Friday, August 7, 2015

Radio program tomorrow, August 8

Kerrville Genealogical Society Secretary, Deborah Gaudier, will be on radio station 1230 KERV, this Saturday between  noon and 12:30 PM.  You can listen live on the radio or at
If you miss the program, you can listen later by clicking on "Local Programs", then "Becka Grey Show", then"on demand" and choose 12 p.m. hour.

Deborah will talk about ways to tell your family story.  You don’t have to have a three volume tome tracing your family back to Charlemagne, and you don’t have to be an expert genealogist.  You can tell the story of one person, or one generation, or one place that was important to the family. 
It doesn’t have to be long either. What’s important is getting it down.

She will share some examples.  If you miss the program, you can listen later.

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