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Deaths in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1902

Deaths in Early Kerr County newspapers.  Many of the early Kerr County papers have been scanned in and are available on-line at several sites.  The earliest date we can locate is 1902.
In a few instances these graves are unmarked or the stones are illegible making these reports especially important.

KMS means Kerrville Mountain Sun.  The dates are in month/day/year order.

KMS 2/22/1902
Mr. Hilary Hamilton died at his home in Bandera, on Saturday night, February 15.  Son of the late Henry Hamilton who was sheriff of Bandera county for many years, and a brother of J. M. Hamilton, county and district clerk of Kerr county.  Survived by wife and four children.  Interment at Bandera cemetery.
KGS note: Hilary Hamilton is buried at Bandera Cemetery, Bandera County.

KMS 3/1/1902
Died.  The 10-month-old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Boatwright died at their home in Harper in the 24th inst.

KMS 3/8/1902
Miss Lavenia M. Crockett died at her home in this city, Wednesday, March 5, 1902. Interment at Mountain View cemetery.  Miss Crockett had lived in Kerrville for the past five years.... She leaves an aged father and mother, both of whom are quite ill at this time.
KGS note: Lavinia M. Crockett is buried at Mountain View Cemetery. Her father Eli B. Crockett died 12 days later.

KMS 3/15/1902
Mesdames Rosa Smith and Rebekah Swigert, of Metcalf, Ill., arrived in Kerrville Wednesday, to attend the bedside of their sister Mrs. Vicy Hill.  They arrived too late to see their sister alive, she having died a few minutes before they arrived.  They left Thursday for their home.

Mrs. Vicy Hill.  On Wednesday, March 12, Mrs. Vicy Hill passed from life at her home in this city.  Miss Vicy Smith was born in Illinois, October 20, 1875.  She was married to U. G. Hill, September 20, 1894.  Mrs. Hill had lived in Kerrville since March, 1897 and had many friends here who knew and loved her well. The body was shipped Thursday to her old home near Metcalf, Ill., for interment.

KMS 3/22/1902
Mr. E. B. Crockett died at his home, in this city, Monday, of general breaking down from old age, being in his 89th year.  ... His former home was at Center Point, but he had been living in Kerrville for a number of years. ...  Interred at Mountain View cemetery.
Leaves an aged wife and two daughters, Mrs. O. White and Mrs. W. L. Robinson, of this city.
KGS note: His name is Eli B.

Mrs. Noah J. Benson, died at her home, in this city, at 7 o'clock last Thursday evening, after an illness of several months.  The funeral occurred at Mountain View cemetery at 4 o'clock yesterday eening [sic].  Mrs. Benson leaves a husbnad [sic] and seven children to mourn her death.
KGS note:  Her first name is Lillian.

KMS  4/26/1902
Mr. Paul Below, a pioneer citizen of the Comfort community died at his home ... on the 20th inst.  Born in Leipsic, Saxony, Germany, and came to this country when quite young.
KGS note: Paul Below is buried at Comfort Cemetery, Kendall County.

KMS 5/3/1902
Eugenio Lopez, died in this city, Saturday, April 26, and was buried at Mountain View cemetery the following day.  He was born in Old Mexico in 1801, making him 101 years at the time of his death.  He has been in Kerrville for the past ten years, and made a living by selling "Tamales."

KMS 6/21/1902
Mrs. Volmer, of Little Rock, Ark., died suddenly yesterday morning at the St. Charles Hotel.
KGS note: Rachel Vogel Volmer is buried at Oakland Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas.

KMS 7/12/1902
W.P. Foster, of Waco, died at the home of F. H. Mueller, four miles from Kerrville, on the 8th inst.  The funeral took place on Wednesday, at 11 a.m., and was conducted by the Kerrville Lodge Knights of Pythias, of which order the deceased was a member. Interment at Glen Rest cemetery.

KMS 8/2/1902
Mrs. Maggie L. McCorkle, wife of G. P. McCorkle, died at her home at Center Point, Tex., on Sunday, July 27.  Mrs. McCorkle came to Center Point about a year and a half ago in search of health, from Henderson, Tenn.  ... The funeral took place from the family home at 10:00 am., Tuesday, July 29. Services were conduced by Rev. Elliott.
KGS note: Maggie Lorraine Meeks McCorkle is buried at Center Point Cemetery.

"An old German, by the name of Seifert, who had lived on Cypress Creek for many years, was found dead in his hut in the Mrs. Fritz Dietert pasture on Saturday of last week.  Seifert was a kind of recluse and lived by himself, little to do with anyone."  When found, he had been dead for several weeks.  "Seifert had long had his own grave ready, right by the side of his little kennel, and after the inquest the body was buried in the grave dug with his own hands."

KMS 8/23/1902
Mrs. C. T. Breeding died at her home in this city on the 20th inst, at the ripe age of 84 years.  ... as a result of old age and general breaking down.
The funeral took place from the Baptist church  at 4:00 p.m., Thursday, Rev. Fred S. Payne conducting the service.  Interment at Glen Rest cemetery.
KGS note:  Her full name is Charlotte Temple 'Lottie' O'Bar Breeding.

KMS 8/30/1902
Walter A. Phillips, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Phillips, aged nine months and thirteen days, died last Friday night of cholera infantum.  Rev. E. T. Campbell, pastor of the Methodist Church, conducted the funeral service at the cemetery.  Interment at Nichols cemetery "up the river".

KMS 9/6/1902
Mrs. Vide Pfeufer, an old and respected citizen of Kerrville, died suddenly at his home on Jefferson Street, about 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, the 2nd inst. ... nearly 74 years old and ... in feeble health.
Born in Neudoft, Germany in November 1828.  He came to America, and to Texas, in 1851.  Resided in Kerrville for 12 years.  Funeral at family home at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.  Interment at Glen Rest cemetery.
KGS note: This is a man.  His name was Veit Pfeufer.

KMS 9/27/1902
Mr. Charles Bundick died at his home near Kerrville on Monday September 22, and buried at Ingram on the following day.   Mr. Bundick had lived in Kerr county for many years and was in his 86th year.  He leaves a large family of relatives to mourn his death.

J. Frank Mullen, of Chicago, died in this city Thursday, of lung trouble. Mr. Mullen had only been in this city a few days, having come here from San Antonio.  A telegram has been sent to his brother to know what shall be done with the remains.

Mrs. Mary Alice Watson was born, Oct. 23, 1866, died Aug. 29, 1902.  She was married to D. R. A. Watson, Dec. 21, 1882.  Was an affectionate wife.  She professed a hope in Christ, and joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Upper Guadalupe, September, 1888, and was baptized by Rev. J. R. Hale.  ... surviving husband and five children, father mother, brothers, sisters, and friends.
KGS note: She is buried at Nichols Cemetery, Ingram.

Notice: Letters of administration on the estate of Thomas Ingenhuett, deceased. Otto Ingenhuett, executor.

KMS 10/18/1902
"The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Strohacker, of the Cypress Creek community, died at their home on Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 2 o'clock p.m.  The body was interred at Comfort the following day at 4 p.m."
KGS note: Oscar Strohacker is buried at Comfort Cemetery, Kendall County.

KMS 11/8/1902
Little Milton Graven, the infant son [of] Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Graven, died at their home four miles west of Kerrville Friday, Oct. 31.  Interment at Glen Rest cemetery the following day.

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