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Businesses in Kerrville 1890-91

Businesses in Kerrville 1890-1891 
As reported in Texas State Gazette Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1890-91.
"Kerrville, is situated on the S. A. & A. P. R. R. and on the Guadalupe river, 149 miles southwest of Austin and 65 northwest of San Antonio.  It contains a private bank, 4 churches, a roller flour mill, a wind mill factory and 2 weekly papers, the Kerrville Paper and the Kerrville News, both democratic.  Ships lumber and cotton.  Stages to Junction City and Bandera.  Population, 1,000. Exp., Pacific. Tel., Erie.  Albert Enderle, postmaster."

Bagby & Page (Isaac C Bagby, Wm Page), grocers.
Barlemann & Schmidt (Charles Barlemann, Henry Schmidt), saloon.
Beitel, Frank J  lumber.
Boerner & Rau (Otto Boerner, Charles H Rau), wagonmakers.
Braeutigain August, wagonmaker.
Burney & Burnett (Robert H. Burney, Will W. Burnett), Lawyers, Land and Real Estate Agents.
Carr Arthur, blacksmith.
Chaney & Wineland (Houston W. Chaney, John W. Wineland), general store.
Craft Wiley, propr Guadalupe hotel
Davey & Schott (Benjamin A. Davey, Wm. B. Schott) contractors
Davis  John H., county surveyor
Denman, Franklin and Garrett (Leroy G. Denman, Thomas H. Franklin, Wm G Garrett), lawyers.
Enderle, Albert, Postmaster.
Everett John D, physician
Garrett Wm G, county and probate judge.
Goss Rev. John (Methodist).
Greer J, dentist
Gregory House, Mrs. M. A. Pharr
Gregory Wm. V., grocer.
Guadalupe Hotel, Wiley Craft propr.
Herzog Nathan, general store.
Horne James H., carpenter
Hutchison John D., propr Hutchison house.
James Wm. F., contractor.
Junction City Stage Line, W W Peavy propr.
Karger A. F. & Bros. (August F, Fred A and Ernest), meats.
Kellam & Hamilton (Miss Cappin Kellam, Miss Ida Hamilton), milliners.
Kerrville House, Edward Smallwood propr.
Kerrville News, S. W. Smith editor.
Kerrville Paper, Edward Smallwood editor and propr.
Kirby Thomas, saloon.
Lee Morgan C., grocer.
Leigh  George L, county assessor.
Lorant David M, confectioner.
Lowrance Shell, constable.
McFarland Archibald, county clerk.
Marshall H H, shoemaker
Martinitti G F, jeweler
Mason Lee, livery
Mickle & Moore (John W. Mickle, Joseph W. Moore), confectioners.
Moore Frank, sheriff.
Moore Joseph W, barber.
Moore Mrs J C, music teacher.
Mueller Frank H, stoves.
Newton Wm E, barber.
Noll Henry, general store.
Obar George T, livery.
Palmer Ernst E, physician.
Parsons Dr George R, propr Parsons hall.
Parsons Hall, Dr G R Parsons propr.
Parsons & Richards (George R Parsons, Benjamin C Richards), quarrymen and lumber.
Peavy Wm W, livery
Pharr Mrs. Meelie A, propr Gregory house.
Polling Wm A, agt S A & A P R R and Pacific express.
Pruitt James F, prop Universal house.
Remschel Henry, Lumber, Sash Doors and Blinds, Pickets, Shingles, etc at S A & A P  Depot.
Robinson, Rev DeWitt C, grocer
Russell, Mrs Mahala J, dressmaker.
St Charles Hotel, Mrs A Scheim propr.
Schreiner, Charles, General Store, Banker, Agent San Antonio Brewing Association, Flour Mill and Cotton Gin and County Treasurer.
Schreiner & Diedert (Charles Schreiner, Gustav Diedert) [sic.  s.b. Dietert] mnfrs windmills.
Schweim Mrs Augusta, propr St Charles hotel.
Smallwood Edward, propr Kerrville house and the Kerrville Paper.
Smith Bros (Wm E and Newton B), furniture. [and undertaker]
Smith Samuel W, ed and propr Kerrville News.
Snyder George, live stock.
Steele Elisha A, inspector of hides.
Stewart Wm E, Druggist.
Universal House, J. F. Pruitt propr.
Watson B J & Co (Beverly J. Watson, Charles Schreiner), harness.
Wells Edgar G, saloon.

Also, not listed in the Kerrville business list, but does appear under "Physicians" in the state-wide listing:
Rees, H C (R), physician

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