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Early Physicians of Kerr County, 1856-1907

Early Physicians of Kerr County, 1856-1907

In a scrapbook compiled by the Medical Auxiliary for Kerr and Bandera County appears the following list of early physicians of Kerr County, with dates they began practice here.  The scrapbook is in the possession of the Kerr Regional History Center.

Dr. J. Clark Ridley  1856
Dr. James Crispin Nowlin 1856
Dr. Charles Ganahl  1857
Dr. G. W. Harwell 1869
Dr. Jesse Eddens 1875
Dr. G. R. Parsons 1876
Dr. W. C. White 1877
Dr. J. D. Everett 1881
Dr. Ernest E. Palmer 1882
Dr. I, H, Brewton 1885
Dr. J. W. Wright 1886
Dr. H. C. Rees  1889
Dr. A. A. Roberts  1892
Dr. P. J. Domingues 1898
Dr. S. S. Robinson 1899
Dr. Francis L. Fordtran 1902
Dr. C. C. Jones, Sr.  1902
Dr. A. J. Beall  1904
Dr. ___ Collins 1904
Dr. W. R. King  1907

In addition are the following names taken from Clara Watkins' "Kerr County Texas, 1856-1976".

Dr. Jesse Eddens 1875 (Ingram's first physician)
Dr. G. W. Harwell by 1878 (Center Point)

Dr. J. D. Everett before 1887
J. E. McDonald  (is this James Eli McDonald at Hunt? 1866-1930)
John Wesley Merritt (pioneer physician in Harper and Center Point)
A.M. Ridley

And there is the following from the San Antonio Evening Light 3/27/1882. We are assuming he is a medical doctor.
Dr. F. C. Lawrence, of Kerrville, died recently from an overdose of morphine.  He took forty drams in the space of one hour.

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  1. Interesting
    My husband's mother Louise Harwell, nee Blount, never mentioned she had "kinfolks" here in Kerr County. I saw 2 headstones for Harwell years ago in the Center Point Cemetery and wondered if there was a connection. Carol Harwell, I wasn't able to use the other choices to publish my comment.