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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, October through December, 1884

San Antonio Light, October 1, 1884
Gustav Peltzer, of the firm of Tips & Peltzer, hardware establishment, returned to town last night from the ranch of Rees and Schreiner, in Kerr county, where he superintended the setting up one of their windmills.  Mr. Peltzer reports rains throughout the country and fair prospects for this fall and winter.  Gus. says he did not suffer from heartache.

San Antonio Light, October 14, 1884
For sale: 640 acres of land 8 miles above Kerrville, on the Guadalupe river; commands a good outlet, with fine grass, water and good natural protection. Price $2 per acre.

W. Scott of Kerrville is at the Southern.

San Antonio Light, October 24, 1884
Prisoner Caught.
G. W. Campbell, Sheriff of Montague, and Deputy C. C. Beard brought in a prisoner this morning charged with arson.  He is supposed to be one of the culprits engaged in firing a court house in that section recently.  The officers caught their prisoner in Kerr County.  They are at the Central.

San Antonio Light, October 25, 1884
J. Vining, a sheepman of Kerr County, is at the Central with his wife and son.

San Antonio Light, November 4, 1884
Methodism.  Appointment of Officers of the West Texas Circuit.
Kerrville circuit, Jacob M. Shuford.

San Antonio Light, November 22, 1884
From a paper read before the Medical Association, by Dr. R. Menger, of San Antonio.
Trichinosis has oftener occurred in different parts of our State.  In Comfort, Kerrville, Austin, San Antonio and other places, occasionally endemics [sic] of trichinosis occurred.  In Kerrville some years ago, a family of three persons died from trichinae, and specimens of infected meat were sent here for microscopical examination, the result of which you see on these micro-photos.
San Antonio Light, November 25, 1884
Capt. B. C. Bunbury is at the Maverick, from his ranch in Kerr county.

San Antonio Light, December 1, 1884
J. C. Ingrain, a merchant of Kerrville, is at the Central. [Should be  J. C. Ingram]

San Antonio Light, December 2, 1884
Mr. James Spicer and wife, of Kerrville, are at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, December 3, 1884
Charles Schreiner, of Kerrville ... at the Menger Hotel.

San Antonio Light, December 10, 1884
Dr. G. R. Parsons, of Kerrville, is in the city.

D. A. Walker, an attorney of Kerrville, and Mssrs. W. Scott and A. M. Gilmer, merchants of that little city, are in the city.

San Antonio Light, December 16, 1884 
Mr. Walker, an attorney of Kerrville, is in the city, on his way home from Austin.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, July through October, 1884

San Antonio Light, July 5, 1884
Colonel A. M. Gilmer, wealthy sheep owner of Kerr county, is visiting the city.

San Antonio Light, July 10, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., of the Kerrville bar, is in the city on professional business.  He has but recently located at Kerrville and speaks in the highest terms of that growing village and its people.

San Antonio Light, July 12, 1884
Mrs. M. Secrest, from Kerrville, is a a guest at the Central.

Henry Schwethelm is in from Kerrville, and registers at the Central.

San Antonio Light, July 22, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., a popular young attorney of Kerrville, is at the Maverick en route home from a professional trip to Eagle Pass.  He looks bronzed from exposure to the sun.

 Galveston Daily News, July 31, 1884
The editor of the Bandera Bugle made a trip to Kerrville last week, and says in describing the journey:
After passing Turtle Creek the Kerr county commissioners have seen fit to sanction a change in the road, which takes the traveler over breaknecked precipices, within sight of Center Point add two bad crossings of the Guadalupe river, and extends the length of the road by three miles,.  A more scandalous and heartless change has surely been made even in Texas by a public board.  We never have, in the slightest degree, encouraged fence-cutting, but it is such outrage on public rights that gives a pleas for its necessity.  The commisssioners of Kerr county, who perpetrated this job, should be remembered by the people of Kerrville and should be honored as Haman was without his dire fate--stuck up on a pole fifty cubits for twenty-four hours to view their handwork.
[KGS note: Haman is the main antagonist in the book of Esther from the Bible.]

