Saturday, May 23, 2015

Transferring the Books

Last month, on April 27, we learned that the City of Kerrville would relinquish all remaining books in the Kerr Regional History Center to the Kerrville Genealogical Society.  On May 21 that transfer occurred. 
The first pictures are at the Kerr Regional History Center during the move out. We had lots of help!

Courtesy, Irene Van Winkle
Courtesy, Irene Van Winkle

Courtesy, Irene Van Winkle

And here we are at the other end, opening boxes and shelving books.
Come visit us!  We are south of the river at 125 Lehmann Drive, Kerrville, in the UGRA building.
Open hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 10-4.
Courtesy, Irene Van Winkle

Courtesy, Irene Van Winkle

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meeting Announcement, May 20

The Kerrville Genealogical Society meeting will be on Wednesday, May 20th, in the Butt-Holdsworth Library Meeting Room at 2 p.m. Please join us. This is our last meeting until September.
The program will be:

                                                 Confederate Exiles to South America
                                                          Our speaker is Paul Burrier

Paul will discuss why the Confederates left North America and where they went in South America.  He will describe problems and dangers of the trip, support of the host governments, acquiring land on foreign soil and their successes and failures. 

Paul Burrier is a 5th generation Texan born in Fredericksburg whose German ancestors came to America in 1739.  He has a degree from Texas A & M and a graduate degree from East Tennessee State University in political science.  He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1964 and spent 24 years in Army Special Operations.  Since retirement he has devoted his time to researching and writing local Texas history.  His current projects are two manuscripts on "The Nueces Battle and Massacre" and "The Bushwhacker War."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County, May 1902

Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 3, 1902

Dr. J. F. Beasley, of Smiley, Texas, is registered at the Gerdes.

O. B. Fleming, of Junction, was among the guests at the Gerdes this week.

Louis Postert, of Bandera county, was a guest of the St. Charles Thursday.

C.O. Nesting, a Bandera county ranchman, was among the guests at the St. Charles Hotel this week.

E. K. Goodrich, county attorney of Cameron county, and his bride, are registered at the St. Charles Hotel.

Mr. Wm. Eager, of San Antonio, is a guest at the St. Charles Hotel.

A. E. Jaques, of Camp Verde, was registered at the Gerdes yesterday.

Wm. Glisson and family, of Gonzales, were registered at the Gerdes Thursday.  They left in the afternoon for Cecil Robinson's Edwards county ranch.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 10, 1902

C. J. Solens and wife of San Antonio are registered at the Hutchinson House.

Hugh Morrison and his Columbian Comedy Company are guests at the Gerdes Hotel.

I. D. Porter and wife of Porterville, Miss., arrived in Kerrville this week and are guests of the Hutchinson House.  They are here seeking health and recreation.

Sheriff Buck Taylor, of Goliad county, was a guest at the Gerdes the first of the week.

R. T. Young and daughter, of Tampa, Florida, are guests at the St. Charles.

Miss Alice S. Fannin , of Leon, this state, is a guest at the St. Charles.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Dedmond and  son of Memphis, Tenn., are among the guests at Hutchison House.

W. E. Blackburn, a Gainesville lawyer, was registered at the Gerdes Hotel, this city, Monday.  Mr. Blackburn was on his way to Junction, on legal business.

Mr. Ben Peppers, a well-known Kimble county ranchman, was at the Gerdes Monday.  Mr. Peppers was returning from Los Angeles, Cal., where he had been for a visit.

J. Wesley Jones and wife, of Texarkana are among the guests at the St. Charles.

A. C. Emery, a Boston wool buyer, was a guest at the St. Charles Monday.

J. H. Cahthern, a wool buyer from Lampassas [sic], was among the guest at the St. Charles Tuesday.

A. J. Barnes, proprietor of the Bexar Hotel, San Antonio, accompanied by his wife and child, are stopping at the St. Charles.

Mr. J. T. Grinstead, chief clerk of the Houston police department, is in this city, a guest at the St. Charles.  Mr. Grinstead is sojourning amond us for health and recreation, and will be in Kerrville a month.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 17, 1902

An advertisement for the The Travis Hotel, Ingram appeared.
The Travis Hotel. W. E. Evans, Prop.  Ingram, Tex.
"Ingram is 8 miles above Kerrville, on the Guadalupe.  It is the picturesque Alps of Southwest Texas.  The fishing is excellent.  The water is pure as any on earth.  This is the ideal resort for persons who are out for health or recreation.  The Travis is a new and commodius [sic] building, neatly furnished.  Reasonable rates. For further information write W. H. Evans, Ingram, Tex."

Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 24, 1902

Henry Wahrmund, of Fredericksburg, visited in this city, last Saturday, returning home Monday, accompanied by his wife, who spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Lee Mason at the St. Charles Hotel.

J. C. Dabney, of San Antonio, was a guest at the Gerdes the first of the week.

R. M. Moore and wife, of San Antonio, were registered at the Gerdes Hotel Tuesday.

Thos. F. Hart, of San Antonio, was registered at the Gerdes Tuesday.

E. E. Sawyer, of Fort Terrett [n.b. should read "Fort Terrell"], was registered at the St. Charles Wednesday.  Mr. Sawyer made a big shipment of muttons from this place.

