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Hotels and Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County, February 1902

Hotels and Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County--February 1902
This is a list of hotel visitors in Kerrville as reported in the Kerrville Mountain Sun. This is not a complete list, only those reported in the newspaper. There are no reports from Center Point, but it also had a hotel.
The St. Charles was located at the corner of Water Street where City Hall is today.  The Gerdes Hotel was on the corner of Washington and Water, facing Water Street, where there is a small parking lot for the Catholic church today.  Hutchison House was across from the Courthouse on what is now Sidney Baker Street where the car dealer is today.

Kerrville Mountain Sun 15 Feb 1902
Felix Watson, of Junction City, was among the guests at the St. Charles Hotel Tuesday.

Gerdes Hotel, Successor to Cravey House, Ed. B. Gerdes, Prop. The BEST $1.00 a day hotel in West Texas. [Water Street]

Hutchison House, W. E. Williams, Prop.  Has recently been thoroughly renovated and refurnished throughout. ... Special rate to regular boarders.

Miss Taber, of Bowling Green, Ohio, is at the St. Charles Hotel.

Kerrville Mountain Sun 22 Feb 1902
St. Charles Hotel, Lee Mason, Proprietor.  "Only First Class Hotel in City."

Fred Shaw of Sedalia, Mo., was registered at the St. Charles Hotel Thursday.

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