

Brooks Boye is a member of the Genealogical Society of Kendall County.  He and his wife served a church mission as volunteers at the Salt Lake Family History Library for 18 months.  He is now involved in digitizing records for  Mr. Boye’s wife is director of the Family History Center in Fredericksburg and he is her able assistant.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Early Cockfight in Kerrville

"Pancho Villa", Champ Rooster, Meets Sudden Death; Sportive Senors Sad

This story appeared in the Kerrville Mountain Sun, January 2, 1930

Thursday, October 15, 2015

News from September 28, 1873

The following appeared in the Galveston Daily News September 28, 1873.

The State Gazette deprecates the action of the officials at San Antonio for sending Federal troops to Kerr county, claiming that it is unconstitutional, and that the law provides adequate state remedies to suppress those disturbances.  Without entering the details of the question, we trust that, between the two parties, state and federal, the good people of Kerr county will receive protection for life and property.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

News from May 12, 1873

From the Galveston Tri Weekly Civilian, May 12, 1873, page 4

Texas Items.

On the morning of the 2d inst. a party of Kickapoos from the west bank of the Rio Grande, made their appearance in the near vicinity of Nott's ranche [sic], some 12 miles east of north from Kerrville, and gave chase to Mr. Sam Macdonald, who was out hunting his horse, and saw him to the very threshold of Mrs. Mary Fannin's house, about one mile and a half north.  Macdonald escaped unhurt, and with Messrs. Nott, Nebson and Fannin, armed and went in pursuit, but was too long delayed in preparing to overhaul the Government's wards.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

News from December 1, 1871

From the Galveston Flakes Daily Bulletin, December 1, 1871, p. 4

Texas Items.
It has been rumored in our city for three or four days that one Doboy Taylor, son of Creed Taylor, and one of the "Taylor gang," so much talked of in Western Texas, had been killed in Kerr county by a young German named Gholson.  We have received no reliable information on the subject yet, and only published the rumor for what it is worth.

KGS note:  "Doboy" Taylor was shot and killed by Sim Holstein as a result of a quarrel. He is believed to be buried in Wilson County. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

News from November 17, 1870

From the Galveston Daily News, November 17, 1870

"The mail rider from Austin to Sisterdale says a party of Indians chased him on the 9th.  The same day the Indians took capture a negro boy, 13 years old, from the town of Comfort, Kerr County."

KGS note: This boy was Jack Hardy, who eventually escaped and returned to his family.  His descendants still live in Kerr County.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

News from April 18, 1867

From Galveston Flakes Daily Bulletin, April 18, 1867.

Kerr County.  Judge Wm. E. Jones has just returned from his ranch in Kerr county.  He reports that people in that section very despondent.  The Indians have been through, and after killing large numbers of horses and calves, drove out what horses they could gather.  There were upwards of fifty carcasses of calves found where they had been killed, cut to pieces, the sinews all taken and here and there a choice piece of meat cut out.  It is the opinion of the Judge that the Indians are in large numbers on the frontier,and being unable to get sinews of deer sufficient, they have made this last raid in order to supply themselves with the necessary material of war.  It is feared the present full moon will be attended with great depredations from the savages.  San Antonio Ex. April 12.

Friday, October 9, 2015

News from August 10, 1876

The following item appeared in the San Antonio Express, August 12, 1876.

Kerrville, August 10th 1876.
Editors Express:

On Tuesday last, Sheriff Hamer, of this county, and the Sheriff of Kendall county, arrested a man near this place for killing a man with a hoe the day before.  The name of the man was Frorman, and he was killed at a shingle makers' camp, about right miles north of Boerne.  We have, as yet, no definite particulars, but learn that the prisoner claims that the act was done in self-defense, and that the trouble arose about carrying some water.

Yesterday afternoon, Jerry Holmes, one of the proprietors of a grocery at this place, and Bill Wharton, exchanged a few shots at one another, across the former's counter.  No damage was done to either party, but lively panic was created instanter, among the bystanders.  Both are gentlemen of good standing in the community, and we hope their difficulty will be amicably settled.

We understand that there are vigilance committees forming in different parts of the county for the purpose of protecting themselves against cattle hunters.  If this is so, look out for some lively items.

A little rain fell last night, but not enough to do much good.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County, August 1902

Kerrville Mountain Sun, August 2

Capt. L. Hagen, of Fredericksburg was a guest at the St. Charles Tuesday.  Capt. Hagen left Wednesday for Torrecon, Mex., where he goes to visit his son.

Dr. A. W. Irving and A. J. Sowell, of Center Point, were guests at the Gerdes last Sunday.

Arthur Real, of Turtle Creek, was a guest at the Gerdes Hotel Wednesday.

Jos. and Frank Martin, of Jack county, were guests at the Gerdes Hotel Tuesday.  These gentlemen were prospecting with a view to locating a ranch in this section.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, August 9

A. Holmgreen, of the Alamo Iron Works, was at the Gerdes Hotel Wednesday.

Jno. Wharton, of Center Point, was among the guests at the Gerdes Tuesday.

Albert Buda, of San Antonio, was among the guests at the Gerdes Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes were in the city the first of the week from their ranch near Leakey, and stopped at the Gerdes.

Guy Tarleton, of Kimble county, was a guest at the St. Charles.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Blatherwick and Miss Lytle, of Center Point, were guests at the St. Charles Wednesday.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, August 16

A. J. Hamer, a prominent merchant of Junction City, was registered at the St. Charles Tuesday.

Alfred Holmgreen, of San Antonio, spent several days at Gerdes Hotel this week.  Mr. Holmgreen was here doing some work on the ice factory.

Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and Miss Terrall, arrived in this city Wednesday from San Antonio and registered at the Gerdes.  The party left Thursday for their home at Junction City.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, August 23

E. M. Ford, of San Antonio, was among the guests at the St. Charles hotel, this city, Thursday.

Miss Amy Herff, of San Antonio, was registered at the St. Charles hotel, this city, Thursday.

Miss Lizzie Cravey, of San Antonio, was registered the Gerdes Hotel.

Mrs. F. C. Hunnam, of Comfort, Miss Maverick and Miss Emily Maverick, of San Angelo, were among the guests at the St. Charles Thursday.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, August 30

W. K. Haralton, an old time drummer, was at the St. Charles Thursday.

J. E. Pritchett of Huntsville, was a guest at the St. Charles hotel Monday.

Herman Nuenzenberger, of San Antonio, was at the Gerdes Tuesday.

Chas. Mann, the irrigation promoter of Junction, was among the guests at the Gerdes Tuesday.

H. C. Fisher, of Rock Springs, was registered at the Gerdes Tuesday.

Ellen Smith, a well-known ranchman, was among the guests at the Gerdes Tuesday.

J. E. Thomas and Max Pressnall, two San Antonio stockmen were among the guests at the St. Charles Thursday.

Mrs. J. Wesley Jones and children, who have been at the St. Charles hotel for some time, left yesterday for their home at Texarkana.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Page and Ward Families of West Kerr County #57--family on porch in snow

Found in an envelope labeled "unknown pictures of Velma Ward Page's pictures". Do you recognize the family or the house?  If so, please comment below or email us at

This is the last in this series of photos.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Page and Ward Families of West Kerr County #56--house in snow

Found in an envelope labeled "unknown pictures of Velma Ward Page's pictures". Do you recognize this house?  If so, please reply to or comment below.