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Looking for family to return memorabilia to

A member of the Kerrville Genealogical Society has some Kerrville-related materials he would like to return to family members. These items date between 1900 and 1944.
Since Dr. Thompson ran Thompson Sanitorium--a tuberculosis sanitorium, it is probably these were either TB patients, or people responsible for the debts for patients.

If you are related to any of the below-named people please contact the Kerrville Genealogical Society at

Following are his comments:

In the letters and statements are Dr S. E. Thompson, Miss Bess Booth, John Jackson, Monroe H Rosenfield, Helen Comstock, E Mairs, B H Clark, Major Clayton A. Rust, Mary Clark Chambers and many lists of names I think from Dr Thompsons office of the people who have paid their bill. One list is on a Schreiner Bank statement from the 20’s.

There a 2 Letters to Bessie Maier that I would love to have from my relatives.

A receipt from Sunshine Laundry 1930 and Mcfarland written on it.

Envelope with Miss Mairs from 794 Third ave.
KGS note:  There is no 794 Third Ave. in Kerrville.

I have a Western Union telegram to Bess from Doctor (I assume Thompson) he was in what looks like Berlin and was going to Edinburg Scotland.  1928

I have the bank statements for Dr Thompson Chas. Schreiner Bank.

If you know the relatives of any of these people I would like to make sure they get them.

KGS notes regarding the above named people:
Dr. Samuel E. Thompson was the owner of Thompson Sanatorium, a tuberculosis sanitorium that operated in Kerrville from 1917 to 1936. Today it is the Kerrville State Hospital.
A little history can be found at
They had no children.

Bess Booth was his assistant, keeping the books and managing the business. She later owned a private sanatorium on Moore St., Kerrville. Dr. Thompson was the consulting physician for the facility. She died in Dallas April, 1981.  She never married but was survived by sisters, 2 nephews, and 7 nieces. 

John Jackson came to Kerrville from east Texas, suffering from tuberculosis, and became the handyman for Dr. Thompson. He died April 1950 at age 55. 

The Sunshine Laundry advertised in newspapers from 1920 to1944.

The others may have been patients, but they may also simply have been responsible for the bills, or had provided services to Thompson Sanatorium.

Monroe H. Rosenfeld was a songwriter in the early 20th century. He coined the term Tin Pan Alley. He was quite famous a century ago.

Miss Mairs at 794 Third Avenue.  There is no such address in Kerrville. Third St. does not have a 700 block. She was from Utica, New York and married Charles E. Merritt.

Major Clayton A. Rust.  A man of this name was in the Army Corps of Engineers and was a Lt. Col. in 1945.

If you are related to any of the above-named people please contact the Kerrville Genealogical Society at

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