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Newspaper Reports of Deaths in Kerr County, 1882-1899

Mentions of Kerr County deaths in Texas newspapers.  Many of the early Kerr County papers have been scanned in and are available on-line at several sites.  The earliest date we can locate is 1902.  However, newspapers across the state of Texas, especially in San Antonio and Galveston, reported events in Kerrville. That is where all of these items come from.

In a few instances these graves are unmarked or the stones are illegible making these reports especially important.

The dates are in month/day/year order.

San Antonio Evening Light 3/27/1882
Dr. F. C. Lawrence, of Kerrville, died recently from an overdose of morphine.  He took forty drams in the space of one hour.

Galveston Daily News 8/4/1884
News from Kerr County.  Bandera Bugle: Mike Harrington, who was shot by Howard in Kerrville last week, died on Wednesday ....Two prisoners escaped from the Kerrville jail on Tuesday by making a hole through the wall.

Galveston Daily News 8/10/1884
San Antonio, August 9.--Louis Valder, a Mexican freighter, was accidentally shot night before last near Kerrville, while taking a gun from his wagon.  The wound proved fatal.  The body of the deceased was brought to this place for interment. He has a family in this city, who are well-nigh crazed by the sad incident.

San Antonio Daily Express 1/16/1887
Murdered near Kerrville.  The Dead Body Brought to San Antonio for Burial.
Justice McAllister was called upon yesterday morning to hold an inquest upon the death body of Guillermo Juarez, a resident of San Antonio, on Pecan Street.  After learning that the man was shot and killed near Kerrville, in Kerr county, on Thursday evening last, the justice refused to hold an inquest stating it was unnecessary.  The body was buried by friends and relatives yesterday afternoon.
All that can be learned of the shooting at the present is that Juarez went to Kerrville several days ago to look after some important ranch matters. He was sitting at supper table in camp on Thursday when a shot was fired into the party from the dark by an unknown assassin.  The ball, a large-sized one, struck Juarez in the breast, killing him also instantly.  The supposition here is that an inquest was held at Kerrville on Friday, though no positive information to that effect could be ascertained.  The murdered man has many friends in San Antonio, who will use all legal and lawful means to discover the perpetrator of the crime.

San Antonio Daily Light 6/23/1888.
Child of G. W. Vaughn, Kerrville, run over and killed by the train.

San Antonio Daily Light 10/17/1889
Governor Gone Home.  Governor E. A. Perry, of Florida, aged 56 years, who died at Kerrville of cerebral apoplexy, was taken east yesterday afternoon for interment at his home in Pensacola, Florida.  Deceased was a native of Massachusetts.
KGS note: Edward A. Perry is buried at Saint John's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida.

Galveston Daily News 1/19/1890
Bettie Jane, the little 6-year-old of J. E. Lively, who lives seven miles above Kerrville, was burned to death last evening by her clothes catching fire from a brush pile that was being burned near the house.

San Antonio Daily Light 4/28/1892
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Koenigsberg, Jean, died this morning at Kerrville, after a short illness.  The remains have been brought to San Antonio and will be interred from the residence of Mr. L. M. Michael, father of Mrs. Koenigsberg, at No. 1021 Avenue C., this afternoon at 5:30 o'clock.

San Antonio Daily Light 10/1/1892
News has reached the city of the death of Mrs. Ella Dean, who has been in Kerrville the past summer for her health.  The remains will be brought to this city for burial.
KGS note: Ella G. Dean is buried at Alamo Masonic Cemetery, San Antonio.

Galveston Daily News 7/22/1893
Kerrville, Tex., July 21.--On last evening at the Japonica school house, fourteen miles above Kerrville, Alva Jolly became involved in a quarrel with his brother-in-law, by the name of Selby Joy.  Joy had called Jolly to one side, saying he wanted to settle that matter with him, referring to something he had heard that Jolly had said about the Joy family.  Jolly denied having said anything to give offense, when a younger brother of Jolly's came up and he and Selby Joy at once went to blows, and finally Joy knocked younger Jolly down.  Then Alva Jolly took the matter up and made but one lick at Joy, when he cut one of the main arteries of the neck, from which Joy died in a few moments.
Early this morning Sheriff Van repaired to the scene of trouble and found that Jolly was hiding out near there , and apparently afraid of not being protected if he gave himself up.  Sheriff Van, however, succeeded to getting him to surrender to him peacefully at a given point about 2 p.m. today and he was immediately brought to Kerrville and placed in jail.  These men were both hard working, industrious young men, about 22 years of age, and both had been married two or three years.
KGS note: Shelby Bassie Joy is buried in the Hunt Cemetery. According to the place of death comment at, he died in Roger Mills Co., Oklahoma, but this news story indicates otherwise.

San Antonio Daily Light 8/2/1893
Casper Reall's [sic. Should be Real] Death
One of Kerrville's Wealthiest Citizens Passes Away.
News reached the city this morning of the death of Casper Reall, of Kerrville, last night.  He was about 60 years of age and was one of the most noted German citizens of Texas.  He has a brother, Adolph, living at Martinez, about twelve miles of here and is also a brother-in-law of Mr. Fritz Schreiner, the popular ex-alderman of this city.
He was a staunch admirer of the Beethoven Maennerchor, of this city.  The association has contemplated to attend the funeral in a body, but were unable to come to terms regarding a special to Kerrville.  There a probability that the association will attend, nevertheless, and a decision will be reached this afternoon.
He died of paralysis of the heart, and leaves a large estate, having been one of the wealthiest and oldest citizens of Kerrville.
KGS note: Caspar Real is buried in the Real Cemetery, near Kerrville.

San Antonio Daily Light 11/28/1893
Kerrville's Mayor is Dead.
Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, Dr. G. R. Parsons, mayor of the village of Kerrville and proprietor of the Kerrville paper, died quietly surrounded by his family, consisting of a wife and three children.  The funeral will take place this afternoon.
KGS note: Dr. George R. Parsons is buried at Glen Rest Cemetery, Kerrville.

San Antonio Daily Light 8/10/1894
Dies at Kerrville.  District Attorney W. R. Camp received a telegram this morning announcing the sad death of his little son, which took place in Kerrville last night.  The remains will arrive here tonight and the funeral will take place tomorrow.
KGS note:  Matthew Bass Camp is buried at Dignowity Cemetery, San Antonio.

San Antonio Daily Light 8/22/1894
Died.  Wm. Kuhfuss, a prominent merchant of Kerrville, died at 10 p.m. at that place last  night.  Mr. Kuhfuss was well known in San Antonio, having many friends and relatives living in the city.
KGS note: Carl Wilhelm "William" Kuhfuss is buried at Boerne Cemetery, Kendall County.

Galveston Daily News 4/28/1895
The funeral of Mrs. Frank S. Thompson, who died in Kerrville Thursday, occurred from Trinity Episcopal church yesterday morning. The remains were met at the depot ... The interment was in the Street family lot in the city cemetery.
KGS note:  Louise Street Thompson is buried in New City Cemetery, Galveston.

San Antonio Daily Light 5/27/1895
Millionaire Morris' Death.
Mr. John A. Morris, who died yesterday in Kerrville from apoplexy, was the founder of the famous Morris Driving park, New York, and was the largest stockholder in the Louisiana State Lottery company.  Capt. Chas. Schreiner, who was well acquainted with him, estimates his estate to be valued at $20,000,000.
Mrs. Morris, who was advised by telegraph of his serious condition last week, arrived this morning and left for Kerrville on a special train.  The remains will probably be taken to New York for iterment in Greenwood.
Mr. Morris had a large string of racing stock for entry in our Jockey club races to commence next week, and also had some entries in the stock show auxiliary to this spring meeting.
KGS note: John Albert Morris is buried at Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana.