Galveston Daily News, August 4, 1884
News from Kerr County.
Bandera Bugle: Mike Harrington, who was shot by Howard in Kerrville last week, died on Wednesday....Two prisoners escaped from the Kerrville jail on Tuesday by making a hole through the wall....Kerrville is spreading out and bids fair to become a beautiful city set among the hills.

San Antonio Light, August 9, 1884
A man by the name of Valdez, a citizen of San Antonio, was accidentally shot at Kerrville yesterday, and the remains were brought into this city this morning for interment.  Our reporter was unable to learn how the shooting occurred, but a coroner's jury returned a verdict of accidental shooting.

Galveston Daily News, August 10, 1884
[Special to the News] San Antonio.--Louis Valdez, a Mexican freighter, was accidentally shot night before last near Kerrville, while taking a gun from his wagon.  The body of the deceased was brought to this place for interment.  He has a family in this city who are well-nigh crazed by the sad incident.

Mr. Bebell, the ostrich man, is prospecting in Kerr County.

San Antonio Light, August 12, 1884
George H. Hughes, a pleasant young gentleman of New York, who has been in Kerrville recruiting his health for the past year, is in the city on his way home on a visit.

San Antonio Light, August 16, 1884
The Tenth of August.
The 10th of August is a day set apart by the local people of our mountain counties to decorate the monument reared to the memory of the Union men who fell at the Nueces massacre on the 10th of August, 1862.
On the 5th of August, 1862, a party of 64 Union men, all Germans except four or five, met on Turtle Creek, in Kerr county, and proceeded to leave the State by way of the Mexican border. [KGS note: There is a much longer story here.]

San Antonio Light, August 19, 1884 
Stage Accident.
The Kerrville and Boerne stage was belated in this city until about 11 o'clock. It was filled with several ladies and gentlemen. The delay was caused by a wheel breaking and letting the stage down, which afterwards tured over and rolled twice, badly injuring Mrs. Cooke and daughter, of San Marcos, and shaking up the entire party.  The accident occurred a few miles north of Boerne.

San Antonio Light, August 23, 1884
R. H. Ross, of Center Point, returned yesterday from Chicago, where he has been on Business. He is stopping at the St. Leonard.

W. J. Glenn, W. Turke, H. Strong, and E. C. Chism, all of Kerrville, are registered at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, August 27, 1884
W. G. Kerley and family, of Kerr county, have rooms at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, August 29, 1884
W. P. Richards, of Kerrville, is stopping at the St. Leonard.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, April through June, 1884

San Antonio Light, 2 Apr 1884
Dawson A. Walker, Esq., of the firm of Garrett & Dawson, attorneys at Kerrville, is in the city.  "Daws" is a clever, genial gentleman of splendid ability, and will undoubtedly command success in his new field.

San Antonio Light, April 3, 1884
Dawson A. Walker, Esq., left for Kerrville this morning.

San Antonio Light, April 19, 1884
Trustee's Sale
Whereas, W. D. Coleman, John M. Coleman and F. H. Coleman, of the county of Kerr, in the state of Texas, for the purpose of securing the payment of four promissory notes made by them, under the firm name of Coleman & Sons, and dated the 25th day of July, 1883, payable to Goldfrank, Frank & Co., ... recorded in the records of Kerr county, Texas, in Volume A., on pages 172 and 173 .... defaulted on land on Guadalupe, and 50 head of cattle.
The described tract of land and the 50 head of cattle to be sold at the Bexar County courthouse on 12 May 1884.

San Antonio Light, April 22, 1884
At the Central hotel, Miss Flora Caldwell, Kerrville; J. B. Ridley, Kerrville; J. King, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, April 24, 1884
Stolen Horses Recaptured.
Sheriff McCall has heard from the Sheriff of Hayes county, who states he has captured 24 head of horses from some horse thieves.  They (the horse thieves) got away.  Mr. McCall thinks they are the same gang who were followed by his deputies a short time back.  He has also heard from the Sheriff of Kerr county, who has captured another bunch of stolen horses, the thieves escaping, but their mules, pistols, cooking utensils and various other articles were taken.

