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Crime and Punishment in Early Kerr County as Reported in the Newspapers, 1891-1900

Crime and Punishment in Early Kerr County as Reported in the Newspapers.
These are reports of crime and punishment in Kerrville as reported in other newspapers in Texas between 1891 and 1900. During this period Kerrville had a newspaper, but we do not have copies of it.

San Antonio Daily Light 2/13/1893
Saturday Deputy Sheriff George Belgel arrested Manuel Herrera who escaped from the Kerrville jail.

Galveston Daily News 7/22/1893
Kerrville, Tex., July 21.--On last evening at the Japonica school house, fourteen miles above Kerrville, Alva Jolly became involved in a quarrel with his brother-in-law, by the name of Selby Joy.  Joy had called Jolly to one side, saying he wanted to settle that mater with him, referring to something he had heard that Jolly had said about the Joy family.  Jolly denied having said anything to give offense, when a younger brother of Jolly's came up and he and Selby Joy at once went to blows, and finally Joy knocked younger Jolly down.  Then Alva Jolly took the matter up and made but one lick at Joy, when he cut one of the main arteries of the neck, from which Joy died in a few moments.
Early this morning Sheriff Van repaired to the scene of trouble and found that Jolly was hiding out near there , and apparently afraid of not being protected if he gave himself up.  Sheriff Van, however, succeeded to getting him to surrender to him peacefully at a given point about 2 p.m. today and he was immediately brought to Kerrville and placed in jail.  These men were both hard working, industrious young men, about 22 years of age, and both had been married two or three years.
KGS note: Shelby Bassie Joy is buried in the Hunt Cemetery. According to the place of death comment at, he died in Roger Mills Co., Oklahoma, but this news story indicates otherwise.

Laredo Times 7/28/1893
Kerrville, Tex., July 26--Evidence is now that the Mexican murdered on Allerkramp's [sic. Should be Allerkamp] ranch was killed by his mistress, who has fled.

San Antonio Daily Light 8/8/1894
Mr. Ben Weston, who was brought here from Kerrville on a charge of kidnapping, was honorably discharged by Judge King, there being no evidence at all to warrant the charge.  The Weston Bros. are well and favorably known in this country, and their many friends will be glad to learn the above.

San Antonio Daily Light 7/2/1895
John Taylor, the accused murderer, was taken to Kerrville over the Aransas Pass yesterday afternoon by Constable McCloskey, Deputy Sheriff Van Riper, Sheriff Vann and Sheriff Allee.  Constable McCloskey returned this morning.

Galveston Daily News 7/3/1895
Taylor in Jail.
Kerrville, Kerr Co., Tex., July 2.--John Taylor, who is accused of the murder of J. C. Langholz, and who was landed in Kerrville jail last night, waived examination in Justice Hutchinson's court and was committed without bail.

San Antonio Daily Light 7/8/1895
Taylor Returns.
The Kerrville Jail Regarded as Insecure for the Prisoner.
Sheriff Vann, of Kerrville, yesterday afternoon brought John Taylor, the accused murdered of the late Chas. J. Langholz, from the Kerr county in to the Bexar county jail, via the Aransas Pass railway, for safe keeping, while he, Sheriff Vann, attended the annual meeting of sheriffs.
... From Kerrville parties, the reason of Taylor's removal to San Antonio becomes apparent. They state that during the past week he has been in jail there, this stronghold was regularly besieged with a mob every night, demanding his release in order to lynch him.  This is vouched for by more than one.
Mr. Leo Tartotan of our city, has been retained to defend Taylor, it is said.  He was in the train from Kerrville yesterday.
KGS note: Charles Langholz is buried at City Cemetery #1, San Antonio. 

San Antonio Daily Light 8/27/1895
Carmichael's Boys.
State Convict Contractor Carmichael left for Huntsville this afternoon.... Mr. Carmichael also had a prisoner from Kerrville, who was given two years for stealing a six-bit hog.  Besides the two years yet to serve, he has been in jail at Kerrville a year.