San Antonio Daily Light 9/22/1895
ex-Congressman Charles Stewart died in San Antonio, remains shipped to Houston.
"A short time ago a grandson of the deceased died at Kerrville, and the sad event went far towards breaking down his own health."
KGS note: Charles Stewart is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Houston.

San Antonio Daily Light 9/25/1896
Died in Kerrville.
Mrs. Mary Winkel, nee Enderly, died yesterday morning in Kerrville, and the remains were interred in the family lot in Kerrville cemetery yesterday evening.  Deceased was in her 61st year at the time of her demise.  She formerly lived in this city at 221 Madison street with her sister, Mrs. B. Pelter.
KGS note: Marie Annie Winkle is buried at Glen Rest Cemetery, Kerrville.

San Antonio Daily Light 11/18/1896
Died in Kerrville.
The wife of E. P.  Jackson, well-known traveling salesman for a candy manufacturing establishment of the north, died yesterday in Kerrville from consumption.  The remains will be brought to San Antonio and held over to await instructions from Mr. Jackson, who has been informed by telegraph of his loss.

Galveston Daily News 11/20/1896
Mr. C. F. Dwyer of this city [Houston] to-day received a telegram from Kerrville announcing the death of his son-in-law, W. L. H. Wright, at that place.  Mr. Wright lived here several years and was very generally known to Houstonians.  He married here about four years ago and was out at Kerrville for his health at the time of his death.  The body will be buried there and Mrs. Wright will return to Houston.

San Antonio Daily Light 2/8/1898
Died Saturday night in Kerrville the five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bird Lee.
KGS note: There is a Mae Lee, b. May 18, 1893, d. Jan. 25, 1898, buried in Nichols Cemetery, but the death date is off by 12 days compared to the news report.

San Antonio Daily Light 9/14/1898
The remains of R. W. Winn, who died at Kerrville, arrived in the city this morning, accompanied by deceased's wife and will be shipped to Nashville, Tenn., over the international railroad by Undertakers Sloan & Shelley tonight.
KGS note: Reuben W. Winn is buried at Hartsville Cemetery, Trousdale County, Tennessee.

Weimar Mercury 2/25/1899
Died in Kerrville.
Mrs. T. D. Fisher died at her home in Kerrville last Friday, of consumption.  While the demise of this estimable lady has been expected hourly for several weeks the news of her death cast a gloom over this, her former home.  Mrs. Fisher had been afflicted with this distressing and incurable malady for three years, during which time she received every attention that money and loving hearts could secure, but all to no avail.  Her removal from El Campo was to the end that she might derive hope for benefits in the Kerrville country.  Mrs. Fisher was a lady of many noble qualities, and her pure character and lovable disposition won the hearts of all who knew her. The Eagle is joined by a host of friends in extending sympathy to Mr. Fisher and other surviving relatives.  El Campo Eagle.

Bryan Morning Eagle 11/3/1899
Found Dead at Home
Kerrville, Tex., Nov. 2.--Ed Stokes, living about 20 miles above Kerrville, was found dead at his home with a bullet through his head.  Deceased was cleaning his gun and from the position of the body it was assumed that the weapon was accidentally discharged.
KGS note: James Edwin Stokes is buried at Nichols Cemetery, Ingram.

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Reports of Marriages in Early Kerr County from non-Kerr County papers, 1890-1898

This is a selection of Kerr County marriages reported in non-Kerr County newspapers.  This is not necessarily a complete list of marriages announcements in the papers.  Kerr County has never experienced a loss of courthouse records from fire or flood.  The original records for all these marriages can be seen at the Kerr County courthouse.  Genealogy is more than birth and death dates; it is also finding the stories of our ancestors. These news accounts enhance these stories.

San Antonio Daily Light 2/7/1890
A. Contret and bride, recently wedded in Kerrville, are in the city [San Antonio] on their wedding trip and are at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Daily Light 4/19/1890
Charley Muench and bride have returned, and are in the city, on their way to Kerrville, where they will in future reside.

San Antonio Daily Light 6/6/1890
J. B. Chandler and wife, a bridal couple from Kerrville, are guests at the Central [hotel].

San Antonio Daily Light 9/25/1890
J. W. Strawn, Pacific Express messenger, and Miss Ada Maud Hough will be married in Kerrville tonight.  Both parties are from San Antonio.

San Antonio Daily Light 3/25/1892
Road-Master Thomas, of the San Antonio division of the International, married at Kerrville to Miss Lula Miller, of Cotulla.

Bryan Daily Eagle 11/4/1897
Following the death of Mrs. Udich near Madisonville last week her husband, Mr. J. Udich, was arrested and tried on murder.  The case resulted in a mistrial. ....Mr. [Edward] Beere was formerly employed by the Southern Pacific at San Antonio, and says his sister came over from England, and remained for a time with him when her health became bad and she went to Kerrville where she was married to Mr. Udich about seven years ago....

Galveston Daily News 6/7/1898
Gebhardt-Rourland--Center Point, Kerr Co., Tex., June 5.--Married this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the Methodist church; by Rev. S. G. Shaw, Mr. William C. Gebhardt and Miss Lydia O. Bourland is the eldest daughter of Mr. J. M. Bourland, editor and proprietor of the Kerrville News, whose family lived here for several years, and where Miss Ora has many warm friends.

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Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1905

Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1905.  Here is a selection of wedding news from early Kerrville newspapers.  All of these come from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and were located through
This does not represent all weddings in the county, only those for which we found reports in the local papers.  Some of these stories are quite lengthy, others very brief.

KMS stands for Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Date format is month/day/year.

KMS 4/8/1905
 J. C. Baxter and Miss Etta Rees, Wednesday evening, April 5, at the Methodist parsonage.  Rev. J. T. King officiating.  The bride was the daughter of Mrs. D. A. Rees and a teacher at Tivy High School.  He was principal of Morris Ranch public schools.

KMS 4/29/1905
Almer R. Jones and Miss Ellen Corkill married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dd Corkill, at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 20.  Rev. Geo. W. Reeves officiated. Wedding trip ot San Antonio and elsewhere.  He had served as City Secretary for the previous six years.

KMS 6/24/1905
Miss Lennie Davis and Mr. B. B. Lowrance quietly married at the Methodist parsonage on Wednesday evening at 9:30 p.m. Rev. J. T. King officiated. The bride the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Davis. They immediately went to the home of the groom on Mountain Street.

KMS 7/1/1905
Charley Moore "the tall Sycamore" of Henderson Branch, to Miss Gertrude Crider at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Crider on South Fork, June 28.  Judge Henry McNealy officated.

KMS 7/9/1905
Miss Goda Steele and Mr. Evandor Conneil at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Steele, near Kerrville, Thursday evening, June 28, Judge Julius Real, officiating.

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Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1904

Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1904.  Here is a selection of wedding news from early Kerrville newspapers.  All of these come from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and were found at
This does not represent all weddings in the county, only those for which we found reports in the local papers.  Some of these stories are quite lengthy, others very brief.

KMS stands for Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Date format is month/day/year.

KMS 10/8/1904
Miss Allie Powell and J. L. McElroy, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Powell in Center Point at 8:00 p.m.  Rev. G. W. Reeves, of Kerrville officiating. The bride was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Powell.  The groom a leading businessman of Center Point.
They left on the afternoon train for St. Louis. [This was the year of the World's Fair in St. Louis.]

