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Kerrville in the news--Texas newspapers, January and February 1915

One hundred years ago in Kerrville.

We do not have copies of the Kerrville Mountain Sun for this time period.  Instead, here are some mentions of Kerrville in the news around Texas.

Galveston Daily News, 10 January 1915
[news from] Fredericksburg.  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Enderle and little daughter spent several days in Kerrville.

San Antonio Light,  14 January 1915
The next Y. M. C. A. summer camp will be held at Kerrville. The committee soon will complete arrangements for the camp.

Weimar Mercury, 15 January 1915
Miss Isabelle Herzik has returned from a pleasant visit to relatives and friends at Kerrville and San Antonio.

Waco Morning News, 16 January 1915
Judge and Mrs. Henry C. Geddie Due Home
Kerrville, Tex., Jan. 15--Judge and Mrs. Henry Clay Geddie are due at home following a week's bridal trip, which they took from San Antonio, where they were married last Sunday.  The ceremony occurred at the residence of the bride's sister, Rev. S. C. Dunn, pastor of the Kerrville Methodist church, officiating.
The bride, nee Miss Maude Hart, is a young woman of splendid accomplishments and was instructor in language arts and history in the Kerrville high school for two years.  Judge Geddie is well known in many sections of the state as a strong lawyer and progressive democrat. ...

San Antonio Light, 1 February 1915
Roche.--Mrs. Fred Roche, 25 years old, a native of Gillespie county, Texas, died at 1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at a local sanitarium.  Mrs. Roche had resided in San Antonio for the last seven years.  She is survived by her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Roder, and several brothers and sisters living near Kerrville, Tex.  The body was sent to Kerrville for interment Monday morning by the Waters' Undertaking Company.
KGS note:  Her first name was Sophia. Her maiden name is spelled Roeder. We do not know her burial site, but her parents are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Fredericksburg.

San Antonio Light, 5 February 1915
Given Long Sentence
Jack Satterwhite Found Guilty of Killing J. H. Dodson.
Kerrville, Feb. 5.--Jack Satterwhite, indicted for the killing of Walter Dodson, was found guilty this morning by a jury in District Judge R. H. Burney's court and given 25 years in the penitentiary.  The jury was out from 11 a.m. Tuesday until 11 o'clock this morning.
Dodson, a health-seeker and believed to be wealthy, was found dead here last July.  The inquest established he had been beaten in the head with what appeared to be a hammer or heavy instrument.  Satterwhite was arrested and later indicted.  The trial developed only circumstantial evidence against him.  It was not announced whether or not an appeal will be taken.
KGS note: He was originally found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison.  The case was reversed and remanded by the appellate court.  At the second trial he was again found guilty and sentenced to 45 years in prison. In 1929 an executive pardon was being sought because the evidence was mostly circumstantial. On 24 October 1933 Governor Miriam A. Ferguson granted a conditional pardon.

Shiner Gazette, 18 February 1915
Mr. Ollie Mittanck of Kerrville is visiting relatives this week.

Waco Morning News, 28 February 1915
[news from] Mart.
Miss Clara Riddle of Kerrville is visiting Miss Maude Hendrix.

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Businesses in Center Point and Ganahl, 1890-91

Businesses in Center Point, 1890-1891 
As reported in Texas State Gazette Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1890-91.
"Centre Point.  In Kerr county, 1 mile from Ganahlon [sic], on the S. A. & A. P. Ry, and 10 southeast of Kerrville, the judicial seat.  Contains Baptist, Christian and Methodist churches, a good school anda cotton gin, flouring and saw mill.  Tel., W. U.  Exp., Pacific.  Population, 700.  J. L. McElroy, postmaster."

Crockett E B, saddler.
Crockett Mrs L S, milliner.
Drown W D, carpenter.
Josey H, saw and grist mill.
Lawrence M A, blacksmith.
Manney W A, grocer.
Moore G K, hotel and livery.
Parsons J W, hotel.
Vaughan G C & Co, General Store.

Businesses in Ganahl, 1890-91.
"A postoffice on the S. A. & A. P. Ry, in Kerr county, 11 miles southeast of Kerrville, the judicial seat.  Exp., Pacific.  Mail, daily.  Jennie W. DeGanahl, postmaster."
DeGanahl Jennie W, general store.
Marks J F, railroad, exp and tel agt.

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KGS February Meeting Announcement

Kerrville Genealogical Society Program
Tuesday, February 18, 2015
2 p.m.

FamilySearch:  What You Might Be Missing.  