San Antonio Light, May 15, 1884
Miss Belle Anderson, of Kerr county, enrolled as a student at Sam Houston Normal Institute.

San Antonio Light, June 3, 1884
Mr. J. Spicer, a well-known stockman of Kerrville, is registered at the St. Leonard.

San Antonio Light, June 11, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., a prominent member of the Kerrville bar, is in the city on professional business.

San Antonio Light, June 13, 1884
Miss Scott and her sister, of Kerrville, arrived from the East last evening, en route homeward to spend the vacation.  They left for Kerrville by the stage this morning.

San Antonio Light, June 14, 1884
W. G. Garrett, Esq., returned yesterday to his home in Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, June 23, 1884
Quoting The Kerrville Eye concerning the Congressional nomination for the Tenth district: "Colonel [Columbus] Upson is the choice of Kerr county, his views suits the interests of this country more so than any other candidate in the field."

San Antonio Light, June 23, 1884
D. A. Walker, a prominent attorney of Kerrville, is a guest at the Central.

Dawson A. Walker, Esq., of Kerrville, is in the city en route northward.  "Daws" is slightly bronzed as a result of overlanding it in two days to reach here, but his smile is as broad as ever and his digits have lost none of their warm, hearty grip.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, January through March, 1884

San Antonio Light, January 15, 1884
At the St. Leonard Hotel, W. D. Jameson, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, January 30, 1884
At the St. Leonard Hotel, W. P. Richards, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, February 1, 1884
At the Central Hotel, J. E. Farr, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, February 6, 1884
At the Central Hotel, J. King, Kerrville.
At the Central Hotel, Henry S. Rooz, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, February 18, 1884
Following persons drawn to serve as Federal jurors to convene "in this city" [i.e. San Antonio], March 4.
James Lindley, Kerr Co.
Sam Wilborn, Centre Point.
Jim Johnson, Kerrville.

Galveston Daily News, March 12, 1884
From the Bandera Bugle: Mr. Patterson, of Turtle creek, Kerr county, has purchased from Mr. Charles Schreiner 12,000 acres of land on the headwaters of the Frio.  He [is] going into the cattle business in a large scale.
Kerr county is, after all, to have a paper under the title of the Kerrville Sun.

Galveston Daily News, March 17, 1884
Kerrville is still growing.  Many families are continually moving in and houses are being built in every direction.

San Antonio Light, March 19, 1884
Mr. W. G. Garrett, late of the Pacific hotel in Waco, is at the Maverick.  He is en route to Kerr county to engage in the practice of law in company with D. A. Walker, Esq.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Co. D, 1st Texas Infantry in World War I

The original post was modified on 27 September 2017. Names of men who died in service have been bolded.

The day we are posting this marks a century since a group of Kerrville men left to fight in what we now call World War I. We are marking their service here.

On 5 September 1917, the following men, Company D of the 1st Texas Infantry, gathered at the Kerrville Depot for training at Camp Bowie prior to heading to France. The details of these men are incomplete here.  We will add to it as time allows. Not all these men were from Kerr County, but many were. Not all of them returned.

It appears that Co. D. became Co. I, 141st Infantry

The men of Company D.