KMS 10/22/1904
Mr. Frederick Nyc and Miss Maude Burge were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Burge, Kerrville, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  T. J. King officiated.  They left on the foru oclock train form San Antonio. They will reside in Kerrville.  Mr. Nyc worked for Chas. Schreiner's bank.

KMS 11/19/1904
Chas. Ramsay of the Turtle creek community and Miss Beaty Hartley of Medina, at the home of the bride's parents, in Bandera county, Wednesday Nov. 9.

John Tuttle of Turtle Creek community and Miss Aunie J. Lawson of Kerrville, Wednesday, Nov. 16, Judge Julius Real officiating.

Miss Alice Glenn and Mr. Wilber Wadlez, on Nov. 9, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norwood near Midland.  Miss Glenn was formerly of this place, but has lived in Midland the past two years. They will live on Mr. Wadlez' ranch on the New Mexico-Texas line.

Miss Della Holloman and Mr. D. S. Williams, at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Holloman, on Wednesday evening at 3:00 p.m.  Rev. G. W. Reeves performing the ceremony. Mr. Williams was from Fannin County, but worked in San Antonio. Left on the 4:00 train for their future home in San Antonio.

KMS 11/26/1904
Mr. Edward Goodwin and Miss A__ Davis were united in marriage at the home of the brides' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Davis, Kerrville, Wednesday evening, November 23, at 8:30 o'clock., Rev. J. T. King officiating. ... The attendants were Chas. Schreiner, Jr. and Miss Clementine Gardner. ...

KMS 12/17/1904
Rev. J. T. King, pastor of the Kerrville Methodist Church, and Miss Winona Hankins were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hankins, Thursday, Dec. 15, at 3:00 p.m. Rev. W. H. H. Biggs officiating.  The couple will spend a few days in Stockdale visiting relatives of the groom, then will return to Kerrville and be home at the Methodist parsonage.

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Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1903

Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1903.  Here is a selection of wedding news from early Kerrville newspapers.  All of these come from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and were located through
This does not represent all weddings in the county, only those for which we found reports in the local papers.  Some of these stories are quite lengthy, others very brief.

KMS stands for Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Date format is month/day/year.

KMS 1/3/1903
Mr. W. A. Hadden and Miss Alice Lockett, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lockett at 3:30 p.m., December 27, Rev. R. Galbraith officiating. Mr. Hadden was formerly a resident of Kerrville, but now resided at Fort Stockton, where he was county and district clerk of Pecos County.

KMS 2/7/1903
J. H. Vanham and Miss Jessie Hughs, at the home of the bride's parents on Jan 31.  Rev. Fred S. Payne officiating.  Mr. Vanham a prosperous and wealthy young stockman of Midland. After the ceremony they left for their home in Midland.

KMS 2/8/1903
On last Saturday at Schreiner's camp house, Barbee Mountainmayor and Redago Gonzales, Mexicans from Morris Ranch.  Judge E. H. Turner performed the ceremony.

Hon. Will A. Morris, of San Antonio, and Miss Annie Eula Thomas, at the Presbyterian Church, Wednesday, Feb. 6 at high noon.  The ladies of honor were Misses Helen Carr and Clemmie Remschel.  Hon. Ernest Fellbaum, of San Antonio, was best man. Dr. E. Galbraith and Chas. Kyle were ushers.  The bride was given away by her brother G. H. Coleman.  Rev. E. L. Story officiated.

KMS 3/14/1903
Dr. G. R. Zachry and Miss Fannie Payne were married at the homes[sic] of the bride's parents at Sanco on the 1st, inst.  Miss Payne is a sister of Mrs. A. B. Williamson and spent several years in Kerrville attending the Tivy HIgh School, graduating in 1900.  She has many friends in Kerrville who will wish her much happiness.  The groom is a prosperous and popular physician of Talpa, Coleman county.

KMS 3/28/1903
Miss Inez Benton and Mr. Jesse W. Gilmer at the Methodist Church in Rock Springs, on Wednesday evening, March 25, 1908.

KMS 4/4/1903
Mr. Jesse Gilmer and Inez Benton, last Wednesday evening at 8:30 at the Methodist church, Rock Springs. Rev. W. Mathews officiating. Bridesmaids were Misses Stewart and Benton. Groomsmen were Messrs. Will Gilmer and Joe Winn.  The ushers were Messrs. Walker Dismukes and Stewart Draper.  The couple made their home at the Gilmer Ranch.

KMS 4/11/1903
W. T. Roberson and Miss Helen Cook were quietly married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Howard, in Kerrville, at 9 a.m. Sunday, April 5. Rev. W. D. Wendell officiating.  The groom had worked at the Chas. Schreiner Company for two years and the bride, whose former home was St. Louis, was in charge of the millinery department of the Chas. Schreiner store for the past two years.

KMS 7/25/1903
Miss Mary L. Johnston to Mr. O. P. Garrett, to take place Thursday, July 16, at the home of her sister, Mrs. D. N. Briggs, Shreveport, La.  At home in Center Point after Aug. 1.

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Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1902

Marriages in Early Kerr County Newspapers, 1902.  Here is a selection of wedding news from early Kerrville newspapers.  All of these come from the Kerrville Mountain Sun.  1902 is the earliest date available at
This does not represent all weddings in the county, only those for which we found reports in the local papers.  Some of these stories are quite lengthy, others very brief.

KMS stands for Kerrville Mountain Sun.  Date format is month/day/year.

KMS 2/15/1902
In Centre Point [sic] at the Methodist Church, Mrs. Marie Burk and Mr. J. W. Nelson were married.
The Rev. Mr. Elliot officiating.  Her son, Mr. Willie Burk, gave her away. Her maid-of-honor was Miss Pauline Gaddis of San Antonio. The groom was attended by his son Mr. Frank Nelson.
They left on a wedding trip to Mexico City.

Miss Ida Steiler [sic.  Should be Stieler] and Mr. Jas. C. Rees, at the home of Mr. Herman Steiler [sic. Should Stieler], on North Creek, in Kendall County.  The groom was attended by his brother Mr. Sidney A. Rees. The maid of honor was not named.  After the wedding the bride and groom were "at home at Pleasant Suburb."

KMS 3/1/1902
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Watson returned Tuesday from Monterey, Mex., where they had been on a bridal tour. They left Wednesday for their home in Kimble county.

KMS 7/21/1902
Roby Hadden, formerly of Kerrville, was married on July 4 to Miss Tyla Wagenfuer of Columbus. They settled in San Antonio.

KMS 7/26/1902
"Wednesday night at the close of weekly prayer meeting service at the Turtle Creek schoolhouse, a wedding, a complete surprise to the community occurred." J. M. Wahrman and Miss Leona Kelly, both of Gonzales.  Rev. F. S. Payne officiated.  "The happy couple immediately entered an awating carriage and came to Kerrville leaving this place for Gonzales on Thursday's train."

KMS 9/27/1902
"Rev. Karl Ermisch returned last week from a six month's visit to his old home in north Germany, accompanied by his bride, having married which there. Mr. Ermisch is pastor of the German Lutheran Church in this city and will make his home here."

KMS 11/8/1902
Mr. O. M. Dennis and Miss Nina Ada Baldrige at the home of the bride's parents in this city at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, Nov 4.  Rev. Fred S. Payne officiating.  Left on the 4:00 train the same day for their future home at Dewyville.

KMS 11/15/1902
Miss Flora Charlotte Dietert to Mr. Henry Weiss, on Nov. 12, at 1:30 p.m. at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Rosalie Dietert, Rev. Dr. Richard Galbraith officiating.  Miss Rosalie Enderle, was maid of honor.  The other maid was Miss Stella Dietert.  An extended trip through Mexico was planned.

