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Eugene M. Wait Collection, "Family Ties" research section three. Kerr County People 1899-1907

This is part three of the index to Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for "Family Ties".  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you are interested in, please email us at    There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

With a couple of exceptions, most of the material from the following sections appeared in Kerrville newspapers between 1899 and 1907. 

Family Ties 004-001-001 to 074, chapter titles: Fordtran; Metcalf; Burge-Nyc; Orchard; Grider; Oatman-Andrews; Moody-Bennett; Bennett; Moose-Marcrum; Bond; Webb-Smith; Sowell; Bates; Stone-North; Hughs-Vanham; Peril-Foster; Erwin; Barfield; Lock-Newton; Alexander-Wachter; Alexander; Benton-Gilmer; Bigham; Black-Gilmer; Laurie; Reiffert-Noll; Ramsay (Scotland); Hartley-Ramsay; Allerkamp; Gass-Allerkamp; Davies-Palmer-McDonald-Robinson; Stewart; Robinson; Rawson; Nimitz; Nelson-Colvin; Edmunds-Murphy (Africa); Head; Nichols; Nichols-Dowty; B.M. Hixson; McKillip-Markloff-Wood; Crider; Crider-Moore; Welge; Hanson; R. H. Lentz; Lentz (San Marcos; Scholl; Hargreaves-Coutret; Newton; Hall-Peterson; Corkill; Corkill-Jones; Evers-Henke; Biehler; Metzger-Kammlah; Bradford; Hyde-Coleman; Coleman; Smith-Herron; Martin; Martin-Graham; Saur; Richardson; Williamson; Banta; Graves; Smith; Bundie-Wickson; Grinstead; Kenney; Glenn-Wadlez; McCoun; Lawson-Tuttle; Hammond; Enderle; Kernodie-Gregory; Hankins; Wellborn-Thomason; Wellborn; Herbst; Dobbs; Nelson; Mays-Jones-Griffin

Family Ties 004-001-075 to 132, chapter titles: Bulwer; Grona; Dubus; Chesser-Faris; Howard: Witt-Bacon; Pafford; Fitzgerald-Heinen; Heinen; Rollish-Biehler; Payne-Baldridge; Goodman; Beckman; Roggenbuck-Holekamp; Ligon-Sisk; Smith; Busby-Craven; Perner; Turner-Clark; Burris; Harliss-Fitch; Mosel-Jung; Miller; Durnett; Crotty-Kilpatric; Pattison; Stewart-King; King; Thomason; Harding; Leavell; Sawyer; Higgins; Faubion; Caddell; Duderstadt; Schwethelm; Schwethelm-Boone; Bass; Carson; Steele-Council; Spicer; Jump; Williamson; Carr; Burkett; McMillan; Teeter; Cravey; Cotton; Sheppard-Wiliams; Burnett; Boyer; Peterson; Walker; Meeks; Coldwell; Babb; Barton; Stockman

The following families are mostly from Center Point.
Family Ties 004-001-133 to 167, chapter titles: Ballard; Ray; Maddox; Page; Bivens; Paine; Holmes; Hanks; Parsons-Quick; Huntsberry; Smith; Oliver C. Newbury; Adams; Vaneridan; Walker-Callahan-Childs family; Dowdy; Bruff; Bishop; Crockett; Sellers; Adams; Hill; Quinlan; Lich; Caddell; Baldwin

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  1. Descendant of Clark's, Carmichael, and Standard's who lived in Kerville, Medina, Bandera, and Sanderson early 1800's to early 1900's I have photos, many are very old and on tin. I also have family records from the family Bible, not sure what happened to the Bible, my mom had it and after she passed we did not find the Bible, but found the records pages from the Bible intact. I also have a family tree that was created in 1896 very large 3 and a half feet by three and a half feet. It is falling apart and in several pieces. I also have documents of first hand account of events of the family written by Henry Clay Carmichael Jr. and several very old letters written on rice paper written by Henry Clay Carmichael Sr. dated 1890- or 1880 hard to read. One was written from Medina City, I guess that is what they called it back then? Others were written from San Antonio, or Elpaso.