Capt. Charles J. Seeber, organizer, b. 18 Nov 1893, d. 6 Dec 1921. Bur. Glen Rest Cem.
1st Lt. Robert E. Hanney, Jr.
2nd Lt. Robert Haeger (attached)
2nd Lt. Karl Michel (attached)
John William Aaron, b. 9 Oct 1894 Oklahoma, d. 14 Jun 1966, Hollis, Harmon Co., Oklahoma. Bur. South Fairview Cem., Collingsworth Co.
Mike L. Allen, b. 26 Jun 1894, d. 12 Feb 1952. Bur. Fort Sam Houston National Cem., San Antonio, Bexar Co.
Cook: Joe Baker.  b. 5 Oct 1890 Kimble Co., d. 26 Dec 1976, Kerrville. Bur. Fort Sam Houston National Cem., San Antonio, Bexar Co.
Walter Sidney Baker, b. 4 Sep 1896, d. 16 Oct 1918, in France. Bur. in France.
Cpl. Auva A. Browning, b. 2 Sep 1894, d. 25 Mar 1955. Bur. Junction Cem., Kimble Co.
Harry A. Bonn
Sgt. George C. Braley, b. 13 Mar 1896, d. 2 Jul 1928. Bur. Junction Cem., Kimble Co.
Chandler Balentine, b. 13 May 1896, d. 13 Apr 1962. Bur. Rosewood Cem., Harris Co.
Frederick Bierschwale
Samuel Ira Bowers, b. 14 Sep 1889 Gillespie Co., d. 1 Nov 1967 Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada. Bur. London Cem., Kimble Co.
Carl B. Branford
Alva Lee “Alvie” Burrier, b. 6 Jul 1892 Willow City, Gillespie Co., d. 9 Apr 1981 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co. Bur. Der Stadt Friedhof Cem., Gillespie Co.
James M. Burrier
Tom Burrier
Fred Burrow
Sgt. Bonner L. Coffey, b. 1 May 1882, d. 4 Nov 1929. Bur. Bandera Cem., Bandera Co.
James W. Carpenter
Jesus G. Cerda, b. 1 Apr 1893, d. 16 Apr 1943. Bur. Mountain View Cem.
James L. Coleman
Norman Coleman, b. 8 Aug 1894 Brazos Co., d. 14 Jul 1936 Illinois. Bur. Mountain View Cem.
Earl Robert Cowden, b. 28 Jul 1889, d. 2 Nov 1971 Comanche Co., bur. Center Point Cem. (Headstone says Pvt, Co. E., 68 Inf, 42 Division, World War I)
Guy H. Cowden, b. 11 Mar 1894, d. 10 Feb 1937. bur. Center Point Cem.
Leonard Miles Denton, b. 25 Aug 1896, d. 15 Apr 1918 at Camp Bowie, bur. Turtle Creek Cem.
Adolphe Dubus
Rene Dubus, 2 Apr 1893 Louisiana, d. 6 Nov 1972. bur. Sunset Memorial Park, Bexar Co.
Sgt. Kittrell Goree Durst, 25 Jul 1894, d. 12 May 1961. Bur. Junction Cem., Kimble Co.
Henry Marvin Evans, 19 Sep 1886 Willow City, Gillespie Co., d. 15 Nov 1945 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co.  Bur. Willow City Cem., Gillespie Co.
Albert Fassel, Gillespie Co.
David Lewis Faris, b. 24 May 1896, d. 23 Nov 1921. Bur. Harper Community Cem., Gillespie Co.
James A. Garfield Fairchild, b. 15 Sep 1896, d. 21 Mar 1971 Gillespie Co. Bur. Greenwood Cem., Gillespie Co.
Cpl. Joe William Felps, b. 7 May 1896 Blanco Co., d. 29 Jul 1976 Kimble Co., Bur. Junction Cem., Kimble Co.
William L. Fleming
Edward Gibbs Friday, b. 21 Dec 1888, d. 17 Apr 1962. Bur. Big Springs State Hospital Cem.
Jesse L. Garrett
Cpl. Samuel J. Glenn, b. 26 Dec 1878 Tom Green Co., d. 27 Apr 1946 Kerr Co. Bur. Mountain View Cem.
Mess Sgt. Chester William Henke, b. 14 Jun 1892, d. 1 Feb 1957. Bur. Glen Rest Cem.
William L. Hime, b. 11 Mar 1894, d. 15 Oct 1918 France.  Bur. in France
Lloyd A. Ivy, b. 4 Jun 1896, d. 1 Feb 1966. Bur. Red Creek Cem., Kimble Co.
Otis Clarence Ivy, b. 17 Nov 1893, d. 4 Nov 1976, Red Creek Cem., Kimble Co.
Grover C. James, b. 15 Mar 1893, d. 10 Dec. 1953. Bur. Nichols Cem.
Sam W. James
Manuel O. Juarez, b. 25 Nov. 1895, d. 8 Feb 1897. Bur. Guadalupe Cem.
John Burt Kountz, b. 29 Dec 1894, d. 12 Jul 1951. Bur. Fort Sam Houston National Cem., San Antonio, Bexar Co.
W. Kendall
Henry C. Kirk, 11 Apr 1893, d 14 Oct 1972. Bur. Eckert Cem., Gillespie Co.
E. Kirk
Elgin August Krueger, b. 8 Aug 1896, d. 30 Jan 1970. Bur. Seaside Memories Park, Nueces Co.
Herbert L. Krueger, b. 18 Nov 1899, d. 30 Sep 1958. Bur. Seaside Memories Park, Nueces Co.
Sgt. Harry Eugene Lightfoot, b. 21 Aug 1896, Cass Co., Illinois, 29 Oct 1969 Junction, Kimble Co.