KMS 11/22/1902
Peter Rotge and Miss Lillie M. Surber, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garland Hubble, near this city, on Saturday, Nov 15.  Judge E. H. Turner, officiating.

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First World War II Vets to Apply for American Legion Membership, Legion

On the back of this photo is typed "first World War II veterans to apply for American Legion membership pictured with officials of Louis Halphen Post at Legion, Texas."

Everyone is identified!

Top Row--Geo. Sullivan-1st Vice Com. A. W. Laxton, El Reno, Ok., Barnie R. Bane, Rusk Texas, D. P. Roberts, Houston, Texas, C. E. Evans, Austin, Texas, Geo. Holler, Breckenridge, Texas, C. W. Hardin, Weatherford, Texas, R. E. Cooper, Post Adjutant.

Second Row--Chas. Polla, Membership Chmn., G. S. Simpson, Waco Texas, L. M. Holder, Dallas, Texas, Edwin Galm, Historian of San Antonio, Texas.

And additional handwritten note: Please Return:  V.A. Hospital  Legion, Texas.  Property of Miss Edna Henke.

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Miss Edna Henke and the VA Gift Shop

L-R.  Ken Manning, two nurses, John Dambach, others unidentified, and Edna Henke
This is a small selection of the several dozen photos we have of the volunteers and patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital. Most of the photos center around the Christmas Gift Shop program and including Miss Edna Henke.  We may put some more up another time.

Edna Henke, founder of the first Veterans Administration Hospital gift shop, used a wheelchair because she suffered from polio as a girl.  She spent much of her life serving others.  In 1935, while volunteering at the Kerrville Veterans Hospital, she noticed that at Christmas the patients were sad because they could not go home to their families, nor could their families visit because most of the patients had tuberculosis.  Edna arranged for presents to be donated.  She displayed them in the trunk of her car so the patients could choose presents for their family members.  There was no charge to the patients.
The next year the Gift Program expanded as other volunteers pitched in to help and the presents were displayed in an unused closet.  The patients selected the gifts and the volunteers wrapped and mailed them.
In 1948 her pain in getting around was noticed by hospital authorities who prevailed on her to accept a wheelchair, which the hospital furnished.
By 1950 the Gift Program had become a feature in every VA hospital in the country.
Edna Henke died March 28, 1983, at the age of 88 and is buried at Glen Rest Cemetery in Kerrville.

The four men on the left were patients.  On the right are Dr. Judd Kirkham, Bessie Adams, and Edna Henke.

In the photo on the left are Miss Edna Henke and Billy J. Wolfe from Fort Worth.  Standing left to right are Gus Garcia of Laredo; Dr. Judd Kirkham; Mrs. Jane Rishworth, State Secretary-Treasurer of the American Legion Auxiliary; and Frank Pavlicek of Shulenburg, Texas.  In photo on the right, Charles W. Page of Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

This photo shows Efis LeBlanc, a gift shop volunteer, who lived here and here.  The second house, once the Kerrville Fire Dept. headquarters, was removed in summer 2014.  The other two people are Edna Henke and Travis Lee, director of volunteer work.

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Morris Ranch Horse Barn Being Demolished, 1979

These three photos are part of a set of 36 taken when the Morris Ranch Horse Barn at the corner of Clay Street and Schreiner Street was being demolished.  The photos are all dated June 19, 1979, although surely this took more than one day to do.  The red lumber company building in the background is now part of Rails at the Depot. Do you recognize the workers?

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Eugene M. Wait Collection, "Family Ties" research section four. San Angelo Area People 1974.

This is part four of the index to Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for "Family Ties".  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you are interested in, please email us at    There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

The following families do not appear to have a Kerr County connection. The primary source for all the information is the San Angelo newspaper from 1974.

Family Ties 005-001-045 to 116, chapter titles: Flood-Glenn; Conner-Pope; McIntyre-Shellenberger-Courtney; Pierson; Pope; Howson-Walthall; Duckett-Sheen; Dennis-Good; Hanson-Boren; Parker; Fay; Noelke-Smith; Aucutt-Richardson; Price; Bly; Davidson; Parrett; Petsch; Guzman; Hahn; Williams-Burks; Bernal; Beaver-Cranford; Martin; Taylor; Dobbins-Cope; Gainer; Lewelyn-Hufford; Skelton-Wilson; Green-Roberson; Michiels-Bacon; Cole-House; Barker; Goswick; Reagan; Wood-Cranfill; Torres-Escamia; Cockrum-Howard; Warnock-Mitchell; Patterson-Thompson; Wilson-Kelly; Bacus-Harris; Cantell; Arlitt-Wehmeyer; Williams; Zuniga; Sliger-Briggs; Lilly-Grigg; Bolden; Steelman; Patterson-Miller; Shay-Hendrick; Walters-Hartmann; Pritchard-Riley; Klein-Segner; Deaver; Mayfield-Clanton; Roberts; Thompson; Parker; Goswick-Barber; Fuller-Allcorn; Northcut-Cochran; Hinton-Davis-Byrd; Umberson; Chaney-Barrett; Studer-Jesse; Gross; Martinez-Chapa; Robinson-Hillger; Compton-Menasco; Wilson-McCown

Family Ties 005-001-001 to 190 (many numbers missing), chapter titles: Watson; Thames-Brannan; Pryor; White; Martin-Adams-Keen; Garza; Rodriguez; Swart-Roberts-Cook-Mathis; Perner-Cox; Winn-Tucker; Counts-Teague; Westerman; Hall-Luttrell-Rogers; Taylor-Conner; Burt-Bowden; Warren-Hicks; Reed; Smith; Lee-McKinley-O'Brien-Rouboud; Bean-Plummer; Howell-McBride; Bankhead-Wrinkle (Toland); Wenegar-Freeman; Parker; Phelps-Clayton-McCowen; Peterson-Lindenberg-Elliott; Warren-Wasserman; Wristen-Cannon; Carpenter; Saunders; PAlmer-Murphy-Hartman; Long-Dennard; Garza-Granados; Coats-Smith; Moreno-Navaretta; Hull-Bailey; Wallis; Young-Cope; Beal; Wilburn-Moss-Martin; Arellano; Whitley; Vasquez; Barrett-Hankins; Mullins-Bradshaw; Broadway; Mathews-Dowell; Maugham; Hendrick (N.D.); Wood; Martin-Cate; Everett-Kirby; Langford-Graves; Shamblin; McMath; Hord

Family Ties 018:  Lougee (3 pp.)

Familes Ties (not TX or KRVL), chapter titles: Bolles; Throckmorton; Winthrop; Rigby; Drake; Greenlee

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Eugene M. Wait Collection, "Family Ties" research section three. Kerr County People 1899-1907

This is part three of the index to Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for "Family Ties".  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you are interested in, please email us at    There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

With a couple of exceptions, most of the material from the following sections appeared in Kerrville newspapers between 1899 and 1907. 

