Thursday, December 25, 2014

First World War II Vets to Apply for American Legion Membership, Legion

On the back of this photo is typed "first World War II veterans to apply for American Legion membership pictured with officials of Louis Halphen Post at Legion, Texas."

Everyone is identified!

Top Row--Geo. Sullivan-1st Vice Com. A. W. Laxton, El Reno, Ok., Barnie R. Bane, Rusk Texas, D. P. Roberts, Houston, Texas, C. E. Evans, Austin, Texas, Geo. Holler, Breckenridge, Texas, C. W. Hardin, Weatherford, Texas, R. E. Cooper, Post Adjutant.

Second Row--Chas. Polla, Membership Chmn., G. S. Simpson, Waco Texas, L. M. Holder, Dallas, Texas, Edwin Galm, Historian of San Antonio, Texas.

And additional handwritten note: Please Return:  V.A. Hospital  Legion, Texas.  Property of Miss Edna Henke.

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