San Antonio Daily Light 9/21/1895
Charged With Arson.
T. F. Brady Taken to Kerrville on That Charge.
He Was Arrested Thursday Morning at the Request of Sheriff J. W. Vann--The Affair Kept Secret.
T. F. Brady, formerly one of the best known insurance agents in this city and a wealthy property holder, was arrested in this city Thursday morning for arson, alleged to have been committed near Kerrville several weeks ago.  The arrest was made by Sheriff John P Campbell, but for certain reasons has been kept secret by the offices.
The arrest was made at the request of Sheriff John W. Vann, of Kerr county, who came down Thursday morning armed with a warrant from the justice court of Kerrville.  Mr. Brady was found by Sheriff Campbell in his office in the Brady block on East Houston street, and was turned over to Sheriff Vann, who took him to Kerrville on the same afternoon.
When arrested Mr. Brady simply asked the sheriff of Kerr county who made the affidavit.  He was told, and then declared himself ready to go to Kerrville at once, without offering to give bail.  A deputy sheriff was detailed to guard Mr. Brady until train time, at at 3:45 p.m., he was turned over to Sheriff Vann at the depot.
Mr. Brady owned a large dwelling on his ranch in Kerr county, which recently burned to the ground.  It is believed that the arrest was in connection with the burning of the building at this time. The news will be a surprise to Mr. Brady's friends, of whom he has many in local business circles.

Galveston Daily News 7/8/1896
Charged with murder.
Bryan, Brazos Co., Tex., July 7.--Sheriff F. M. Black and Deputy Sam Casey of Madison county passed through here to-day en route to Madisonville with Tom Ross, a young white man 25 years old, chreged with the murder of William Tropp near Willow Hole June 7. Tropp was the unknown man found in the woods and reported at that time.  The officers have been trailing Ross ever since the crime was committed, and he came in and surrendered to Sheriff Black at Kerrville.  When seen by The News reporter Ross had no statement to make about the killing:  "I want to say something about my character though," he added.  "I never was guilty of robbing a man in my life.  I was reared near Willow Hole, belong to a good family of people an was well thought of.  Mr. Black has treated me as fine as a prisoner could be treated, and I haven't tried to get away and won't try."

San Antonio Light 5/1/1898
W. W. Taylor brought in Joe Mackey yesterday and placed him in the county jail on a charge of theft.  He was taken to Kerrville.  Mackey has served a term of ten years in the penitentiary.

Bryan Morning Eagle 10/15/1898
Charged With Robbing Mails.
Kerrville, Tex., Oct 15.--B. L. Temple, for the past nine years railroad mail clerk between this place and San Antonio, was arrested and taken to San Antonio up a charge of robbing the United States mail confided in his care.

Galveston Daily News 2/23/1899
Work of an Incendiary.
Kerrville, Tex., Feb. 22.--The barn of Warren Barton living on Turtle creek eight miles from here, ... was totally destroyed.  Mr. Barton had been to town, and upon returning home discovered smoke issuing from his barn and a man escaping to the brush.  The suspected person was arrested and jailed here this morning.

Bryan Morning Eagle 11/3/1899
Hungarian Arrested.
New York, Sept. 14.--A Hungarian named Max Sohor [Schor?], was arrested here at the request of the police of Kerrville, Tex.  He is accused of obtaining $2500 from Charles Schlermer [sic, probably Schreiner] of Kerrville by fraudulent means.

Bryan Morning Eagle 3/10/1900
Kerrville, Tex., March 9.--James Miller was shot 18 miles above here.  Miller was shot twice through the body and is not expected to live.

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    San Antonio Daily Light 8/27/1895
    Carmichael's Boys.
    State Convict Contractor Carmichael left for Huntsville this afternoon.... Mr. Carmichael also had a prisoner from Kerrville, who was given two years for stealing a six-bit hog. Besides the two years yet to serve, he has been in jail at Kerrville a year.