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Eugene M. Wait Collection "Family Ties" research, section one. Introduction

The Kerrville Genealogical Society holds  Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for a book he was planning to publish entitled "Family Ties". It was intended in part as a biographical study of Kerr County families.  Eugene M. Wait, a former member of KGS, was an author of several books on historical topics. This genealogical collection is held in a number envelopes.  Some chapters are long, others a line or two. The majority of the information is transcribed from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and the Kerrville Daily Times.
Each envelope contains handwritten notes and short biographies of families and individuals.  Many, but not all, have a  Kerr County connection. These are listed in the order they are filed in the box. Chapter titles are exactly as they appear.  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

We have created an index of this material. Because it is so long, a new section will appear each day over several days. The biographical information is often brief and is mostly a combination of obituary abstracts, city directory information, and mentions in old newspapers.  All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you'd like to know more about, please email us at .  There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

This first set of envelopes is a mix of materials, including what we think is genealogical research on his own family as well as material on Kerr County families.

Unnumbered Envelope: Appears to be a master list.  Contains a spreadsheet of surnames, location of family, and a checklist indicating references where they might be found.  The resources are listed as Virkus, Hereditary Register, 1790 census Kentucky, 1800 Census Kent., Kentucky Marr., Kent. Court, Kent. other, DAB, Boddie South. Fam, Handbook of Texas, and Mayflower des.

Family Ties #1, chapter titles: Watson; Watson-Anderson-Archer; Watson-Porter; Watson; Watson-Allen; Watson-Spurr-Snow-Hopkins; Watson-Alden Descent; Turner-Alden Descent; Watson; Wait; Weston-Scott; Vann (Tenn.)-Bishop(Ill.)-Weston; Vann; Sproul-Morriss; Remschell; the Dieterts.

Family Ties #2, chapter titles: Lockett-Thompson; Hinton-Allen; Elledge-Duke; McCorkles; Cason-McCorkle; Baccus' of Mississippi; Hyatt-Holloman-Wharton; Wiliams-Shephard; Mullers; Goulding; Turk; Domingues; Breeding; Phillips; Pfeufer; Clive-Norwood; Barfield; Hodges; Barton; Lamb-Bird; DuBose; Chapman; Love-Goss-Brown; Moore-Love; Anderson (Chicago); Wright-Peterson (N.C.); Fisher-Real-Womack; Real; Wolfmueller; Burney-McCann; Cox-Burney (Alabama); Henderson; Glen or Glenn (blank page)

Family Ties, From Royalty Pelham-Winslow/Carlton, chapter titles:  Davey-Watson-Billingsley; Billingsley; Falton-Flach-Morgenstern; Billingsley-Bigelow; Watson; Pelham-Winslow

Family Ties 002-#1, chapter titles: Pelham-Winslow; Myles; Pelham; Carleton; Gurdon-Saltonstall; Tillinghast; Henry Crowne; Fiennes; Champernouns; Chetwode-Bulkeley; Davenports; Coytemore; Bruen; Southworth

Family Ties 002-#2, England & U.S. (not TX or KRVL), chapter titles: Clarke; Ludlow; Launce; Launce-Sherman; Marbury-Hutchinson; Palgrave-Edwards; Lewis-Gibson; Prescott; Culwen (Carwen); Sargent; Dudley; Whiting; Washbourne; Lynde; Bowen; Burroughs; Beaumont

Section two, which will appear tomorrow, is about Kerr County people in 1974.

Section three is mostly about Kerr County people from 1899-1907.

The final section will be mostly people from the San Angelo area in 1974.

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