Martha Boye will speak on “FamilySearch, What You Might Be Missing,” at 2:00 pm on February 18 at the Kerrville Genealogical Society meeting in the downstairs meeting room at the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.   Some of her topics include: "Where to locate helpful resources on", "What is new on the website", and "Fun Things on the Family Tree." If you have thought about getting started on your genealogical search or would like to know what the latest updates are, this is your opportunity. Martha has been a hobby genealogist for over 30 years. After retiring from public education, she and her husband, Brooks, served an 18 month mission in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and she is currently the Family History Center Director in Fredericksburg, TX.

The program is free and open to the public.  Come join us!

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Businesses in Ingram, 1890-91

Businesses in Ingram 1890-1891 
As reported in Texas State Gazette Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1890-91.
"Ingram.  A postoffice [sic] on the Guadalupe river, in Kerr county, 156 miles southwest of Austin, and 7 west of Kerrville the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point.  Has 3 churches, a school and a steam grist mill and gin.  Population, 150.  Mail, daily.  Wm T Lee, postmaster."

Anderson T W, justice of peace.
Dowdy  T A general store.
Hancock J W general store.
Lee Wm T, Stationery.
Sherman John, miller.
Terrell J M, carpenter.
Wyatt F M, blacksmith.

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Hotels in Kerrville, 1890-91 and 1898

Hotels and rates in Kerrville 1890-91 (from Texas State Gazetteer)
Gregory House ($1) Kerrville [the Gregory House is known today as Pampell's] 
Guadalupe Hotel ($1.50) " 
Hutchison House ($1.50) " 
Kerrville House ($2) " 
St. Charles Hotel ($2) " 
Universal House ($1) " [probably the same as Pruitt Hotel.  Universal House was run by James Pruitt.]
Hotels in Kerrville 1898 (as shown on Sanborn maps)
Gregory Hotel (Pampell's)
Hutchison House (on Tchoupitoulas [now Sidney Baker] opposite Courthouse) 
St. Charles Hotel (where City Hall is today)
Cravey House (corner of Washington and Water, facing Water)
Pruitt Hotel (on Mountain Street opposite Schreiner Mansion)
Steagall House (on Main at Clay where a bank is today, and where City Hall once was)  
Tivy Hotel (on Main at Tivy Street, but shows on map as corner of Water and Tivy)

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Businesses in Kerrville 1890-91

Businesses in Kerrville 1890-1891 
As reported in Texas State Gazette Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1890-91.
"Kerrville, is situated on the S. A. & A. P. R. R. and on the Guadalupe river, 149 miles southwest of Austin and 65 northwest of San Antonio.  It contains a private bank, 4 churches, a roller flour mill, a wind mill factory and 2 weekly papers, the Kerrville Paper and the Kerrville News, both democratic.  Ships lumber and cotton.  Stages to Junction City and Bandera.  Population, 1,000. Exp., Pacific. Tel., Erie.  Albert Enderle, postmaster."