Family Ties 004-001-001 to 074, chapter titles: Fordtran; Metcalf; Burge-Nyc; Orchard; Grider; Oatman-Andrews; Moody-Bennett; Bennett; Moose-Marcrum; Bond; Webb-Smith; Sowell; Bates; Stone-North; Hughs-Vanham; Peril-Foster; Erwin; Barfield; Lock-Newton; Alexander-Wachter; Alexander; Benton-Gilmer; Bigham; Black-Gilmer; Laurie; Reiffert-Noll; Ramsay (Scotland); Hartley-Ramsay; Allerkamp; Gass-Allerkamp; Davies-Palmer-McDonald-Robinson; Stewart; Robinson; Rawson; Nimitz; Nelson-Colvin; Edmunds-Murphy (Africa); Head; Nichols; Nichols-Dowty; B.M. Hixson; McKillip-Markloff-Wood; Crider; Crider-Moore; Welge; Hanson; R. H. Lentz; Lentz (San Marcos; Scholl; Hargreaves-Coutret; Newton; Hall-Peterson; Corkill; Corkill-Jones; Evers-Henke; Biehler; Metzger-Kammlah; Bradford; Hyde-Coleman; Coleman; Smith-Herron; Martin; Martin-Graham; Saur; Richardson; Williamson; Banta; Graves; Smith; Bundie-Wickson; Grinstead; Kenney; Glenn-Wadlez; McCoun; Lawson-Tuttle; Hammond; Enderle; Kernodie-Gregory; Hankins; Wellborn-Thomason; Wellborn; Herbst; Dobbs; Nelson; Mays-Jones-Griffin

Family Ties 004-001-075 to 132, chapter titles: Bulwer; Grona; Dubus; Chesser-Faris; Howard: Witt-Bacon; Pafford; Fitzgerald-Heinen; Heinen; Rollish-Biehler; Payne-Baldridge; Goodman; Beckman; Roggenbuck-Holekamp; Ligon-Sisk; Smith; Busby-Craven; Perner; Turner-Clark; Burris; Harliss-Fitch; Mosel-Jung; Miller; Durnett; Crotty-Kilpatric; Pattison; Stewart-King; King; Thomason; Harding; Leavell; Sawyer; Higgins; Faubion; Caddell; Duderstadt; Schwethelm; Schwethelm-Boone; Bass; Carson; Steele-Council; Spicer; Jump; Williamson; Carr; Burkett; McMillan; Teeter; Cravey; Cotton; Sheppard-Wiliams; Burnett; Boyer; Peterson; Walker; Meeks; Coldwell; Babb; Barton; Stockman

The following families are mostly from Center Point.
Family Ties 004-001-133 to 167, chapter titles: Ballard; Ray; Maddox; Page; Bivens; Paine; Holmes; Hanks; Parsons-Quick; Huntsberry; Smith; Oliver C. Newbury; Adams; Vaneridan; Walker-Callahan-Childs family; Dowdy; Bruff; Bishop; Crockett; Sellers; Adams; Hill; Quinlan; Lich; Caddell; Baldwin

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eugene M. Wait Collection "Family Ties" research, section two. Kerr County People 1974

This is part two of the index to Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for "Family Ties".  Use the search bar to look for surnames.
All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you are interested in, please email us at .  There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

Most of the material from the following sections appeared in Kerrville newspapers in1974.

Family Ties Kerrville 003-001 to 075, chapter titles: Moffett; Fifer (Africa); Moffett; Benson (Africa); Holloway; Roe-McWilliams-Jackson; Wesbrook-Collens; Hennings; Rocha-Frausto; Strube-Beck; Minor; Reeh; Campbell; Jonas-Page; Smith; Posey-Garner (Africa); McDougall; Reed; Waters-Whitton; Allison; Valderaz; Brandon; Merritt; North; Morgan; Benton-Batley; Whitmire-Doherty; Robinson-Reed; Bocock-Nees; Sylvester; Wheless-Nance; Armstrong; Jenkins-Bates; Hardeman-Corder; Sprott; Segroves-Ferguson; Voelkel-Yates; Reeves-Maples; McCarty-Montague; Monroy-Hawkins; Monroy-Dominguez; McNealy-Sublett; Sublett; Young-Sublett; Crate-Sublett; Farr; Montanio-Bazan; Sockwell; Crowder-Scott; Menzies; Quinn, Johnson; Vlasek-Green; Kinsel; Richards-McMican; Miller-Morris; Stockard-Blair-Garland; Bierschwale-Killion; McElroy; Edmonds (Iowa); Hubbard; Eason-Little-Shidley; Ayala-Aguero; Ivy-Melina; Hoover-Streib-Green; Connell; Campbell-Ahrens; Stark-Jetton; Plant; Francis; Dimery-Kibbett (Africa); Franke; Wylie; Basse-Frederick; McNelly; Lawrence-Pulliam; Legris; Laskowski; Miller-Clements-Knipp; Williams-Doran-Franklin-Smith; Stovall; Maughan-Patterson-Langehening; Passmore; Baker-Mogford; Mogford; Meyer

Family Ties Kerrville 003-001-076 to 149, chapter titles: McKay; Cormeir-Hidell-Harris; Zahringer-Worthen-Moose; Bruton-Whitney; Hunt-Brundrett; Ing; Taylor; Davis-Knox; Rice-Weatherhogg; Gilbert-Bower; Raymond-Miller; Cardwell-D'Spain; Davenport; Thomas; Ross; Gilbert; Cockrell-Rhoades; Bailey; Titsworth-Nelson; Webster; Odem; Deusing; Meredith-Skipper; Klein-Cherry-Michel-Flach-Stockard; English-Fridell; Shelton; Jackson-Edens; Milliken; Pipkin; Nichols; Keathley-Nichols; Sherman-Lee-Goff-Pringle; Skidmore-Bishop; Pickett; Froehner; Wengenroth-Woodley-Wilkerson; Wilkerson-Sutton; Hubble; Pollard (Africa); Deering; Allsup-Buck; Humphreys; Alvarez; Sutton; O'Reilly-Olsen-Radney; Owsley-Preece; Nash-Walker; Carson-Moreland; Stevens; Scheele-Joiner; Aguero-Kendall-Lopez-Pruneda; Raminez-Ancira; Young-Turner-Scott; Heffernan; Hammit; Smith; Frerich-Whitehead-Barnes; Guthrie-Reed; Walker-Helton; Arhelger-Usener; Saitta-Castner; Davis; Barnes; Taylor-Pearson; McKean; Fontaine; Samuelson-Wade-Hough; Wiedeking-Cosper; Irby-Ullrich; Sullivan; Locke; Coleman; Close; Torres; Honeyoust

Family Ties Kerrville 003-1-50 to 185, chapter titles: Olivares; Sagebiel; Cochrane; Jackson; Carnahan-Hetrick; Wright; Hurley; Braeutigan-Pampell; Ransau-Wisseman; Williford; McComas; Ing; Chacon-Menchaca; Mummer-Roeder; Wheatley-Eckert; Devault-Murray; Oehler-Walker-Emerson; Leverett; Peril; Badgley; Duke-Sandell; Olson-Saunders-Bernae; Vest-Rhoden; Johnson-Colvin; Wilson; Bates-Derrick; Graham-Williamson; Salter; Patterson-Palmer; Carreon; Campbell-Garron; Mumm-Hurst; Whitworth; Roach; Rodarte; Ley

Family Ties Kerrville 003-00186 to 227 and mixture of other numbers, chapter titles: errors in Bennett; Wiedenfeld; Harper; Dick; Craik-Fitzhugh; chap. XI, p. 5 (1904 events); Anderson (Sweden); Porche-Douglass; Sweeter; Crenshaw; Hill-Morrow; Beck; Forrest; Hicks; Curlee; McDonald; Rendall; Hill; Howard-Collins; Lee; Kammer; Allen; Coffey-Johnson; Alanis; Abrescia; Foster; Guinn-Weeks; Zolvik; Chapter: Georgia; Baumann-Mazinke; Kleinbeck-Lucas; Hall; Winn-Powell; Herndon; Dotson-Pierce; Bean; Petty-Maples; Kerrville 1974; Routh; Harrell; Edwards-Burkhart; Cavett-Gipson; Kincy; Alexander; Surber; Kerrville 1974; Wilkerson-BishopLeMaster-Woodroof; Hindall-Peak; McShan; Smith-Harrison; Rojas; Schmidt-Priess; Hale; Hogue; Steward; Iden-Rainwater

