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Assorted News Items about Kerr County, April through June, 1885

San Antonio Light, April 1, 1885
 The Aransas Pass and San Antonio railroad and its proposed Northwestern connection, has awakened the people of the Northwest very positively.  The Kerrville Eye says: "There is no doubt but what the directors of the Aransas Pass railroad mean business, and that work willl becommenced on that part of the road from San Antonio to the Gulf soon. It is also their intention to continue the line west from San Antonio 150 to Fredericksburg.  It seems that the Sunset Railroad company that has already surveyed a line of projected road from Lacoste station to Castroville, thence up the Medina valley to Bandera, through Bandera Pass to Kerrville, thence up the Guadalupe and on to the Llano, will not stand idly by, and see the Aransas Pass company build their road to Fredericksburg."
There is much additional commentary on this, including insulting Fredericksburg by calling it a "lager beer drinking town" and a "red hot Republican town", and stating "we do not want to see a Democratic railroad go there."

Hon. W. Scott and the Misses Willie and Hattie Scott, of Kerrville, are in the city.

San Antonio Light, April 4, 1885
R. H. Burney, of Kerrville, is in the city.

San Antonio Light, April 8, 1885
Robert Guthrie, Kerrville, is at the Hotel Maverick.

San Antonio Light, April 10, 1885
A Cruel Brother-in-Law Kidnaps His Nieces.
A kidnapping case which occurred in Centre Point, Kerr County, is developed in the District court here.  A Mr. Jones was married in Honey Grove, North Texas, and his wife died leaving him two little girls.  He removed from Whitesboro on the death of his wife to Centre Point, where he has since resided with his little daughters until a few days ago, when during his temporary absence his brother-in-law called to see the little girls and kidnapped them.
The father on his return home, found his children missing and searched for them, finally tracing them and the brother-in-law to San Antonio where he followed them.  They left on the Missouri Pacific train, and through dispatches he traced them on towards Whitesboro.  He obtained authority from Judge Noonan and an officer of Sheriff Stevens will proceed to recapture the brother-in-law.  Mr. Jones will probably leave tonight to take charge of his children if he learns of their whereabouts. He is nearly crazed with grief and anxiety at his loss.

San Antonio Light, May 1, 1885
One thousand head of yearling steers were sold yesterday to Messrs. Fawcett and Hotchkiss, of Kerr county, for $8.50 per head all around.  The sale was made through Mr. A. A. Maher.

Galveston Daily News, May 23, 1885
The wool marker is somewhat livelier.  The Caspar Real clip of Kerr County, about 50,000 pounds, sold for 19 1/2c, and the Steele clip of about 12,000 pounds, sold this morning for 15 3/4c. The Reaal clip brought the top figure of the season.

Galveston Daily News, May 31, 1885
Austin, May 30.--The following charters were filed today: Melton Ranch, company, of Kerr County capital stock $80,000. ...

Galveston Daily News, June 8, 1885
The Kerrville Eye is wide open to the interests and fame of its town and county.  It says:
Kerrville to the front....Kerr county is the best county in western Texas and Kerrville is the most enterprising and prettiest little town you ever saw....Kerrville wants a railroad.  Our people will give more for one than any other three adjoining counties....Kerrville is on a boom, you bet.  We are going to have a $20,000 courthouse built in a short time; also $500[?] expended on her old courthouse in making a fine jail.  The finest hotel west of San Antonio was occupied about a week ago.  In a few days the erection of a fine public hall has begun.

San Antonio Light, June 11, 1885
E.G. Wells, a saloonist of Kerrville, is at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, June 20, 1885
Kerr county is to have a $20,000 courthouse.

San Antonio Light, June 23, 1885
Norbert Van Ormay, a distinguished rancher of Kerr county, is in the city.

Charles Schreiner, Kerrville, at the Menger Hotel.

San Antonio Light, June 24, 1885
H. Fawcett, a well known stockman of this city, has returned from a trip to errville, and stops at the Southern.

