Friday, February 13, 2015

Hotels in Kerrville, 1890-91 and 1898

Hotels and rates in Kerrville 1890-91 (from Texas State Gazetteer)
Gregory House ($1) Kerrville [the Gregory House is known today as Pampell's] 
Guadalupe Hotel ($1.50) " 
Hutchison House ($1.50) " 
Kerrville House ($2) " 
St. Charles Hotel ($2) " 
Universal House ($1) " [probably the same as Pruitt Hotel.  Universal House was run by James Pruitt.]
Hotels in Kerrville 1898 (as shown on Sanborn maps)
Gregory Hotel (Pampell's)
Hutchison House (on Tchoupitoulas [now Sidney Baker] opposite Courthouse) 
St. Charles Hotel (where City Hall is today)
Cravey House (corner of Washington and Water, facing Water)
Pruitt Hotel (on Mountain Street opposite Schreiner Mansion)
Steagall House (on Main at Clay where a bank is today, and where City Hall once was)  
Tivy Hotel (on Main at Tivy Street, but shows on map as corner of Water and Tivy)

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