Francisco Lemos, b. 7 Dec 1887, d. 15 Sep 1918, in France. bur. Garden of Memories
Newton S. Leslie, b. 17 Nov 1895, d. 25 Oct 1965. bur. Mission Burial Park North, Bexar Co.
Mechanic: Lee Lewis, b. 11 Jul 1892, d. 22 May 1957. Bur. Comfort Cem., Kendall Co.
Lonnie Lowrance
Cpl. Alvin R. Metz
Sgt. Erwin A. Mittanck, b. 30 May 1893, d. 27 Nov. 1957. bur. Garden of Memories
Ollie Sander Mittanck, b. 25 Oct 1895, d. 16 Dec. 1987. bur. Garden of Memories
Sgt. Reginald Herman Morris, b. 26 Jun 1892, d. 2 Apr 1960. bur. Garden of Memories.
Sgt. Otho Anderson Morris, b. 29 Jun 1891, Gillespie Co., d. 17 Dec. 1979, El Paso Co.
Cpl. Felix Mosel, b. 1894, d. 1972. Bur. Comfort Cem., Gillespie Co.
Thomas White McCaleb, b. 9 Mar 1892, d. 8 Nov 1946
Mechanic: Willie J. Moody
John Ervin Moose, b. 24 Aug 1888 Kerr Co., d. 18 Dec 1972 Kerr Co.  Bur. Garden of Memories.
Samuel C. Merck
Franklin Nickson
Edmund Dewitt Nugent, b. 13 Jan 1894, d. 26 Jul 1974, Denton Co. Bur. Belew Cem., Denton Co.
Jackson Louis Nugent, b. 20 Mar 1891, d. 13 Dec 1980 Collin Co. Bur. Belew Cem., Denton Co.
James K. Osborne
Oscar William Perner, b. 17 Feb 1892, d. 18 Jan 1974 San Antonio, Bexar Co. Bur. San Fernando Cem. #3, San Antonio, Bexar Co.
Clifton Pierce
Frank E. Pierce
Cpl. Joe R. Ploeger, b. 20 Jun 1896 Texas, d. 16 Jun 1964 San Antonio, Bexar Co. Bur. Sunset Memorial Park, Bexar Co.
F. Rembolt
John A. Reynolds, b. 15 Jul 1895, d. 2 Sep 1982. Bur. Junction Cem., Kimble Co.
Emmett Rodriguez, b. 14 Jul 1895, d. 20 Mar 1973 Kerr Co. Bur. Mountain View Cem.
Daniel F. Roberts
Cpl. James Claude Roe, b.15 Mar 1895, d. 8 Jan 1976. Bur. Bear Creek Cem., Burnet Co.
Cheno Castillo Rubio, b. 17 Jun 1893, Texas, d. 19 Feb 1930, Bexar Co.
Max Rubio
Mack J. Scarborough
Cpl. Ray W. Smalley, b. 23 Feb 1896 Mercer Co., Missouri, d. 3 Jun 1963 San Antonio, Bexar Co. Bur. Glen Rest Cem.
Cpl. James C. Smith
Ezra Shipp
Cpl. William H. Shipp
Alfred Mennis Schneider, b. 10 Oct 1889 Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., d. 11 Aug 1941, Dallas Co.  Bur. Der Stadt Friedhof Cem., Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co.
Harry L. Schneider
Felix Seelig, b. 28 Jun 1893. [no other info]
Cpl. Ira S. Scarborough
James L. Shumaker
Musician Jessie James Solomon, b. 29 Jan 1889 Gillespie Co., d. 12 May 12 1961 San Benito, Cameron Co. Bur. Robstown Cem., Nueces Co.
Musician Ralph William Solomon, b. 16 Oct 1894 Harper, Gillespie Co., d. 18 May 1956 Kerrville, Kerr Co. Bur. Garden of Memories.
Emil Willie Stein, b. 13 Mar 1896, d. 13 Dec 1968. Bur. San Fernando Cem. #3, San Antonio, Bexar Co.
Benjamin F. Surber, b. 15 Apr 1887, d. 23 Dec 1943. Bur. Glen Rest Cem.
Louis H. Surber, b. 29 Sep 1891, d. 21 Apr 1957. Bur. Glen Rest Cem.
Sidney B. Shufford
William Szymanski, b. 12 Dec 1892, d. 25 Apr 1970. Bur. Round Mountain Cem., Blanco Co.
Valentine G. Striegler, 14 Apr 1895, Gillespie Co., d. 27 Nov 1949. Bur. San Francisco Cem. #3, Bexar Co.
Nolan W. Tobin, b. Apr 1899 Harper, Gillespie Co., d. Oct 1918, France. Bur. France.
Robert Hardin Tobin, b. 7 Jun 1897, TX, d. 30 Jan 2002, TX. Bur. Greenwood Cem., Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co.
John Bruce Tarver, b. 12 Jul 1899 Kerrville; 6 Jun 1962 Dallas, Dallas Co. Bur. Oakland Cem., Dallas Co.
Cpl. Rance Wilson, b. 16 Jan 1886, Comfort, Kendall Co., d. 8 Dec 1984, Leon Springs, Bexar Co.
Jesse J. Welch
1st Sgt. Payne Lee Williamson, b. 26 Sep 1894, d. 28 Aug 28 1962, Bexar Co. Bur. Devine Evergreen Cem., Medina Co.
Cook: Jack D. Wilson, b. 18 Jan 1891, d. 8 Oct 1968. Bur. Der Stadt Friedhof Cem., Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Assorted News Items About Kerr County, October through December, 1883

