Friday, November 21, 2014

Granny - Houston

This photo has "Granny - Houston" written on the back.  Printed on the front is "Aug 1948 Studer S.A. Texas".  This would probably be the photographer and date. The car is parked next to a carousel. Bill Williams is the name of the business in the background.
The 1949 Houston City Directory lists Bill Williams Barbecue at 1916 Dowling, Bill Williams Chicken House at 6515 Main, and Bill Williams Coffee Shop 806 Clay Avenue. Could it be one of these businesses?
Can you identify this woman or the location of the photo? If so, please comment below or email us at
A reader says "Believe the location is on South Main in Houston.  There was a small kiddie amusement park in that area that our family frequented and Bill Williams famous fried chicken place was definitely in that vicinity too.  Sorry I cannot identify the woman in the picture though."
Thanks Linda!

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