Bagby & Page (Isaac C Bagby, Wm Page), grocers.
Barlemann & Schmidt (Charles Barlemann, Henry Schmidt), saloon.
Beitel, Frank J  lumber.
Boerner & Rau (Otto Boerner, Charles H Rau), wagonmakers.
Braeutigain August, wagonmaker.
Burney & Burnett (Robert H. Burney, Will W. Burnett), Lawyers, Land and Real Estate Agents.
Carr Arthur, blacksmith.
Chaney & Wineland (Houston W. Chaney, John W. Wineland), general store.
Craft Wiley, propr Guadalupe hotel
Davey & Schott (Benjamin A. Davey, Wm. B. Schott) contractors
Davis  John H., county surveyor
Denman, Franklin and Garrett (Leroy G. Denman, Thomas H. Franklin, Wm G Garrett), lawyers.
Enderle, Albert, Postmaster.
Everett John D, physician
Garrett Wm G, county and probate judge.
Goss Rev. John (Methodist).
Greer J, dentist
Gregory House, Mrs. M. A. Pharr
Gregory Wm. V., grocer.
Guadalupe Hotel, Wiley Craft propr.
Herzog Nathan, general store.
Horne James H., carpenter
Hutchison John D., propr Hutchison house.
James Wm. F., contractor.
Junction City Stage Line, W W Peavy propr.
Karger A. F. & Bros. (August F, Fred A and Ernest), meats.
Kellam & Hamilton (Miss Cappin Kellam, Miss Ida Hamilton), milliners.
Kerrville House, Edward Smallwood propr.
Kerrville News, S. W. Smith editor.
Kerrville Paper, Edward Smallwood editor and propr.
Kirby Thomas, saloon.
Lee Morgan C., grocer.
Leigh  George L, county assessor.
Lorant David M, confectioner.
Lowrance Shell, constable.
McFarland Archibald, county clerk.
Marshall H H, shoemaker
Martinitti G F, jeweler
Mason Lee, livery
Mickle & Moore (John W. Mickle, Joseph W. Moore), confectioners.
Moore Frank, sheriff.
Moore Joseph W, barber.
Moore Mrs J C, music teacher.
Mueller Frank H, stoves.
Newton Wm E, barber.
Noll Henry, general store.
Obar George T, livery.
Palmer Ernst E, physician.
Parsons Dr George R, propr Parsons hall.
Parsons Hall, Dr G R Parsons propr.
Parsons & Richards (George R Parsons, Benjamin C Richards), quarrymen and lumber.
Peavy Wm W, livery
Pharr Mrs. Meelie A, propr Gregory house.
Polling Wm A, agt S A & A P R R and Pacific express.
Pruitt James F, prop Universal house.
Remschel Henry, Lumber, Sash Doors and Blinds, Pickets, Shingles, etc at S A & A P  Depot.
Robinson, Rev DeWitt C, grocer
Russell, Mrs Mahala J, dressmaker.
St Charles Hotel, Mrs A Scheim propr.
Schreiner, Charles, General Store, Banker, Agent San Antonio Brewing Association, Flour Mill and Cotton Gin and County Treasurer.
Schreiner & Diedert (Charles Schreiner, Gustav Diedert) [sic.  s.b. Dietert] mnfrs windmills.
Schweim Mrs Augusta, propr St Charles hotel.
Smallwood Edward, propr Kerrville house and the Kerrville Paper.
Smith Bros (Wm E and Newton B), furniture. [and undertaker]
Smith Samuel W, ed and propr Kerrville News.
Snyder George, live stock.
Steele Elisha A, inspector of hides.
Stewart Wm E, Druggist.
Universal House, J. F. Pruitt propr.
Watson B J & Co (Beverly J. Watson, Charles Schreiner), harness.
Wells Edgar G, saloon.

Also, not listed in the Kerrville business list, but does appear under "Physicians" in the state-wide listing:
Rees, H C (R), physician

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Hotels and Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County, February 1902

Hotels and Hotel Visitors in Early Kerr County--February 1902
This is a list of hotel visitors in Kerrville as reported in the Kerrville Mountain Sun. This is not a complete list, only those reported in the newspaper. There are no reports from Center Point, but it also had a hotel.
The St. Charles was located at the corner of Water Street where City Hall is today.  The Gerdes Hotel was on the corner of Washington and Water, facing Water Street, where there is a small parking lot for the Catholic church today.  Hutchison House was across from the Courthouse on what is now Sidney Baker Street where the car dealer is today.

Kerrville Mountain Sun 15 Feb 1902
Felix Watson, of Junction City, was among the guests at the St. Charles Hotel Tuesday.

Gerdes Hotel, Successor to Cravey House, Ed. B. Gerdes, Prop. The BEST $1.00 a day hotel in West Texas. [Water Street]

Hutchison House, W. E. Williams, Prop.  Has recently been thoroughly renovated and refurnished throughout. ... Special rate to regular boarders.

Miss Taber, of Bowling Green, Ohio, is at the St. Charles Hotel.

Kerrville Mountain Sun 22 Feb 1902
St. Charles Hotel, Lee Mason, Proprietor.  "Only First Class Hotel in City."

Fred Shaw of Sedalia, Mo., was registered at the St. Charles Hotel Thursday.

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Sheriffs of Kerr County

This is a typed list located in our archives.  It is reproduced exactly here.  There are some overlapping dates which we cannot explain.