Galveston Daily News, June 25, 1885
The Kerrville Eye wants people who get drunk, misbehave, and are arrested, to understand that there is no malice in publishing the facts. ... The best way to avoid such notariety is to keep sober and behave properly.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January through March, 1885

San Antonio Daily Express, January 13, 1885
George B. Blackett and John Blackett, stockmen of Kerr county, are at the Central.

San Antonio Light, January 23, 1885
D.A. Walker, an attorney of Kerrville, is at the St. Leonard, on his way to Tennessee to settle up his estates.

Lockhart News Echo, January 30, 1885
Andy Eison [?], a Texas desperado, was caught in Kerr county and placed in jail.  He is wanted in Dallas.

San Antonio Light, February 3, 1885
Mr. Charles Schreiner, a well known cattle raiser of Kerrville, and a brother of Alderman Fritz Schreiner, is in the city and stops at the Menger.

San Antonio Light, February 7, 1885
J.C.W. Ingram, a merchant of Kerr county, is in the city.

Decatur Wise County Messenger, February 21, 1885
This newspaper reported the following item appeared in the Kerrville Eye.
"Men can kill one another with shot guns and rifles as well as six-shooters, but we never hear the cry of the shot guns and rifles must go!" [What event precipitated that comment?]
San Antonio Daily Express, March 1, 1885
Mr. E. Burcher [?], lately engaged in improved stock raising in Kerr county, is a guest of the Central hotel.

San Antonio Light, March 4, 1885
D.A. Walker, Kerrville, at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Daily Express, March 6, 1885
Austin: Hon. A. W. Scott, of Kerr county, is confined to his room, quite sick. He has remained in the room during the great land bill debate.

San Antonio Light, March 6, 1885
W. E. Stewart, of Kerrville, is at the St. Leonard.

Decatur Wise County Messenger, March 7, 1885
Texas Legislature. Austin, February 16.--Senate.--Petition, asking that rangers be retained, was presented from Kerr county citizens.

San Antonio Light, March 10, 1885
D.A. Walker, Kerrville, at the St. Leonard.

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Sara Gredler Genealogical Seminar


The Kerrville Genealogical Society will be hosting a genealogy workshop on Saturday, April 28, from 9-4 at the UGRA Auditorium, 125 Lehmann Dr.  Sara Gredler, genealogist, historian, and architectural historian will be the presenter.
Her blog is
A list of her seminar topics and their descriptions can be seen here

We have chosen some topics we haven't heard much about at other meetings and seminars, focusing mostly on Digital and DNA topics. Whether you are new to genealogy or an old hand you should find something useful here.

The ones she will be presenting are:
  • After Getting Your DNA Results, What to do next? (and what does it all mean?)
  • Social Media for Genealogists: Research, Collaboration, and Learning
  • Digital Piles and Files: Organizing Your Digital Genealogy (something we all need help with!)
  • Putting Your Ancestor in Historic Context
The KGS website is

To register for the Seminar go here: Seminar Reservation Form

Hope to see you there!

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New Website

The Kerrville Genealogical Society has a new website.
The Rootsweb site is no longer active.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, October through December, 1884

San Antonio Light, October 1, 1884
Gustav Peltzer, of the firm of Tips & Peltzer, hardware establishment, returned to town last night from the ranch of Rees and Schreiner, in Kerr county, where he superintended the setting up one of their windmills.  Mr. Peltzer reports rains throughout the country and fair prospects for this fall and winter.  Gus. says he did not suffer from heartache.

San Antonio Light, October 14, 1884
For sale: 640 acres of land 8 miles above Kerrville, on the Guadalupe river; commands a good outlet, with fine grass, water and good natural protection. Price $2 per acre.

W. Scott of Kerrville is at the Southern.

San Antonio Light, October 24, 1884
Prisoner Caught.
G. W. Campbell, Sheriff of Montague, and Deputy C. C. Beard brought in a prisoner this morning charged with arson.  He is supposed to be one of the culprits engaged in firing a court house in that section recently.  The officers caught their prisoner in Kerr County.  They are at the Central.

San Antonio Light, October 25, 1884
J. Vining, a sheepman of Kerr County, is at the Central with his wife and son.

