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Eugene M. Wait Collection, "Family Ties" research section four. San Angelo Area People 1974.

This is part four of the index to Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for "Family Ties".  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you are interested in, please email us at    There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

The following families do not appear to have a Kerr County connection. The primary source for all the information is the San Angelo newspaper from 1974.

Family Ties 005-001-045 to 116, chapter titles: Flood-Glenn; Conner-Pope; McIntyre-Shellenberger-Courtney; Pierson; Pope; Howson-Walthall; Duckett-Sheen; Dennis-Good; Hanson-Boren; Parker; Fay; Noelke-Smith; Aucutt-Richardson; Price; Bly; Davidson; Parrett; Petsch; Guzman; Hahn; Williams-Burks; Bernal; Beaver-Cranford; Martin; Taylor; Dobbins-Cope; Gainer; Lewelyn-Hufford; Skelton-Wilson; Green-Roberson; Michiels-Bacon; Cole-House; Barker; Goswick; Reagan; Wood-Cranfill; Torres-Escamia; Cockrum-Howard; Warnock-Mitchell; Patterson-Thompson; Wilson-Kelly; Bacus-Harris; Cantell; Arlitt-Wehmeyer; Williams; Zuniga; Sliger-Briggs; Lilly-Grigg; Bolden; Steelman; Patterson-Miller; Shay-Hendrick; Walters-Hartmann; Pritchard-Riley; Klein-Segner; Deaver; Mayfield-Clanton; Roberts; Thompson; Parker; Goswick-Barber; Fuller-Allcorn; Northcut-Cochran; Hinton-Davis-Byrd; Umberson; Chaney-Barrett; Studer-Jesse; Gross; Martinez-Chapa; Robinson-Hillger; Compton-Menasco; Wilson-McCown

Family Ties 005-001-001 to 190 (many numbers missing), chapter titles: Watson; Thames-Brannan; Pryor; White; Martin-Adams-Keen; Garza; Rodriguez; Swart-Roberts-Cook-Mathis; Perner-Cox; Winn-Tucker; Counts-Teague; Westerman; Hall-Luttrell-Rogers; Taylor-Conner; Burt-Bowden; Warren-Hicks; Reed; Smith; Lee-McKinley-O'Brien-Rouboud; Bean-Plummer; Howell-McBride; Bankhead-Wrinkle (Toland); Wenegar-Freeman; Parker; Phelps-Clayton-McCowen; Peterson-Lindenberg-Elliott; Warren-Wasserman; Wristen-Cannon; Carpenter; Saunders; PAlmer-Murphy-Hartman; Long-Dennard; Garza-Granados; Coats-Smith; Moreno-Navaretta; Hull-Bailey; Wallis; Young-Cope; Beal; Wilburn-Moss-Martin; Arellano; Whitley; Vasquez; Barrett-Hankins; Mullins-Bradshaw; Broadway; Mathews-Dowell; Maugham; Hendrick (N.D.); Wood; Martin-Cate; Everett-Kirby; Langford-Graves; Shamblin; McMath; Hord

Family Ties 018:  Lougee (3 pp.)

Familes Ties (not TX or KRVL), chapter titles: Bolles; Throckmorton; Winthrop; Rigby; Drake; Greenlee

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