Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reports of Marriages in Early Kerr County from non-Kerr County papers, 1890-1898

This is a selection of Kerr County marriages reported in non-Kerr County newspapers.  This is not necessarily a complete list of marriages announcements in the papers.  Kerr County has never experienced a loss of courthouse records from fire or flood.  The original records for all these marriages can be seen at the Kerr County courthouse.  Genealogy is more than birth and death dates; it is also finding the stories of our ancestors. These news accounts enhance these stories.

San Antonio Daily Light 2/7/1890
A. Contret and bride, recently wedded in Kerrville, are in the city [San Antonio] on their wedding trip and are at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Daily Light 4/19/1890
Charley Muench and bride have returned, and are in the city, on their way to Kerrville, where they will in future reside.

San Antonio Daily Light 6/6/1890
J. B. Chandler and wife, a bridal couple from Kerrville, are guests at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Light 9/25/1890
J. W. Strawn, Pacific Express messenger, and Miss Ada Maud Hough will be married in Kerrville tonight.  Both parties are from San Antonio.

San Antonio Daily Light 3/25/1892
Road-Master Thomas, of the San Antonio division of the International, married at Kerrville to Miss Lula Miller, of Cotulla.

Bryan Daily Eagle 11/4/1897
Following the death of Mrs. Udich near Madisonville last week her husband, Mr. J. Udich, was arrested and tried on murder.  The case resulted in a mistrial. ....Mr. [Edward] Beere was formerly employed by the Southern Pacific at San Antonio, and says his sister came over from England, and remained for a time with him when her health became bad and she went to Kerrville where she was married to Mr. Udich about seven years ago....

Galveston Daily News 6/7/1898
Gebhardt-Rourland--Center Point, Kerr Co., Tex., June 5.--Married this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the Methodist church; by Rev. S. G. Shaw, Mr. William C. Gebhardt and Miss Lydia O. Bourland is the eldest daughter of Mr. J. M. Bourland, editor and proprietor of the Kerrville News, whose family lived here for several years, and where Miss Ora has many warm friends.

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