Mrs. M. D. Arnold and Mr. J. S. Myres, of California, were among the guests at teh Gerdes Thursday.

Geo. W. Coldwell and Mrs. L. E. Coldwell were among the guests at the Gerdes Tuesday.

Miss Mattie Holland, who had been attending the San Antonio Female College arrived in this city Wednesday and registered at the Gerdes.  Miss Holland left in the afternoon for her home at Sonora.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, May 31, 1902

Gus Real was among the guests at the Gerdes Thursday.

W. H. Leake of Cuero, was a guest at the St. Charles Wednesday.

J. L. Beasley and little son, of Kimble county, were guests at the Gerdes Wednesday.

Chas.Schrimpf, the San Antonio mutton buyer, is at the Gerdes.

Jas. Paterson and Stanton Bunday, of the Roosevelt community, were among the guests at the St. Charles Wednesday.

Rip Robinson, of Gonzales, is a guest at the Gerdes. Mr. Robinson will probably locate a ranch in this county.

Alex J. Hamer, a leading merchant of Junction, was registered at the Gerdes the first of the week.

Hotels which ran advertisements were the Harvey House, Harper; the Travis Hotel, Ingram;   Hutchison House, Kerrville; The New Southern Hotel, Kerrville; Gerdes Hotel, Kerrville, and the Mahncke Hotel, San Antonio.

Friday, May 8, 2015

E. E. Morriss Obituary--1929

We came across this item in The Kerrville Times  [note: not Daily Times.  It wasn't a daily then.] for December 19, 1929. We were going to add it to the notes on for him, but he is not listed in the cemetery.

Ed Morriss Dies in San Antonio Monday

E. E. Morriss, 61, for long years a resident of Kerr County and during recent years a ranchman of Edwards County, died of heart attack Monday night in San Antonio.

He had recently disposed of his ranch interests in Edwards County to his brother, A. G. Morriss and was preparing to move to the Big Bend country on the Rio Grande where he and his sons had purchased ranch lands.

He was on a visit to San Antonio in company with his wife and son, E. E. Jr., at the time of his death.  He was stricken in the Lanier Hotel lobby, San Antonio, but rallied and was taken to the home of his brother, Will A. Morriss, where a second attack carried him away almost instantly at 9:30 p.m.

His wife and son, E. E. Jr., and two brothers, Will A. and A. G. Morriss, were at the bedside at the time of his death.  He leaves a wife and eight children, four sons, Ernest, Karl, Hal and Abner Sproul, and four daughters, Annie Mae, Lorene now Mrs. Carpinter of Junction, Margaret Marle and Elizabeth.

Ed. E. Morriss was the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Morriss for many years residents of Kerr County.  A. M. Morris, the father, died a few years ago, but the aged mother is still living.  Two brothers, A. G. and Will A. are living; one brother Adam having passed away.  The only sister, Mrs. Owen Anderson, resides in Olney, Texas.

The funeral was held at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends.

His body was laid to rest in the Sunset Cemetery on Johnson Creek, located in the community in which Ed grew up and was married.  The Sunset Cemetery is the place of burial of his father, Uncle Ab Morriss and his deceased brother, Adam.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Following a name change

Genealogical research skills can help people in a variety of ways.  If you have ever watched the television programs Who Do You Think You Are? or Genealogy Roadshow you have seen people reconnected with lost family.  This past week we helped a man do the same thing.

We had an inquiry from a man in Michigan looking for information about a possible relative who died in Kerr County.  He was looking for a great-uncle named Dewey Stow who disappeared in the 1920s.
Here was the email from him:
Yesterday I came across a relatively new Family tree and a death certificate that seems to identify my uncle who “disappeared” in the 1920’s. My mother, Sarah Henrietta Stowe b. 1914, d. 2010, spent years trying to find him. She last saw him when she was a teenager.

The death certificate states that Louis R Stow died in 1961 at the Robert B Green Hospital in San Antonie. The date of birth, May 27 1897 is a match except that my records indicate the year as 1898. His father, my grandfather, is Arthur F Stow. Dewey (or Louis) was born in Dallas Township, Clinton County Michigan. This is too much of a coincidence to ignore. [KGS comment: In other words, men named Dewey and Louis both were born on the same day in the same small town to the same father. They were not twins, so we were looking at the possibility of a name change.] The latest information from a 1930 census places him in Lansing Michigan and widowed.

The Felica Evans Family tree includes his marriage to Lillian Lucille Hardin, 1915 - 1981. She died in Ingram, Kerr, Texas. There were two children from the marriage including James Roy Stow, deceased.

I’m am hoping that possibly the Kerrville Genealogy Society may have additional information in locating / confirming what I have found and information on his family or migration from Michigan to Texas.

Thank you, Gary G.
We looked in old newspapers to find obituaries or any other news items for people surnamed Stow in the Kerrville and San Antonio newspapers. The obituaries gave critical information about marriages and the associated name changes. Now that we had a last name for Louis Stow's daughter, we were able to locate an address and telephone number for her.  She still lives in Ingram.
Yesterday Gary sent us this:
I want to let you know that I had a great conversation with ... the daughter of Dewey / Louis. She confirmed that he had changed his name and that he had spent years trying to locate his siblings in Michigan. She has a copy of his birth certificate among other things.
It feels good to be able to help people reunite with lost family.