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Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1902

Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1902.  Here is a selection of wedding news from early Kerrville newspapers.  All of these come from the Kerrville Mountain Sun.  1902 is the earliest date available at
This does not represent all weddings in the county, only those for which we found reports in the local papers.  Some of these stories are quite lengthy, others very brief.

KMS stands for Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Date format is month/day/year.

KMS 2/15/1902
In Centre Point [sic] at the Methodist Church, Mrs. Marie Burk and Mr. J. W. Nelson were married.
The Rev. Mr. Elliot officiating.  Her son, Mr. Willie Burk, gave her away. Her maid-of-honor was Miss Pauline Gaddis of San Antonio. The groom was attended by his son Mr. Frank Nelson.
They left on a wedding trip to Mexico City.

Miss Ida Steiler [sic.  Should be Stieler] and Mr. Jas. C. Rees, at the home of Mr. Herman Steiler [sic. Should Stieler], on North Creek, in Kendall County.  The groom was attended by his brother Mr. Sidney A. Rees. The maid of honor was not named.  After the wedding the bride and groom were "at home at Pleasant Suburb."

KMS 3/1/1902
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Watson returned Tuesday from Monterey, Mex., where they had been on a bridal tour. They left Wednesday for their home in Kimble county.

KMS 7/21/1902
Roby Hadden, formerly of Kerrville, was married on July 4 to Miss Tyla Wagenfuer of Columbus. They settled in San Antonio.

KMS 7/26/1902
"Wednesday night at the close of weekly prayer meeting service at the Turtle Creek schoolhouse, a wedding, a complete surprise to the community occurred." J. M. Wahrman and Miss Leona Kelly, both of Gonzales.  Rev. F. S. Payne officiated.  "The happy couple immediately entered an awating carriage and came to Kerrville leaving this place for Gonzales on Thursday's train."

KMS 9/27/1902
"Rev. Karl Ermisch returned last week from a six month's visit to his old home in north Germany, accompanied by his bride, having married which there. Mr. Ermisch is pastor of the German Lutheran Church in this city and will make his home here."

KMS 11/8/1902
Mr. O. M. Dennis and Miss Nina Ada Baldrige at the home of the bride's parents in this city at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, Nov 4.  Rev. Fred S. Payne officiating.  Left on the 4:00 train the same day for their future home at Dewyville.

KMS 11/15/1902
Miss Flora Charlotte Dietert to Mr. Henry Weiss, on Nov. 12, at 1:30 p.m. at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Rosalie Dietert, Rev. Dr. Richard Galbraith officiating.  Miss Rosalie Enderle, was maid of honor.  The other maid was Miss Stella Dietert.  An extended trip through Mexico was planned.

KMS 11/22/1902
Peter Rotge and Miss Lillie M. Surber, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garland Hubble, near this city, on Saturday, Nov 15.  Judge E. H. Turner, officiating.

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