Galveston Daily News, October 1, 1883
The two-year-old son of James Seller, postmaster at Center Point, Kerr county, was drowned in a well.

The Graham Leader, October 6, 1883
Dolf's Rambling Reminiscences
I left San Antonio at 7 a.m. for Kerrville, some 76 miles, in a four-horse stage.  I had for companions the silent man, the broken English-speaking German, a gentleman and lady from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., with a three-year-old boy, and a newly imported Englishman up with the driver. Observing the crowded condition, my first inquiry directed to the New York man was, "how far are you going?" "o Kerrville!".  I thought "Oh Lord" and mentioned my reflections, and when I said "So am I" there was evident a general lack of appreciation for each other's company.  We lost the German 18 miles out, the silent man went to Boerne 30 miles while the balance remained till 12:30 that night when we arrived at Kerrville.  The roads were heavy from recent rains and we having much baggage our progress was slow and monotonous, except when the latter was relieved by a bright snatch of song, a sally of wit or funny story from the intelligent New Yorker or his accomplished wife.  I did not intend to burden this lady with the labor of relieving all the tedium of the trip, for the many stage stands on this route, with the temptation of Anheiser's beer at 25 cents per quart bottle, was too tempting to be resisted and we averaged a bottle to every hour of tedium.  In this maker [sic] I found the Englishman a capital hand.  The little boy was excellent and reflected much credit on his parents, and if I was not afraid my wife would hear of it I'd say I nursed him several miles.  The lady stood the 75 miles ride wonderfully, and had the courage to take a buggy at 12:50 the same night and finish her journey of six miles, but I'll wager my Jersey that she thought she was some one else the next day. I confess, my week's constant riding broke me all up, and I yearned for some of the quietude of the home circle. ...
Here I found another Young [county] countryman, W. F. James, one of the pioneers--coming to Young Co. with J. R. Jowell, Alex McLaren and others.  He is now county judge of this county, has a good stock of cattle and a section or so of land.  He was a good man in Young county and has not changed.  This town is largely under the control of German, Mr. Chas. Schreiner, who has recently built an enormous storehouse, has as fine a private residence as it to be found in West Texas, and in fact owns everything--cattle, sheep mills, freight trains, land in vast bodies, and his hand is felt everywhere.  The town of Kerrville seemed to be a little turbulent while I was there.  I heard one man tell another that he would give him 'till 2 o'clock to leave, if he was not gone then he would be perforated, that is, his hid would not look well tanned. I thought the party addressed was a renter, probably, but subsequently ascertained that he was the stepfather of the frateman.  I afterwards saw him oiling up a decisive looking shot-gun and supposed that he had concluded to remain. ...
The sheriff told me that there was considerable horse stealing going on and from other signs I thought I saw blood in the moon, hence I say it was somewhat turbulent.
The country throughout the county is splendid for stock....I found the best watered portion of the state.