1)  W. D. (Dewitt) Burney   Mar 22, 1856 to August 2, 1858
2)  Joseph Shults  August 2, 1858 to February __ 185?
3)  John P. Stroope  1859??
4)  Donelson Walker  February 12, 1859 to July ___ 1859
5)  A. L. Williamson  July 2, 1859 to August 6, 1860
6)  Charles Tellgmann  August 6, 1869 to March ___ ,1862
7)  S. B. Rees   March 29, 1862 to August 4, 1862
8)  Henry (Buck) Hamilton  August 4, 1862 to August 1864
9)  Frank H. Coleman August 22, 1864 to August 1, 1864
10)  Alonzo Rees  January 25, 1867 to November 1, 1867 to November__1867
11)  Thomas Ingenhuett  November 18, 1867 to February __ 1869
12)  Bernard Sublett  February 18, 1869  was not qualified
13)  William Byfield  July 24, 1869 to May 9, 1870
14)  Joseph Holloman  ____ 1869 to _____ 1870
15)  John M. Tedford  December 3, 1869 to February 15, 1876
16)  F. J. Hamer   February 15, 1876 to November 7, 1882
17)  Frank M. Moore  November 7, 1882 to November 8, 1892
18)  John W. Vann  November 8, 1892 to November 6, 1900
19)  J. R. (Jack) Moore   June 18, 1902 to January 1, 1931
20)  Andrew Frank Moore  November 4, 1930 to January 1, 1949
21)  Earl Garrett  November 2, 1948 to January 1, 1953
22)  Oliver Moore  November 4, 1952 to January 1, 1965
23)  Leon Maples  November 3, 1964 to January 1, 1973
24)  E. A. (Doc) Schreiber  November 7, 1972 to January 1977
25)  Paul Fields  November 2, 1976 to March 1, 1983
26)  Cliff Greeson  March 1, 1983 to January 1, 1989
27)  Frances Kaiser  January 1, 1989 to September 30, 1999
28)  Charles (Charlie) Hicks  October 1, 1999 to March 21, 2000
29)  W. R. (Rusty) Hierholzer  April 1, 2000 to _____

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Genealogy Course Registration Deadline

Tomorrow, February 6, 2015, is the last day to register for this course. To enroll you must have either taken the introductory course offered this past week, or have genealogy research experience.

We hope to see you there!

The Kerrville Genealogical Society will be conducting a 7 session course (once a week for seven weeks);

“Researching Your Ancestors in Today’s World”. The instructors are

Mary Alice & Harry Dell.

Class will be on Tuesdays, 2-4 pm; February 17-March 31st.

KGS Member $55, Non-Member $70

To download a registration form, go to our web site:

Samuel Harrison of Kerr, Lavaca, and Runnels Counties

We recently received a request from a researcher inquiring about a Samuel Harrison who appears in the Kerr County tax records from 1884-1888.  As is turns out this is not the family he is looking for, but this information might help someone else.

On  we found the death certificate for one Mary Emma Scarborough.  Her father was Samuel Harrison, mother Lucy Yancey.
Mary Emma Harrison was born 24 June 1885  in Ingram, Kerr County, and died at Padre Island State Park in Nueces County 10 January 1972.  Her usual residence was in Ballinger, Runnels County where she is buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

If it weren’t for that death certificate you might miss that they were in Kerr Co. for a while.  From  we find that B. Samuel Harrison was b. 10 May 1818 in Bedford County, Tennessee, and died 3 Oct 1908, in Ballinger.  Lucy Yancey was born 28 May 1848 in Tennessee, died 25 Oct 1932 in Ballinger.
In 1880 and 1900 they were in Lavaca Co. In between they spent some time in Kerr County, owning land along the South Fork of the Guadalupe.

From the land records it shows they owned land in Kerr County at least until October 1897. They were in Lavaca County by then and maybe earlier.

Here’s what we found on the Kerr County land records (notes, not full transcriptions.):

  • Harrison, Saml. to Louis Nelson.  Note Vol. A1, p. 222.  date of instrument Dec 9, 1884.  date of filing Jan 1, 1885.  160 acres,  Survey 671 to F. Huebner.  [Vol. A1 is the surveyor field notes, however p. 222 does not have this property on it.]  We never did find the record of this transfer.
  • Samuel Harrison and wife, of the county of Lavaca, in amount of $400 pd. by J. K. Baldwin of Kerr Co.,Surv. 671 on the South Fork of the Guadalupe about 13 miles S 84 deg W. from Kerrville and fully described in the letter patent No. 182, Vol. 1 issued at Austin, Texas, May 27, 1873, to Fritz Huebner and containing 160 A. of land.  Vol. T, p. 184.  date of instrument Oct 20, 1897, files Feb 11, 1899.  [the notary who certified was in Colorado Co.]
  • Fritz Huebner of Bastrop Co. to Sam’l Harrison. $500.  T.B.  Vol. K, p. 181.  October 20, 1884.  1/2 of 160 A.  Surv. 671.
  • Fritz Huebner to Sam’l Harrison.  160 A. on Guadalupe about 13 m. S 84 W of Kerrville.  W.D. (Warranty deed).  Vol. K, p. 183.  Oct 20, 1884  1/2 of 160 A.  Surv. 671.