San Antonio Light, November 4, 1884
Methodism.  Appointment of Officers of the West Texas Circuit.
Kerrville circuit, Jacob M. Shuford.

San Antonio Light, November 22, 1884
From a paper read before the Medical Association, by Dr. R. Menger, of San Antonio.
Trichinosis has oftener occurred in different parts of our State.  In Comfort, Kerrville, Austin, San Antonio and other places, occasionally endemics [sic] of trichinosis occurred.  In Kerrville some years ago, a family of three persons died from trichinae, and specimens of infected meat were sent here for microscopical examination, the result of which you see on these micro-photos.
San Antonio Light, November 25, 1884
Capt. B. C. Bunbury is at the Maverick, from his ranch in Kerr county.

San Antonio Light, December 1, 1884
J. C. Ingrain, a merchant of Kerrville, is at the Central. [Should be  J. C. Ingram]

San Antonio Light, December 2, 1884
Mr. James Spicer and wife, of Kerrville, are at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, December 3, 1884
Charles Schreiner, of Kerrville ... at the Menger Hotel.

San Antonio Light, December 10, 1884
Dr. G. R. Parsons, of Kerrville, is in the city.

D. A. Walker, an attorney of Kerrville, and Mssrs. W. Scott and A. M. Gilmer, merchants of that little city, are in the city.

San Antonio Light, December 16, 1884 
Mr. Walker, an attorney of Kerrville, is in the city, on his way home from Austin.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through October, 1884

San Antonio Light, July 5, 1884
Colonel A. M. Gilmer, wealthy sheep owner of Kerr county, is visiting the city.

San Antonio Light, July 10, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., of the Kerrville bar, is in the city on professional business.  He has but recently located at Kerrville and speaks in the highest terms of that growing village and its people.

San Antonio Light, July 12, 1884
Mrs. M. Secrest, from Kerrville, is a a guest at the Central.

Henry Schwethelm is in from Kerrville, and registers at the Central.

San Antonio Light, July 22, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., a popular young attorney of Kerrville, is at the Maverick en route home from a professional trip to Eagle Pass.  He looks bronzed from exposure to the sun.

 Galveston Daily News, July 31, 1884
The editor of the Bandera Bugle made a trip to Kerrville last week, and says in describing the journey:
After passing Turtle Creek the Kerr county commissioners have seen fit to sanction a change in the road, which takes the traveler over breaknecked precipices, within sight of Center Point add two bad crossings of the Guadalupe river, and extends the length of the road by three miles,.  A more scandalous and heartless change has surely been made even in Texas by a public board.  We never have, in the slightest degree, encouraged fence-cutting, but it is such outrage on public rights that gives a pleas for its necessity.  The commisssioners of Kerr county, who perpetrated this job, should be remembered by the people of Kerrville and should be honored as Haman was without his dire fate--stuck up on a pole fifty cubits for twenty-four hours to view their handwork.
[KGS note: Haman is the main antagonist in the book of Esther from the Bible.]

Galveston Daily News, August 4, 1884
News from Kerr County.
Bandera Bugle: Mike Harrington, who was shot by Howard in Kerrville last week, died on Wednesday....Two prisoners escaped from the Kerrville jail on Tuesday by making a hole through the wall....Kerrville is spreading out and bids fair to become a beautiful city set among the hills.

San Antonio Light, August 9, 1884
A man by the name of Valdez, a citizen of San Antonio, was accidentally shot at Kerrville yesterday, and the remains were brought into this city this morning for interment.  Our reporter was unable to learn how the shooting occurred, but a coroner's jury returned a verdict of accidental shooting.

Galveston Daily News, August 10, 1884
[Special to the News] San Antonio.--Louis Valdez, a Mexican freighter, was accidentally shot night before last near Kerrville, while taking a gun from his wagon.  The body of the deceased was brought to this place for interment.  He has a family in this city who are well-nigh crazed by the sad incident.

Mr. Bebell, the ostrich man, is prospecting in Kerr County.

San Antonio Light, August 12, 1884
George H. Hughes, a pleasant young gentleman of New York, who has been in Kerrville recruiting his health for the past year, is in the city on his way home on a visit.