San Antonio Light, October 11, 1883
W. B. Mullins, Kerr county, at the St. Leonard hotel.

The Graham Leader, October 13, 1883
Dolf's Rambling Reminiscences
From Fredericksburg to Kerrville is 25 miles, over a beautiful stretch of wood-land intersected by refreshing streams, such as Oak Creek, the Pertenalls [sic], Bear Creek, and Wolf Creek--all ever flowing water-courses. ... Arriving at Kerrville at noon I spend the time fishing during the day, and coon, fox and wild-cat hunting at night.  Having to remain here a week, I have had ample time for amusement and I have put all my energy into the occupation. On one occasion, being accompanied by an ex-Young county citizen, W. F. James, now county judge here, I averaged from ten to fifteen nice fish each day--being also accompanied by other guests of the hotel we have kept the table well supplied.  I find a class of people here much above the average in intelligence and culture.  This place, like Fredericksburg, is a great resort for invalids and many men of wealth finding benefit have located permanently in this beautiful river--the Guadalupe.  There are here an unusually large settlement of Englishmen, who seem well to do--pushing, progressive and prosperous.  I have found a stay here very agreeable and quit the hospitable place with regret.

Galveston Daily News, October 20, 1883
Colonel Collindar Fayssoux, of New Orleans, is in the city en route to a visit to his son-in-law in Kerr county. He is receiving the attentions due to the men who figured conspicuously in the cause of Texas.  He is the gallant young midshipman who fought with Commodore Moore, of the Texas navy, off the coast of Yucatan, with the Mexican navy in 1843 and who was afterward so conspicuous in the Lopez expedition ....Colonel Fayssoux is still strong and vigorous, and enjoys the decline of his years in the peace of a loved family.

San Antonio Light, October 20, 1883
This morning a surveying party number 14 were sent out by the Engineer of the Sunset railroad, to survey a line between Bandera and Kerrville, with a view to building a railroad.

San Antonio Light, October 23, 1883
J. Patterson, a prominent stockman of Kerrville, is at the Central.

San Antonio Light, November 14, 1883
The committee appointed for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions to the capital stock of the Gulf, San Antonio, Colorado City and Kansas City railroad, will call on our business men in a day or two in the interest of that enterprise.... [Description of the proposed route given here.]

San Antonio Light, November 22, 1883
The Southwestern Christian association met this morning ....
Among the delegates who were present were G. L. Serber, Kerrville.

San Antonio Light, December 19, 1883
At the St. Leonard Hotel, G. H. Hughes, Kerrville

Galveston Daily News, December 24, 1883
Kerrville is having quite a building boom.