Family Ties 003-001-228 to 300, chapter titles: Carter; Bright-Landford; Reiter; Arthur-Gazette; Arthur; Thompkins-Chancery; Tubbs-Ferrando-Howard; Reed; Haegelin-Kneupper; Hopkins-Warren; Johnson-Koch; Fitzgerald-Luck; Babb; Morrow; Strong; Maynard; Walker; Allen-Robert; Bruce-Jones; Well-Honig; Dunnam-Gray; Pickens; Collins; Lane-Magee; Garza; Hammond; Taylor;
Vlasek; Porter; Schmerber-Osborne; Bickley; Paiz-Hodges; Stone-Igram-Rowe; Hardeman; Pressler-Gass; Pressler-Devaney; Schumacher-Cronk; Werner; Stephen-Este; Wheeler-Blevins; Scarbrough; Graham-Love-Calder; Jerrett; Conwill-Gorski; Eagens; Pierce-Rogers; Bryant-Davis; Agado-Harper; Harper; Talbert-Meyners; Smith-Greer; Wood; Davis; Newman; Boydstun; Ward; Nwman-Harwood; Sorgaards-Barlow; Galbert; Kolbs; Elliott; Smith-Barrett; 1974 [Powell-Hale-Ward]; Powell-Wilkinson; Powell; Ayala-Lunoff; Dismukes-Bremner; Voges; Nichols-Holland; Billnitzer-Wynne; Casey; Edwards-Kaufhold; Henderson; Gilliand; Walker; Smith; Ozuna; Ford-Reiffert; Wahrmund-Mayer

Family Ties 0003-001-301 to 375, chapter titles: Shipman-Graham; Hoover-Hampton; LaFleur-Byerley; Sweeten; Teague-Redford; Schreiner; Partee-Schreiner; Schreiner-Nelson; Yarbrough-Schreiner; Miles; Noble-Craver; Nobles; Noble; Oehler; Leonard-Oehler; Smith; Bittick-Monroe; Rodriguez; Nelson-Knowles; Ellis-Fowler; Ellis; Granberry; Beakley; Covington-Brewer; Bauerlein-Smith; Dunks; Ayala; Lara; Davis-Elliott-Burton; Harris-Claypool-Eberts; Moran-Caulkins; Crofts; Orr-Barnett; Weir; Franzen

Family Ties 003-001-316 to 449, chapter titles:  Ricks; Moore-McCombs; Wiggins-Francis; Balko-Meares; York; Long; Buchanan; Smith-Dempsey; Bowden-Masburn; Partida-Hernandez; McDonald; Murphey; Thaman; Wicklisse; Arellano; Kramer; Gauna; Dixon; Parks; Tappscott; Pfeuffer; Washington; Wilson-May; Smith-Hutson; Kaufman; Baker; Strater; McKenzie; Hein-Horton; Naylor; Long-House; Smith; Qualtrough; Herbsleb; Kendall-Blodgett; Duncan; Moulder; Johannessen; Gosselink; Budd; Derry; Rohwedder; Hill-Kinkade; Coose-Hinds; Raley-Spieker; Andrus; Taylor; Cash; Daily; Mayfield; Zehntner; Ryan; Mahearly-Wengert; Kelch; Jetton; Cowen; Anderson; Wolf-Criner; Husman; Harwell-Jones; Brown; Nations-Tucker; McShan; Parker-Moynahan; Haynes; Schlemer; Massey; Holloway-Barr; Mann; Graves-Swingley; Stokes; Inselmann; Sellin; Stewart-Itz; Langford

Family Ties 003-001-450 to 523, chapter titles:  McCulloch-Sodeman; Nash; Hanchey; Duffy; Schaefer; Schumacher; Schumacher-Sutton; Silva: Jeffers-Way; Harrison; Lackey; Dickey; Garza; Light; Young; Tracy; Orrell; McHugh; Folger; Arreola; Thomas-Rees-Aldrich; Ware (Africa); Graham; Deal; Wilson; Anderson; Jenschke; Sifford; Anderwald; Mathis; Sanchez-Arredondo; Nagel; Lott-Merrittt; Cantrell-Reasor; Dewees; Stone-Howe; Gotcher; Raymond; Brooks; Tally; Klaerner; George; Thomas; Burley (Africa); Warren-Silvers; Black; Chandler; Priour-Klein; Peoples; Stacy; Doran; Kelley; Briscoe; Houtz-Monk; McDaniel; Gibbons; Bartholomew; Joyner; Hardy; Zumwalt; Montgomery; Jones-Bivens; Clark; Owen; McCaleb; Busching-Neunhoffer; Trevino-Ozuna; Jackson; Bennett; LeStourgen; Finney-Moore; Canon-Hudson; Warner; Real-Thorne; Wehe; Rodriguez; Ray; Long; Castoe

Family Ties 003-524 to 549, chapter titles: Bean; White; Coutant; Gueringer; Merritt-Adams; Goff; Nenkey; Dean; Smith; Haby-Fiedler; Burwick; Lewis; Castillo; Pina; Neuerberg-Fine; Ireland-May; Randall-Ball--Martin; Pryor; Morrow-McCormack; Miears-Miller; Glenn; Black; Brown; Taylor; Rice; Goss

Family Ties 03-001-550 to 599, chapter titles: Duncan; Masters; Millican; Kinkade-Joy; Lindermann-Fondren; Davis; Lamb; Francis-Bales; Terry; Lucas; Klink; Swearington-Gambrell; Anderson; Bonner (Africa); Demar; Edwards-Buck; Tinsley; Kuhlmann; Tarver; Swingley; Hill-Davis-etc; Lynch; Patterson; Cogan; Blackford-Newton; Delaney; McDonnold; Cox; Brooks; Baker; Kosche; Harris; McCall; Griffith-Davis; Fikes-Landrum; Schneider; Whittle; Wehmeyer-Gauntt; Johnson-Oglesby (Africa); King; Hensley; Jefferson-Murray; Lewis; Hickey; Holst; Baughn; Howard-Welch-Curd; Ross; Herrera; Hood; Burgess-Barton

 Family Ties 03-001-600 to 674, chapter titles: Miller; Jackson; Anderson; Maddox; Ham; Lewis; Jenschke; Convillion-Lessing; Sorrell-Grimes; Swayze-Stewart; Faggard-Verner; McAnally; Highsmith; Shackleford; Chambers; Sides; McGraw; Goll; Admire; Sawyer; Williams; Fox; Russell; Green-Castleberry; Stone; Zowarka; Baumann-Lester; Laray; Holstien; Schultze; Tehas-Ficker; Baldwin-Royston; Bell; Massey-Filbeck; Parks; Pue; Seibel; Benson (Africa); Phillips; Guidry; Brown; Ravenna; Pawvlik-Warwas; Taylor; Chandler; Brown-Gillis-Bartell; McCrorey; Danz; Ashcraft; Hester-McGilvary; Kolacek; Plumly; Zimmerman-Robinson; Hawkins-Patterson; Morrison; Moore; Bloys; Schlaudt-Herber; Thompson; Moore; Walker; Hopf; Freeman-Nash; Strong; Presler; Wilson; Jobes-Mazac; Cole; Collazo; Idol-Blake; Abernathy; Caskey; Allen;  Faltin; Hall