San Antonio Light, August 16, 1884
The Tenth of August.
The 10th of August is a day set apart by the local people of our mountain counties to decorate the monument reared to the memory of the Union men who fell at the Nueces massacre on the 10th of August, 1862.
On the 5th of August, 1862, a party of 64 Union men, all Germans except four or five, met on Turtle Creek, in Kerr county, and proceeded to leave the State by way of the Mexican border. [KGS note: There is a much longer story here.]

San Antonio Light, August 19, 1884 
Stage Accident.
The Kerrville and Boerne stage was belated in this city until about 11 o'clock. It was filled with several ladies and gentlemen. The delay was caused by a wheel breaking and letting the stage down, which afterwards tured over and rolled twice, badly injuring Mrs. Cooke and daughter, of San Marcos, and shaking up the entire party.  The accident occurred a few miles north of Boerne.

San Antonio Light, August 23, 1884
R. H. Ross, of Center Point, returned yesterday from Chicago, where he has been on Business. He is stopping at the St. Leonard.

W. J. Glenn, W. Turke, H. Strong, and E. C. Chism, all of Kerrville, are registered at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, August 27, 1884
W. G. Kerley and family, of Kerr county, have rooms at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, August 29, 1884
W. P. Richards, of Kerrville, is stopping at the St. Leonard.

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Assorted News Items About Kerr County, April through June, 1884

San Antonio Light, 2 Apr 1884
Dawson A. Walker, Esq., of the firm of Garrett & Dawson, attorneys at Kerrville, is in the city.  "Daws" is a clever, genial gentleman of splendid ability, and will undoubtedly command success in his new field.

San Antonio Light, April 3, 1884
Dawson A. Walker, Esq., left for Kerrville this morning.

San Antonio Light, April 19, 1884
Trustee's Sale
Whereas, W. D. Coleman, John M. Coleman and F. H. Coleman, of the county of Kerr, in the state of Texas, for the purpose of securing the payment of four promissory notes made by them, under the firm name of Coleman & Sons, and dated the 25th day of July, 1883, payable to Goldfrank, Frank & Co., ... recorded in the records of Kerr county, Texas, in Volume A., on pages 172 and 173 .... defaulted on land on Guadalupe, and 50 head of cattle.
The described tract of land and the 50 head of cattle to be sold at the Bexar County courthouse on 12 May 1884.

San Antonio Light, April 22, 1884
At the Central hotel, Miss Flora Caldwell, Kerrville; J. B. Ridley, Kerrville; J. King, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, April 24, 1884
Stolen Horses Recaptured.
Sheriff McCall has heard from the Sheriff of Hayes county, who states he has captured 24 head of horses from some horse thieves.  They (the horse thieves) got away.  Mr. McCall thinks they are the same gang who were followed by his deputies a short time back.  He has also heard from the Sheriff of Kerr county, who has captured another bunch of stolen horses, the thieves escaping, but their mules, pistols, cooking utensils and various other articles were taken.

San Antonio Light, May 15, 1884
Miss Belle Anderson, of Kerr county, enrolled as a student at Sam Houston Normal Institute.

San Antonio Light, June 3, 1884
Mr. J. Spicer, a well-known stockman of Kerrville, is registered at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, June 11, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., a prominent member of the Kerrville bar, is in the city on professional business.

San Antonio Light, June 13, 1884
Miss Scott and her sister, of Kerrville, arrived from the East last evening, en route homeward to spend the vacation.  They left for Kerrville by the stage this morning.

San Antonio Light, June 14, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., returned yesterday to his home in Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, June 23, 1884
Quoting The Kerrville Eye concerning the Congressional nomination for the Tenth district: "Colonel [Columbus] Upson is the choice of Kerr county, his views suits the interests of this country more so than any other candidate in the field."

San Antonio Light, June 23, 1884
D. A. Walker, a prominent attorney of Kerrville, is a guest at the Central.

Dawson A. Walker, Esq., of Kerrville, is in the city en route northward.  "Daws" is slightly bronzed as a result of overlanding it in two days to reach here, but his smile is as broad as ever and his digits have lost none of their warm, hearty grip.