Family Ties 03-001-675 to 749, chapter titles: Rice; Atkins; Weeks-Harley; Hutchings; Lemons; Parker; Hayes; Troutner-Apelt; Trenkelbach-Medford; Santer; Thorp-Moruzzi; Morriss; Devon; Tyner; Schilling; Hoffman-Hannemann; Pettit; Burrus; Welch; Allison; Stuart; Sansom; Schulz; Baker-Mire; Veltman-Johnson-Alexander-Hartel; Smith; Lopez; Cochran-Rankhorn; Van Cleave-Furr; Kluge; Prohl; Goldman; DeVere-Johnson; Jung-Grona; Jung-White; Lemmons-Crosthwait; Nichols; Lewis; Johnson; Holekamp; Shanklin-Wardlaw; Gordon-Fitzgerald; Ostenson-Gierhart; Eaton; Higdon; Morrow; Lewis-Ervine; Causey-Storey-Richards; Masters; Berkeland; Ramirez-Carrales; Gieger-Stephens-Drury; Peters-Reynolds-Coker; Watrous-Keese; Thornton; Graham-Day; Allen; Anderson; Virdell; Vaughn; Garrett; Roberts; Abbott; Beall; Morris-Deane; McRae; Akin; Jones-Schell; Vaught; Williams; Chlebak; Ray-Hamilton; Leinweber; Morin; Maske; Garrett-Fogerson

Family Ties 03-001-750 to 824, chapter titles:  Evans; Hardeman-Blount-Morrow; Mansfield; Oldroyd-Kagy; Lewis; Beyer; Minear; Ellis; Brown-Wilson; Gibson-Branham; Cardwell-Richardson; Keile; Walker; Flynn; Thedford; Davis; Lackey; Hughs; Patterson-Tomlinson; Alderdice-Neill; House; Rayburn; Clemons; Lackey; Bammel-Smith; Lair-St. Mary; Stuart; Schmitz; Bradbrook; Hartung; Ebensberger; White (Africa); Schneible; Ernst; Earnhart; Embrey; Moreau, Andrews; Sutton-Souder; Adair-Flach; Hall-Zunker; Peoples-Voelkel; Pepper; Hobbs-Knox; Scherer-Cervantes-Smith; Thompson; Hunter; Lonneke; Massey-Cade; Sahegan; Schaefer-Feller; Smith-Langford; Skipper; Butt; Hatch; Jemeyson; Luglan; Bradley; Thorp-Hamilton; Smith-Cantwell; McGee-Moore; Taylor; Bush; Haverfield; Caithane; Perry-Farinacci; Pierce-Neutze; Beaver-Crider; Dearing; Gaylord; Neilsen-Cromwell; Cortez

Family Ties 03-001-825 to 871, chapter titles: Breitkreutz; Arntzen; Miller; Wood-Tucke; Sanborn-Ledezma; Pigg-Faust; Beaver-Crenshaw; Hauk; London-Mertz; Wright; Balfe; Ferguson; McNelly; Guidry-Bellair; Ripple; Weber; Jordan; Keller; Weyand; Deitert-Holcomb; Burns-Richards; Charters; Maxey; Stein; Baggett; McGee; Carman; Hernandez; Neatherlin; Thompson-Milam; Poorman-Simpson; Fortin; Kennedy; Randle; Dalrymple; Modrid; Thomas-McGhee; Hazelhurst-Smith; Foley; Gething; Erwin-Beach; Akin; Mann; Thomas; Harris

Friday, December 19, 2014

Eugene M. Wait Collection "Family Ties" research, section one. Introduction

The Kerrville Genealogical Society holds  Eugene M. Wait's research notes and rough drafts for a book he was planning to publish entitled "Family Ties". It was intended in part as a biographical study of Kerr County families.  Eugene M. Wait, a former member of KGS, was an author of several books on historical topics. This genealogical collection is held in a number envelopes.  Some chapters are long, others a line or two. The majority of the information is transcribed from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and the Kerrville Daily Times.
Each envelope contains handwritten notes and short biographies of families and individuals.  Many, but not all, have a  Kerr County connection. These are listed in the order they are filed in the box. Chapter titles are exactly as they appear.  Use the search bar to look for surnames.

We have created an index of this material. Because it is so long, a new section will appear each day over several days. The biographical information is often brief and is mostly a combination of obituary abstracts, city directory information, and mentions in old newspapers.  All of this is publicly available.  If there is something you'd like to know more about, please email us at .  There may be a charge, depending on the amount of material and whether you are a member.

This first set of envelopes is a mix of materials, including what we think is genealogical research on his own family as well as material on Kerr County families.

Unnumbered Envelope: Appears to be a master list.  Contains a spreadsheet of surnames, location of family, and a checklist indicating references where they might be found.  The resources are listed as Virkus, Hereditary Register, 1790 census Kentucky, 1800 Census Kent., Kentucky Marr., Kent. Court, Kent. other, DAB, Boddie South. Fam, Handbook of Texas, and Mayflower des.

Family Ties #1, chapter titles: Watson; Watson-Anderson-Archer; Watson-Porter; Watson; Watson-Allen; Watson-Spurr-Snow-Hopkins; Watson-Alden Descent; Turner-Alden Descent; Watson; Wait; Weston-Scott; Vann (Tenn.)-Bishop(Ill.)-Weston; Vann; Sproul-Morriss; Remschell; the Dieterts.

Family Ties #2, chapter titles: Lockett-Thompson; Hinton-Allen; Elledge-Duke; McCorkles; Cason-McCorkle; Baccus' of Mississippi; Hyatt-Holloman-Wharton; Wiliams-Shephard; Mullers; Goulding; Turk; Domingues; Breeding; Phillips; Pfeufer; Clive-Norwood; Barfield; Hodges; Barton; Lamb-Bird; DuBose; Chapman; Love-Goss-Brown; Moore-Love; Anderson (Chicago); Wright-Peterson (N.C.); Fisher-Real-Womack; Real; Wolfmueller; Burney-McCann; Cox-Burney (Alabama); Henderson; Glen or Glenn (blank page)

Family Ties, From Royalty Pelham-Winslow/Carlton, chapter titles:  Davey-Watson-Billingsley; Billingsley; Falton-Flach-Morgenstern; Billingsley-Bigelow; Watson; Pelham-Winslow

Family Ties 002-#1, chapter titles: Pelham-Winslow; Myles; Pelham; Carleton; Gurdon-Saltonstall; Tillinghast; Henry Crowne; Fiennes; Champernouns; Chetwode-Bulkeley; Davenports; Coytemore; Bruen; Southworth

Family Ties 002-#2, England & U.S. (not TX or KRVL), chapter titles: Clarke; Ludlow; Launce; Launce-Sherman; Marbury-Hutchinson; Palgrave-Edwards; Lewis-Gibson; Prescott; Culwen (Carwen); Sargent; Dudley; Whiting; Washbourne; Lynde; Bowen; Burroughs; Beaumont

Section two, which will appear tomorrow, is about Kerr County people in 1974.

Section three is mostly about Kerr County people from 1899-1907.

The final section will be mostly people from the San Angelo area in 1974.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Old Mexican Man

We don't expect anyone to recognize him, it's just one of our favorites in our collection.

On the back is typed "Old man, lives on Lobos Island 75 miles n.e. of Tampico.  One of only 12 inhabitants.  Doesn't know his age.  Photo by Joe Pacheck 1955."

Pacheck's Plaza Drug was in the 200 block of Earl Garrett Street across from old Post Office building where the KACC is now located.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Four people

Do you recognize these people? If so please comment below or email us at

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two girls and a boy

There are two girls and a boy in this photo. Do you recognize these children? If so please comment below or email us at

Monday, December 15, 2014

Horses in Winter

This interesting winter photo shows a large three story building in the background and two horses and a wagon loaded with wood in the foreground.  Do you recognize this location?  If so please comment below or email us at

UPDATE:  A reader asked, "Could this be Morris Ranch?"  A look at some photos of Morris Ranch on the internet suggests this as a possibility.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

19th century man

Do you recognize this man?  If so please comment below or email us at

Saturday, December 13, 2014

19th century man and woman

This is probably a husband and wife.  Do you recognize this 19th century couple?  If so please email us at

Friday, December 12, 2014

Family of ten

This family of ten appears to be a mother, father, 7 brothers and 1 sister.  Do you recognize them?  If so please comment below or email us at

Thursday, December 11, 2014

19th century twin girls

They look like twins to us!  Do you recognize these young women?  If so please comment below or email us at

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

19th century Family of 7

This photo scan is not very clear, but perhaps someone will recognize the photo.  There are two men and five women in the picture.  Do you recognize these people? If so please comment below or email us at

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

19th century children

They are probably brother and sister in late 19th century clothing.  If you recognize these children please comment below or email us at

Monday, December 8, 2014

19th century young women

These young women may be sisters.  This photo dates to the 19th century. If you recognize them please comment below or email us at

Sunday, December 7, 2014

19th century gentleman

Don't you love his hair?  This photo dates to the 19th century. If you recognize him, please comment below or email us at

Saturday, December 6, 2014

1860s Couple

What a fashion statement this couple is making!  The fashions date to the 1860s. Do you recognize them?  If so please comment below or email us at

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Rake

Do you recognize this rakish young man?  If so please comment below or email us at

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Older couple

This may be a husband and wife.  The photos are of the same style and era.  If you recognize them please post below or email us at

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cutting the wedding cake

Do you recognize this young couple? It looks like the bride is wearing a light green dress.
 If so please comment below or email us at

Because the people in this photo are probably still alive, we will remove this photo once identified if either person in the photo requests it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gentleman with top hat

Do you recognize this man?  If so please comment below or email us at

Monday, December 1, 2014

Rita Holdridge

This is Rita Holdridge.  The photo was developed the week of December 7, 1958.  What is her connection to Kerrville?
There was a woman with this name who lived in Houston in the 1950s. She was a home economist who wrote a column that appeared in several newspapers in Texas in the 1950s.

Do you know what her connection to Kerr County is? If you know anything more, please comment below or email us at

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Young Child in Dark Dress

Do you recognize this young child? If so please comment below or email us at

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wedding Party

Do you know the happy couple, or anyone else in the photo?  If so please comment below or email us at

As before, since some people in this photo are probably still alive, we will remove this photo by request of anyone in the photo as soon as they are identified.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Couple with round eyeglasses

Isn't this a cute couple?  Note their matching spectacles.  If you recognize them, please comment below or email us at

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Girl in Pink Dress

Do you recognize this girl?  If so please comment below or email us at

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family group by the river

This appears to be a three-generation family group. Do you recognize these folks?  If so please comment below or email us at

Note: some people in the photo are probably still alive.  Once these people are identified we would be willing to remove this photo if those in the photo request it.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Here is a sailor, maybe World War I?  Do you recognize him?  If so please comment below or email us at

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Family of Eight

Here is a family portrait of eight people, most likely father and mother with two daughters and four sons.  Do you recognize these people? If so please comment below or email us at

Saturday, November 22, 2014

World War II Soldier

This is a soldier, probably World War II. This photo was not taken in Kerrville.  Do you recognize the location or the man?  If so please comment below or email us at

Friday, November 21, 2014

Granny - Houston

This photo has "Granny - Houston" written on the back.  Printed on the front is "Aug 1948 Studer S.A. Texas".  This would probably be the photographer and date. The car is parked next to a carousel. Bill Williams is the name of the business in the background.
The 1949 Houston City Directory lists Bill Williams Barbecue at 1916 Dowling, Bill Williams Chicken House at 6515 Main, and Bill Williams Coffee Shop 806 Clay Avenue. Could it be one of these businesses?
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A reader says "Believe the location is on South Main in Houston.  There was a small kiddie amusement park in that area that our family frequented and Bill Williams famous fried chicken place was definitely in that vicinity too.  Sorry I cannot identify the woman in the picture though."
Thanks Linda!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Porch photo

This photo appears to have been taken on the porch of the same house as the previous photo.  Again, if you recognize this porch or these people, please comment below or email us at

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Smoking corner

Do you recognize the men or the house? The men are standing around smoking. The house has a rock chimney by the porch and a pediment over the porch. If we can identify the house, we have an increased chance of identifying the men.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rimm family from Refugio

Here is a handsome African-American family group that is a mother and three children.  Note the man's hat on the floor, suggesting the father may have died.
Nearly a year and a half after posting this, we have an identification! This is the Rimm family from Refugio.  Lizzie Rimm is the mother, seated.  Left rear is Lorenza Rimm, right rear is Mack Rimm. The kneeling girl is Frankie Elma Rimm, who married Andy Spriggs 1907 in Refugio. She was born 25 Jan 1889. The father of this family was Edwin Rimm.  He died fairly young. The hat indeed represents him. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fannie McBryde

On the back of this photo is written "Aunt Fannie McBryde who raised me.  She was born March 26, 1848 and died in 1930."

A woman named Fannie Mcbryde, born Mar 1851, was in the 1900 Bell County, Texas, census. She was married to Thomas J. Mcbryde circa 1882.  Also in the 1900 census were Claude Mcbryde, son, age 18, Agness Mcbryde, daughter age 11, and John Williams, boarder, age 21.
Tom and Mary Frances Gray"Fannie" McBryde were born in Georgia, died in Texas, and are buried in Maxdale Cemetery, Bell County, Texas.
According to a note on www:// Tom McBryde left his 1700 acre estate to Mary Hardin Baylor University, effective on the death of both his children.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thomas and Artie Wright, 1907

On the back of this photo is an inscription that is only partly legible. It appears to read "This is Thomas Wright ...  Artie Wright  Made in 1907"
That would mean these are the two oldest children of Thomas H. and Mary Emaline Cryer Wright.

What is this family's connection to Kerr County?  If you know, please comment below or email us

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thomas Howard Wright and Mary Emaline Cryer Wright

According to handwritten notes on the frame, this is Thomas Howard Wright, born 1 Nov 1868,  and his wife Mary Emaline "Emma" Cryer Wright, born 2 April 1882.
He was born in Bell Co., Texas, and died 31 August 1955 in Floresville, Wilson Co., Texas.  According to his death certificate, he was the son of Nile Wright and Sara Amanda McElron.

According to her death certificate, she was born 2 Apr 1882 in Davilla, Milam Co., Texas, and died 16 May 1964 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas. Her residence at the time of death was Floresville, Wilson Co., Texas.
She was the daughter of Martha Jackson and Oliver William Cryer and married Thomas Wright, a man 14 years her elder, in 1899.
In the 1920 census they were living in Munday, Knox Co., Texas.  In the household were Thomas H. Wright, age 52; Mary E. Wright, age 37; Thomas H. Wright, age 19; Artie L. Wright, age 13; Nile W. Wright, age 11; Emma L. Wright, age 3: and William O. Cryer, age 66.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mystery Kerrville Man #99

Mystery Kerrville Man #99
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This is the end of this particular series of unidentified Kerrville people.  A new series of photos begins tomorrow, some of which are identified, but we don't know the Kerr County connection.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kerrville Mystery Man #97

Kerrville Mystery Man #97
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19th century couple

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